Proceedings of the Yamada Conference XV on Physics and Chemistry of Quasi One-Dimensional Conductors

Proceedings of the Yamada Conference XV on Physics and Chemistry of Quasi One-Dimensional Conductors

Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi, Japan, May 26-30, 1986

1st Edition - January 1, 1986

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  • Editors: Shoji Tanaka, Kunimitsu Uchinokura
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483275093

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Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Organizing Committee

    Opening Address

    Welcome address

    Yamada Science Foundation and the scope of Yamada Conferences - Executive members of the Foundation xiv


    I. Inorganic conductors

    1-1. Dynamics and metastability of charge-density-wave systems

    Scaling behavior in high field charge density wave transport and the role of free carrier damping

    Frequency dependent response of pinned CDW condensates

    Depinning of charge-density waves by quantum tunneling

    Dynamics of sliding charge density waves

    Microwave harmonic mixing in niobium triselenide below threshold

    Harmonic mixing in niobium triselenide at large microwave power-levels

    Nonlinear ac and dc conduction phenomena of charge-density-waves described by the Fukuyama-Lee-Rice model

    Magnetic field effects to 230 kG on the magnetotransport and charge-density waves in NbSe3

    CDW depinning of NbSe3 under a magnetic field

    The evolution of nonlinear electrical transport effects in TTF-TCNQ as driven through CDW commensurability

    Frequency dependent conductivity measurements on TTF-TCNQ

    Evidence for thermally-initiated phase-slip in charge-density waves in niobium triselenide Direct observation of conduction noise under pulsed electric field in the nonohmic regime of NbSe3 Breakable charge density waves

    Breaking of the CDW coherence in various inhomogeneous situations

    Dynamics of charge density wave conductors: broken coherence, chaos, and noisy precursors

    Nonlinear effects in small o-TaS3 samples

    Charge density wave conduction: dynamics and finite size effects

    Numerical study of statics and dynamics of charge-density-waves based on Fukuyama-Lee-Rice model

    Numerical experiments on glassy charge density waves in three dimensions

    Structures and the sliding motion of CDW's in blue bronzes and other low dimensional conductors

    Metastability and dynamics in the charge-density wave state of K030MoO3

    The disequilibration of the pinned charge density wave by slight temperature changes

    The blue bronze: the charge density wave state and nonlinear transport

    Broadband noise in blue bronze KO3MoO3

    Analogy between depinning of a charge density wave and elastic-plastic transition in metallurgy

    Electric-field induced deformation of sliding CDW in K030

    Evidence for sliding motion of CDW in RbO3MoO3: 87Rb NMR

    NMR evidence of the Fröhlich mode in RbO3OMoO3

    Switching and intermittent oscillations in KO3MoO3

    CDW transport in A"030MoO3: crystal quality, inhomogeneous conductivity and contact geometry

    Non-linear conduction in K030MoO3 below 4.2 K

    Field hysteresis and relaxation in KO3MoO3

    Kink dynamics, breathers and narrow band noise in charge density waves

    Quantum statistical mechanics of the sine-Gordon model with dissipation

    Quantum effects on impurity pinning and depinning of charge density waves

    Phase-slip-center as a dynamic amplitude solution. Theory

    DC-induced voltage oscillations in uniaxial deformed o-TaS3

    A phase-slip model of switching

    CDW conduction study under rf field in monoclinic TaS3

    AC conductivity and dielectric constant in (NbSe4)10/3I and (TaSe4)2I

    Elastic behavior of linear chain conductor (TaSe4)2I

    1-2. Equilibrium properties of charge-density-wave systems

    The effect of magnetic fields on the electronic structure of density-wave systems

    Pressure and field dependences of dc resistance of o-TaS3 along the 6-axis

    Electrical anisotropy of the chain-like conductors NbSe3 and TaSe3

    Tunnel junctions NbSe3/I/Pb under pressure

    Point contact study of orthorhombic TaS3

    Metastable electron paramagnetic resonance spectra in the charge density wave state of K030MoO3

    Mössbauer studies of the charge density wave state of 57Fe-K030MoO3

    Electronic structure of K030MoO3 studied by ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy

    Electronic structure of (TaSe4)2I studied by positron annihilation and ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS)

    Lattice vibrations at the charge-density-wave phase transitions in (TaSe4)2I and (NbSe4)2I

    Optical investigation of the Peierls gap in the chain-like conductor (TaSe4)2I

    Inelastic neutron scattering of the low-dimensional conductors (TaSe4)2I and Mo8023

    Influence of deviations from the stoichiometric compositions for the physical properties of (T,M)1 + xNb3_xSe10 with T = Fe, Cr and M = Nb, Ti

