Volume 19. Processes of Continental Rifting

1st Edition

Selected Papers from the Lunar and Planetary Institute Topical Conference on the Processes of Planetary Rifting, Held in St. Helena, California, U.S.A., December 3-5, 1981


  • P. Morgan
  • B.H. Baker
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    Selected papers from the Lunar and Planetary Institute Topical Conference, St. Helena, CA, USA, 3-5 Dec. 1981

    Table of Contents

    Dedication to S. Thomas Crough (1947-1982)


    List of Authors

    Introduction—Processes of Continental Rifting

    Models of Rifting

    Mechanism of Graben Formation—the Wedge Subsidence Hypothesis

    Rifts and Swells: Geophysical Constraints on Causality

    Mechanisms of Active and Passive Rifting

    Mechanisms of Uplift Preceding Rifting

    Convective Thinning of the Lithosphere: A Mechanism for Rifting and Mid-Plate Volcanism on Earth, Venus, and Mars

    Mechanical Aspects of Continental Rifting

    Submarine Rifting at Mid-Ocean Ridges

    Hotspot Tracks and the Early Rifting of the Atlantic

    Mechanism of Subsidence of Ancient Cratonic Rift Basins

    Phenomena of Pulsation Tectonics Related to the Breakup of the Eastern North America Continental Margin

    Geophysical Constraints on Rifting

    Gravity Study of the Central African Rift System: A Model of Continental Disruption. 1. The Ngaoundere and Abu Gabra Rifts

    Gravity Study of the Central African Rift System: A Model of Continental Disruption. 2. The Darfur Domal Uplift and Associated Cainozoic Volcanism

    Baikal Rift: Active or Passive? — Comparison of the Baikal and Kenya Rift Zones

    Processes of Planetary Rifting as Seen in the Rifting and Break Up of Africa

    The Distribution and Implications of Heat Flow from the Gregory Rift in Kenya

    Constraints on Rift Thermal Processes from Heat Flow and Uplift

    Magnetotelluric Results Opposing Magma Origin of Crustal Conductors in the Rio Grande Rift

    Crustal Structure of the Northern Mississippi Embayment and a Comparison with Other Continental Rift Zones

    The Role of Seismic Refraction Data for Studies of the Origin an Evolution of Continental Rifts

    Geological and Geochemical Constraints on R


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    @qu:This volume, in certain important aspects, is a considerable advance on any previous collection of papers on rifts and rift valleys. It probably contains a better blend of modelling and formulation of hypotheses, with access to new information and the results of painstaking research, than any recent compilation. @source: Journal of Structural Geology