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Proceedings of the Seventh New England (Northeast) Bioengineering Conference - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080246345, 9781483136684

Proceedings of the Seventh New England (Northeast) Bioengineering Conference

1st Edition

Editor: Lee E. Ostrander
eBook ISBN: 9781483136684
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1979
Page Count: 554
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Table of Contents

Contents and Scientific Program


Plenary Session

Session 1: Computer Applications

A Hardware Device for Multispike Signal Detection and Sorting by Template Matching

Ram-It: A High-Resolution Interval Timer and Buffered Storage System for Neurophysiological Experiments

Microcomputer Based Digital Filter in Real Time EEG Analysis

Microprocessor Based Real-Time Systolic Time Interval System

A Dual-Processor System for Evoked Potential Research

A Microcomputer-Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing

A Computerized Unit Data Acquisition and Reduction System

High Rate Data Acquisition System for Biomedical Applications

Session 2: Instrumentation and Transducers

An Electrosurgical Hazard Monitor

Simple and Truly Aseptic Catheterization of Females

The Fluid Mechanics of Cromolyn Sodium Inhalers Used for Asthma Prevention

A High Sensitivity Blood Pressure Device with Digital Output

Experimental and Peroperative Clinical Cardioergometry by A New Type of Local Myocardial Force-Probe

Pressure Transducer Development, Characterization, and Compensation

Developmental Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Biotelemetry

A Goggle System Using Electrically Activated Liquid Crystal Shutters for Use in Visually Evoked Response Tests

A Respiratory Rate Monitor Using An Audio Pick-Up

Session 3a: Transport Phenomena

Dialysate Regeneration and A Prototype for A Portable Artificial Kidney

Hydrodynamics of Blood Manifolds On Artificial Organs

Platelet Adhesion in A Flow Chamber

Metabolic Insults to Platelets at Porous Interfaces

Session 3b: Biochemical Processes

H+ Binding and Diffusion-Reaction Rates in Collagen Electromechanics

Kinetic Analysis of Insulin Behavior by Interactive Simulation

Erythrocyte Shape Alteration During Atherogenesis

Salicylic Acid As Possible Antidotes for Mercury: A Hypothesis Based On Computer-Aided Physio-Chemical Studies

Migration and Chemotaxis of Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes Under Agarose

Session 4: Biomaterials and Structural Analysis of Bone

Stress Analysis of Human Femur- A Rational Approach

A Laminated Polymer - Metal Fixation Plate Reduced Stress Shielding with Fracture Stabilization

Ultrasonic Removal of Porous Coated Implants

Failure Analysis of Stainless Steel Surgical Implants

Stress Analysis of the Subtrochanteric Region of the Femur

Fabrication of Dense ß-Tricalcium Phosphate Ceramic for Potential Prosthetic Applications

The Early Results of Clinical Trials with A Micro-Porous Metal Hip Prosthesis

Slowly Propagating Fracture in Bone

Session 5 Computer Applications II

The Electrophysiological Data Interface

Application of A Partitioned Karhunen-Loeve Expansion Scheme to ECG/VCG Data Compression

Analysis of Vascular Sound in Stenotic Flows

Experimental Determination of the Arterial System Impulse Response: Preliminary Results

Two-Dimensional Digital Filters with Application to Biomedical Image Processing

An Automated Method for Characterizing Cross-Sectional Properties of Complex Shapes

Time Series Analysis of Human Eye Counterroling During Head Tilt

A Program for the Analysis and Simulation of Signals

Session 6: Optical Methods

Experimental and theoretical Models for Tissue Reflectance Oximetry

Infrared Absorption Studies of Tissue

Infrared Micro Interferometer Tissue Analysis

Helium-Neon Laser Irradiation Induced Changes in Blood

A Sensitive Fiber Optic Force Transducer Measuring Isometric Muscle Contraction

A Multi-Angle Laser Light-Scattering Spectro-Photometer for the Study of Sickling Kinetics in Sickle Cell Anemia