    Numerical study of charge density waves in nearly quarter-filled one-dimensional electron-phonon systems

    Solitons in quarted-filled one-dimensional electron-phonon systems

    Kink lattice structure and midgap band in incommensurate charge density waves

    Coulomb-induced pseudo-critical behaviour in disordered CDW's

    Long-range Coulomb effects in incommensurate CDW systems

    The anisotropy and Peierls transition in quasi one-dimensional conductors

    Effects of forward scattering and incommensurate lattice in 1-D weak localization

    1-3. Superconductivity

    BCS pairing versus bipolaron crystallization in one- and two-dimensional strongly coupled

    electron-phonon systems

    Polarized reflectance spectra of the one-dimensional superconductor Tl2Mo6Se6 - a comparison with the anisotropic superconductor (SN)x

    Anomalies observed in the superconducting transition region in TaSe3

    Anisotropie superconducting transition in ZrTe3

    Superconductivity in Li09Mo6O17

    Effect of impurities on quasi-one-dimensional superconductors

    One dimensional BCS Hamiltonian in Hg3_5AsF6

    1-4. Others

    Stacking disorder in NbS3 and ZrX3 (X = S, Se)

    Metal-insulator transitions in the quasi-one-dimensional compound (NbSe4)3I

    Formation of long-range order near the second-order phase transition temperature in (NbSe4)3I

    Properties of the phase transition in (NbSe4)3I

    Thermal and magnetic measurements on ZrTe5

    Defects in (H3O)0_33Li0_8(Pt(mnt)2) 1.67 H2 0

    Valence fluctuation and negative thermal expansion in quasi one-dimensional Pt compounds

    Pseudo-gap model for KCP. Application to the near infrared conductivity

    II. Organic conductors

    II-1. Synthesis and structure analysis

    Synthesis, structure and electrical properties of the two-dimensional organic conductor, (BEDT-TTF) 2 BrI 2

    Radical cation salts of BEDT-TTF and an unsymmetrical BEDT-TTF derivate

    Synthesis, structure, and properties of (BPDT-TTF)2IBr2

    The crystal growth of BEDT-TTF complexes with linear chain anions

    Chemical and physical properties of charge transfer complexes of capped donors (BEDT-TTF series) and uncapped donors (TTCn-TTF series)

    Molecular solids containing BEDT-TTF and structurally related transition metal complexes

    Cation radical salts based on Te-containing tetrachalcogenotetracenes

    Multi-sulfur ð-donors and ð-acceptors and a few of their charge transfer complexes

    Nitrogen-containing tetrathiafulvalenes and a few of their charge transfer complexes

    Conductive and superconductive materials derived from dmit-complexes

    Structure and properties of [M(S2C2(CN)2)2](where M is Ni, Pd, or Pt) monoanions with small cations

    Synthetic studies on extended s-donor ligands as potential molecular conductors

    Electrical properties of powdered mixtures of pure TCNQ and TTF: evidence for a strong solid-state charge-transfer reaction

    II-2. Superconductivity

    Superconducting and magnetic instabilities in (TMTSF)2X and (BEDT-TTF)2 conductors

    Peculiarities of organic superconductors of the (BEDT-TTF)2X-family

    High Tc superconducting state in organic metal /?-(BEDT-TTF)2X

    Shear induced superconductivity in ß(BEDT-TTF)2I3

    ß-(ET)2X organic superconductors: linear-anion control of structure and ambient-pressure superconductivity, and the first point-contact tunneling studies of ß-(ET)2AuI2 implying extremely strong coupling

    A neutron diffraction study of the extent of disorder in the low temperature (20 K) structure of ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I2Br

    The structure of ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 at 4.5 K and 1.5 kbar

    Temperature and angular dependence of the upper critical field in ß2(BEDT-TTF)2I3 and its deuterated analogue

    Meissner effect under pressure in organic superconductors of the ß(BEDT-TTF)2X family (X = I3, IBr2, Aul2)

    Two superconducting phases in the organic conductor: ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I3

    Upper critical field of ß(BEDT-TTF)2I3 in the high Tc superconducting state

    Critical magnetic fields and related properties of the ambient pressure organic superconductor ß-(BEDT-TTF)2IBr2

    Radiation effect on superconductivity in ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I3

    The role of the anions in determining the ground state and the low temperature behaviour of the organic alloy (TMTSF)2(C104)1_ v(Re04)x, 0 < x < 1

