Process Control

Process Control

Instrument Engineers' Handbook

3rd Edition - January 1, 1995

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  • Editor: Béla G. Lipták
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483145020

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Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition: Process Control provides information pertinent to control hardware, including transmitters, controllers, control valves, displays, and computer systems. This book presents the control theory and shows how the unit processes of distillation and chemical reaction should be controlled. Organized into eight chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the method needed for the state-of-the-art practice of process control. This text then examines the relative merits of digital and analog displays and computers. Other chapters consider the basic industrial annunciators and other alarm systems, which consist of multiple individual alarm points that are connected to a trouble contact, a logic module, and a visual indicator. This book discusses as well the data loggers available for process control applications. The final chapter deals with the various pump control systems, the features and designs of variable-speed drives, and the metering pumps. This book is a valuable resource for engineers.

Table of Contents

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    List of Abbreviations

    1 Control Theory

    1.1 Control Basics

    1.2 Control Modes: PID Controllers

    1.3 Control Modes: PID Variations

    1.4 Control Modes: Closed Loop Response

    1.5 Control: Cascade Loops

    1.6 Expert Systems: Artificial Intelligence

    1.7 Expert Systems: Neural Networks

    1.8 Feedback and Feedforward Control

    1.9 Interaction and Decoupling

    1.10 Model-Based Control

    1.11 Modeling and Simulation of Processes

    1.12 Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

    1.13 Optimizing Control

    1.14 Process Gains, Time Lags, Reaction Curves

    1.15 Ratio Control

    1.16 Relative Gain Calculations

    1.17 Selective, Override, and Limit Controls

    1.18 Self-Tuning Controllers

    1.19 Stability Analysis, Transfer Functions

    1.20 Statistical Process Control

    1.21 Tuning PID Controllers

    1.22 Tuning by Computer

    2 Controllers, Transmitters, Converters, and Relays

    2.1 Analog Versus Digital Instruments

    2.2 Electronic Versus Pneumatic Instruments

    2.3 Controllers: Electronic Analog and Digital

    2.4 Controllers: Pneumatic

    2.5 Converters

    2.6 Function Generators, Computing Relays

    2.7 Telemetering Systems

    2.8 Thermostats and Humidostats

    2.9 Transmitters: Electronic and Intelligent

    2.10 Transmitters: Fiber-Optic Transmission

    2.11 Transmitters: Pneumatic

    3 Control Centers, Panels, and Displays

    3.1 Annunciators and Alarms

    3.2 Control Centers and Panels

    3.3 Digital Readouts

    3.4 Human Engineering

    3.5 Indicators, Analog Displays

    3.6 Lights

    3.7 Recorders, Oscillographs, Loggers, Tape Recorders

    3.8 Speech Synthesis and Voice Recognition

    3.9 Switches, Pushbuttons, Keyboards

    3.10 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Uninterruptible Voltage Supplies (UVS)

    4 Control Valves, On-Off, and Throttling

    4.1 Actuators: Digital, Electric, Hydraulic, Solenoid

    4.2 Actuators: Pneumatic

    4.3 Accessories and Positioners

    4.4 Ball Valves

    4.5 Butterfly Valves

    4.6 Digital Valves

    4.7 Globe Valves

    4.8 Pinch Valves

    4.9 Plug Valves

    4.10 Saunders Diaphragm Valves

    4.11 Sliding Gate Valves

    4.12 Special Valve Designs

    4.13 Valves: Application and Selection

    4.14 Valves: Capacity Testing

    4.15 Valves: Characteristics and Rangeability

    4.16 Valves: Noise Calculation and Reduction

    4.17 Valves: Sizing

    5 Regulators and Other Throttling Devices

    5.1 Dampers

    5.2 Electric Energy Modulation

    5.3 Pumps as Control Elements

    5.4 Regulators: Flow

    5.5 Regulators: Level

    5.6 Regulators: Pressure

    5.7 Regulators: Temperature

    5.8 Variable-Speed Drives

    6 PLCs and Other Logic Devices

    6.1 Binary Logic Diagrams for Process Operations

    6.2 Fuzzy Logic Control

    6.3 Ladder Diagrams

    6.4 Optimization of Logic Circuits

    6.5 PLC—Programmable Logic Controllers

    6.6 PLC—Software Advances

    6.7 Relays

    6.8 Solid-State Logic Elements

    6.9 Time Delay Relays

    6.10 Timers and Programming Timers

    7 DCS and Computer-Based Systems

    7.1 Computers: Algorithms, Languages, Programs

    7.2 Computers: Analog, Hybrid, Simulation

    7.3 Computers: Hierarchical Control

    7.4 Computers: Memory

    7.5 Computers: Optimization of Empirical Processes

    7.6 Computers: PCs in Process Control

    7.7 DCS: Basic Packages

    7.8 DCS: Cost Estimating

    7.9 DCS: Data Highways, Fieldbuses, Multiplexers, and Remote Terminal Units

    7.10 DCS: CRT Displays

    7.11 DCS: Flowsheet Symbols

    7.12 DCS: I/O Hardware and Setpoint Stations

    7.13 DCS: Supervisory Computer Tasks and Configurations

    7.14 DCS: System Integration with PLCs and Computers

    7.15 Fiber-Optic Local Area Networks, MAP, and TOP

    7.16 Fieldbuses, MAP/TOP, and Network Protocols

    7.17 Printers, Operator Interfaces, Workstations

    7.18 Wiring Practices and Signal Conditioning

    8 Process Control Systems

    8.1 Airhandler and Building Conditioning Controls

    8.2 Batch Control Description and Terminology

    8.3 Batch Processes and Their Automation

    8.4 Blending and Ratio Controls

    8.5 Boiler Control and Optimization

    8.6 Centrifuge Controls

    8.7 Chiller Control and Optimization

    8.8 Clean-Room Control and Optimization

    8.9 Compressor Controls and Optimization

    8.10 Cooling Tower Control and Optimization

    8.11 Crystallizer Controls

    8.12 Distillation: Basic Controls

    8.13 Distillation: Advanced Controls

    8.14 Distillation: Relative Gain Calculations

    8.15 Dryer Controls

    8.16 Evaporator Controls

    8.17 Extruder Controls

    8.18 Fan Controls

    8.19 Furnace and Reformer Controls

    8.20 Heat Exchanger, Condenser, and Evaporator Controls

    8.21 ORP Controls

    8.22 pH Control

    8.23 Pump Controls and Optimization

    8.24 Reactors: Control and Optimization

    8.25 Reactors: Recipe Charging and Batch Automation

    8.26 Reactors: Simulation and Modeling

    8.27 Rolling Mill Controls

    8.28 Steam Turbine Controls

    8.29 Water Treatment Controls


    A.1 International System of Units

    Α.2 Engineering Conversion Factors

    Α.3 Chemical Resistance of Materials

    A.4 Composition of Metallic and Other Materials

    A.5 Steam and Water Tables

    A.6 Friction Loss in Pipes

    A.7 Tank Volumes

    A.8 Partial List of Suppliers


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  • No. of pages: 1580
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1995
  • Published: January 1, 1995
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483145020

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