Session 7: Ultrasound and Imaging

Clinical Applications of Current Ultrasound Techniques

A High Resolution Real Time Ultrasonic Scanner

Ultrasound Image Analysis and Feature Enhancement

Frequency-Dependent Ultrasonic Backscatter From Brain Tissue

A Stereo-Chemical Model of Bone Derived From Ultrasonic Measurements

Ultrasonic Imaging Using Phased Mosaic Arrays

Session 8: Fracture Healing and Cements

Efficacy of Various Forms of Fixation of Transverse Fractures of the Patella

Optimum Fixation of Bone Cement in Total Hip Replacement I

An Alumina-Acrylic Composite Bone Cement

Rheology of Acrylic Bone Cements

Development of A Variable Stiffness, Absorbable Bone Plate

Bone-Cement Interface Pressures in Different Femoral Components of Total Hip Replacement I

Mechanical Factors in Fracture Healing

Session 9: Cell Imaging

Contour Classifiers for Cytomorphological Analyses

An Emission Tomographic Method for Analysis of Myocardial Scintigrams

The Characterization of Histologic Images by Digital Analysi

An Algorithm for Distortion Analysis in Two-Dimensional Patterns Using Its Projections

A Histomorphometric Technique for Analyzing Blood Vessel Smooth Muscle, Elastin, and Collagen

Session 10: Hemodynamics and Devices

Toward The Development of A Combined Membrane Oxygenator Hemodialyzer

Development of A Rigid-Vane Artificial Heart

Non-Invasive bypass Patency Diagnostic (bypass-Rheothermia)

A New Low-Power, High-Reliability Infusion Pump

Immunogenicity of Tanned Tissues Used in Heart Valve Replacement

About The Durability of Artificial Blood Pumps

Hemodynamic Evaluation of A Concave-Convex Aortic Pivoting Disc Valve Prothesis

A Preliminary Flow Study of A Two-Dimensional Model of A Concave-Convex Pivoting Disc Prosthetic Heart Valve

Session 11: Ultrasonic Methods

Measurement of Blood Coagulation Time Using Ultrasound

Geometrical Effects in Ultrasonic Transducer Performance

In Vivo Validation of the Transit-Time Ultrasonic Volume Flow Meter

Average Frequency Processor for Ultrasonic Doppler Systems

Ultrasound Detection of Aggregation of Red Cells in Blood Flow

Session 12: Cancer, Toxicology, and Epidemiology

Toxicological Effects of Trace Contaminants in A Spacecraft Environment: Towards A Toxo-Kinetic/Dynamic Model

Regional Electroaerosol Deposition in the Lung

The Fitting of A Cubic Model to A Three-Component Environmental System

A Deterministic Discrete-Time Communicable Disease Model with Age Specific States for Measles

A Stochastic Approach to The Quantitative Analysis of Cell Kinetics Using Flow Microfluorometric Dna Data

Local Microwave Hyperthermia as a Treatment of Cancer

Controlled Ultrasonic Temperature Response in Tumor Irradiation

Session 13: Medical Computing

Shared Clinical Engineering in A Rural Setting

A Radiology Reporting System Which Is Based Upon An Individualized List of the Most Likely Differential Diagnoses

Considerations in the Design of Patient Monitoring for Barbiturate Therapy in Severe Head Trauma

The Use of A Minicomputer for Ambulatory Care

An Arterial Blood Pressure Preprocessor Using A Combined Analog and Digital Signal Processing Method

A Respiratory Subsystem for A Patient Monitoring Computer System

Medical Data Systems and Information Networks: A Course Outline

Audio-Visual Communication System for Improved Delivery of Services in A Psychosomatic Clinic

Session 14: Cardiovascular Function

Abnormal Left Ventricular Contraction Patterns in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Characterization of Cardiovascular System Dynamics by Generation of Programmmed Premature Contractions

The Mechanics of Human Fetal Membrane Rupture

A New Approach to Studying The Mechanical Properties of Arteries

In Vivo Non Invasive Determination of Aortic Stiffness

The Heart Muscle Able to Dilate Actively by An Intramural Hydraulic Mechanism to Control Diastolic Filling and Ventricular Size

Session 15: Bioelectric Analysis

Power Spectral Analysis of EEG Development

A Model of Thalamocortical Interactions and their Role in the Development of Generalized Seizures

Separation of Cockroach Giant Axon Action Potentials Using Multi Unit Analysis Techniques

Determination of the Onset and Termination of EMG Signals

Visual Evoked Response Measurement Employing A Computerized Rapid Random Flash Technique