    The first 3D molecular superconductor under pressure?: TTF [Ni(dmit)2]2

    II-3. Spin density wave

    Magnetic field induced phases of (TMTSF)2C104

    Quantum oscillations and field-induced transitions in (TMTSF)2Re04

    Field induced phase transitions in the Bechgaard salts

    (TMTSF)2PF6: Evidence for a unified phase diagram

    High field magnetoresistance of (TMTSF)2C104 and (TMTSF)2PF6. Quantum effects and phase transitions

    New aspects of the field-induced SDW states observed for (TMTSF)2C104 in high magnetic fields

    Hall effect study of field induced quantum oscillations in (TMTSF)2PF6 at 10.5 kbar

    Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations and (0 ^ {) anion ordering in (TMTSF)2Re04 at 14 kbar observed by transport measurements

    Nesting vector, amplitude and anisotropy of SDW in (TMTSF)2X obtained by NMR

    Determination of SDW characteristics in (TMTSF)2PF6 by lH-NMR analysis

    77Se NMR study of the SDW state in (TMTSF)2C104

    Antiferromagnetic resonance: a probe for various organic conductors

    Measurement and calculation of the far-infrared conductivity of two (TMTSF)2X salts in the spin-density-wave state

    Cascade of field induced spin density wave phases in quasi one dimensional conductors

    Quantized density wave ordering induced by a magnetic field in quasi one-dimensional conductors in the weak coupling limit

    On the magnetic-field-induced SDW phase in the Bechgaard salts

    Cascade of the field induced spin density wave transition in Bechgaard salts

    The transition temperature in quasi-one-dimensional conductors, (TMTSF)9X

    The role of kinetic interchain coupling in quasi-lD conductors

    Importance of one-dimensional correlations in the phase diagram of the (TMTTF)2-(TMTSF)2-X salts

    Properties of anisotropic spin-density-wave and triplet superconducting states in quasi-one-dimensional conductors

    11-4. Other properties

    Temperature dependence of the reflectance spectra of BEDT-TTF polyhalides

    Relations between infrared absorption and electron-electron interactions in organic conductors

    Optical absorption in "quarter-filled band" TCNQ salts

    Pressure and temperature dependence of the crystallographic structures of (TMTCF)2X salts: a change in the band structure under constraint

    Thermal expansion in organic conductors

    Investigation of a- and ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 by electron energy-loss spectroscopy

    Electronic and vibrational absorption spectra in DMtTCF and TMTCT salts: estimation for electronic correlations

    Electronic excitations in a-(BEDT-TTF)3(N03)2

    High resolution NMR investigation in the organic conductors (TMTSF)2X, X = C104, Re04

    Temperature effects on the 13C high resolution NMR in (TMTSF)2X salts

    NMR study of the molecular motion in (TMTSF)2C104

    A comparative study of cation radical salts of tretramethoxynaphthalene, TNM, with anions of different sizes and shapes; C104~ and AsF6

    Electronic structure and magnetic property of DBTTF radical ion complexes

    Electronic and structural properties of ß-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 by *H-NMR measurements

    Magnetoresistance in ß-(BEDT-TTF)2X salts

    An approach to the control of dimensionality of molecular conductors. Structure and electrical properties of (BMDT-TTF)(TCNQ)

    Experimental and theoretical studies of transition metal dithiolate and diselenolate

    Comparative ESR studies of the polycrystalline alkali metal tetrafluorotetracyanoquinodimethan (TCNQF4) charge transfer salts

    Optical-phonon-mediated charge transport in substituted morpholinium TCNQ2 salts

    Physical properties of phenanthrene-TCNQ complex

    Domain wall dynamics in mixed-stack charge-transfer crystal

    Electronic states and soliton structures in the mixed-stack compounds

    Coulomb correlation effects in quasi-one-dimensional conductors

    Extended PPP model: 2XA and 13B states of polydiacetylene fragments

    Competition between structural instabilities in organic conductors and superconductors

    ESR study under hydrostatic pressure on (BEDT)2SbF6 and AsF6: disappearance of the metal-insulator phase transition

    Phase transition of the BEDT-TTF charge-transfer complex with C104

    The incommensurate phase in spin-Peierls systems and its analogy with the electronic Peierls problem: a comparison

    Raman scattering on MEM(TCNQ)2 in the vicinity of the spin-Peierls transition

    Regular-dimerized stack vs. neutral-ionic instability in mixed stack CT crystals

    A new mechanism of the structural phase transition accompanied by the change of the eleptronic structure of a-(BPDT-TTF)[Ni(dmit)2]2

    Magnetic resonance analysis of the phase transition in fluoranthene radical cation salts

    III. Summaries

    Summary remarks on CDW's: Yamada Conference

    Concluding remarks on superconductivity and spin density waves

    Closing remarks: new materials

    List of participants

    List of contributors

    Materials index

    Analytic subject index

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