Instrumentation for Brainwave Signal Processing

Session 16: Rehabilitation

Tremor Analysis Using Accelerometry and the Fast Fourier Transform

Wheelchair Cushion Effect On Skin Temperature, Heat Flux and Relative Humidity

Biomedical Measurement of Hypernasal Speech

Eye Tracking Communication Systems: Tests of Non-Verbal Cerebral Palsy Children

A Portable Tactile Aid for the Deaf Using A Z80 Micro-Processor Controller

Project Involved with The Research and Development of Simulators of Auditory and Visual Impairment

A Nearsightedness Computer

Session 17: Tomography and Imaging I

Overview of Computed Tomography

Beam Hardening Artifacts in Computerized Tomography

Reconstruction From Divergent Beams: A Comparison of Algorithms with and without Rebinning

Session 18: Anesthesiology

A Piezoelectric Adsorption Hygrometer for Fast Measurements On Respiratory Gases

Boundary Conditions for A Near-Continuum Model for Anesthesia

Humidifying of Anesthesia Gases, Current Concepts, and Considerations

Shift in Experimental V-I Plot of Bilayer Membranes Exposed to Anesthetics

Evaluation of the Esophageal Accelerometer as a Noninvasive Measurement of Cardiac Function

Modelling Thermal Changes in Human During Anaesthesia

A Fast Response Analyzer for Simultaneous On-Line Measurement of N20 and Halothane Or Ν20 and Enflurane

Session 19: Electrodes

Use of Large Electrodes to Reduce Myoelectric Noise

Temperature and Current Density Distributions at Electrosurgical Dispersive Electrode Sites

Parametric Stimulation of Biological Tissue

Development of A Percutaneous Energy Transmission System

Electrical Field Control Electrode for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

A Serial to Parallel Interface System for Tens Pain Suppression

Regional Myocardial Perfusion Measured by Hydrogen Washout

Session 20 Biomechanics I

On The Mechanical Properties of Ligaments Under Cyclic Loading

An Absorbable Polymer-Filamentous Carbon Tissue Scaffold for Ligament and Tendon Replacement

Relationship Between Stress and Neuronal Response of Receptors in Posterior Knee Joint Capsule

Muscle Energy in Human Wrist Motions

Compressive Strength of Mp Joint and Its Relationship to Subchondral Bone Density

Anatomic Basis for Anterolateral Rotational Instability of The Knee

Piezoelectric Response of Bone as a Function of Frequency

Magnetic Field Dependence of Hall-Coefficient in Bone-Apatite

Session 21: Tomography and Imaging II

Clinical Nuclear Medicine Image Processin

Initial Experience with A Coded Aperture for Myocardial Imaging

Cytocomputer Biomedical Image Analysis

Polar Sampling Theorems and their Application to Image Reconstruction by Fourier Transforms in Cat

Session 22: Simulation Models

Computer Model of Cerebral Blood Flow

Nonlinear Parametric Feedback in the Regulation of Intracranial Pressure

Hemodynamic Responses to In-Series Cardiac Assistance: Studies Using A Computer Model

Computer Simulation of Androgen Influence On The Menstrual Cycle

Validation of A Non-Linear Model of the Arterial System

Network Thermodynamic Simulation of Non-Linear,Coupled

Left Ventricular Flow Patterns As An Index of Performance

Design of A Syneuristor

Session 23A: Pulmonary Function

Anatomic Deadspace Measurement in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

An Experimental Study of Velocity Distribution and Pressure Drop Characteristics in Human Lung Model

A Mathematical Model of the Lung, with Emphasis On Airway Resistance, to Evaluate Pulmonary Phase Change As An Early Indicator of COPD

A Model of the Gas Trapping Mechanism in Excised Lungs

Session 23B: Electromyography

Patterned Response in the Analysis of Human Electromyograms

Performance of A Digital EMG Processor

Sampling Rate for Myoelectric Processors

Dynamic Error Performance of the Human Operator

Inexpensive Pocket-Sized Electromyographic Feedback Device

Session 24: Biomechanics II

Error and Optimization Study of the Instantaneous Center and Angle of Rotation of A Body Joint

Back Strength Assessment Through Isokinetic Analysis

Changes in the Form of the Lumbar Spine

Correlation of Leg Loading Components in Snow Skiing

A Dynamic Long Leg Orthosis for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients

Noninvasive Determination of Bone Stiffness

The Lower End of the Human Humerus: Structure and Surgery

The Measurement and Display of Foot/Ground Forces During Gait


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1st January 1979
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