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Proceedings of the Seventeenth Assembly of the European Seismological Commission - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444996626, 9780444601988

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Assembly of the European Seismological Commission

1st Edition

Editor: E. Bisztricsany
eBook ISBN: 9780444601988
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 1st January 1983
Page Count: 708
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Table of Contents


Presidential Address

European Digital Seismic Network

The Bulgarian National Telemetric System for Seismic Data Interpretation

The Influence of Dynamic Range on the Accuracy of Total Deconvolution

Problems of Interpretation in Connection with New Possibilities of the Edseisnet System

Interactive Hybrid Processing of Seismic Broadband Data

Estimation of the Optimal Equipment Magnification of the Bulgarian National Telemetric System for Seismic Information /NTSSI/

The Reading/Blacknest Borehole Seismometer

Earthquake Hazard and Prediction

The Importance of the Observation of Earthquake Lights as Precursory Phenomena of Impending Earthquakes

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Prediction. Review of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Earthquake Prediction Research in the North Anatolian Fault Zone

Properties of Seismic Regime and Recent Earthquake Sequences in Europe

Study of Electric Fields in Seismoactive Regions in Comparison with Seismicity

Seismic Hazard Estimate for a Low Seismicity Region. Example of Central Europe

Space-Time Behavior of the Fields Vp/Vs before Strong Earthquakes

Microtremor Measurements in Budapest

Seismic Microzoning of Prague. A Computational Approach Based on Geological Data

Some Regularities of Seismic Regime and Earthquake Prediction


Physical Basis for the Duration Magnitude and Recommended Practice for Coda Magnitude Determination

The Geological Condition That Generated the Earthquake of April 15, 1979

Instrumental Measurement of Earthquake Intensity

The Seismic Regions in the German Democratic Republic

Seismicity of Mexico and Some of Its Tectonic Implications

The 15.4.1979 Earthquake in Yugoslavia. Aftershock Studies

Map of Maximum Observed Intensities in Europe

On the Main Characteristics of the Focus of the Earthquake of April 15, 1979 Derived from Instrumental Data

Some Features of the Foreshocks and Aftershocks of the Earthquake of April 15, 1979

Determination of near Earthquake Magnitudes in Seismological Practice

Earthquakes in Finland during the Last Hundred Years

Seismotectonic Activity on the Margins of the Microplates and on the Blocks in the Balkan Region

Comparison of the Information Derived from the Analysis of the Lapse Time and of the Frequency of Earthquakes

Map of Maximum Observed Intensity of Central and Eastern Europe

Focal Depths and Absorption Coefficients in Central and Eastern Europe

Brittle Rock Behavior under Compressive Load

Romanian Strong Motion Instrument Network

The Focal Mechanism of the April 15, 1979 Earthquake Sequence

Active Role of Strong Interplate Earthquakes in Tectonic Processes

Frequency Analysis of Historical Data and Recurrence Time of Strong Earthquakes

Bulgarian Earthquakes during 1976. Characteristics and Peculiarities

Data Acquisition

Seismological Telemetry Network in Hungary

The Seismological Data Acquisition System in the GDR

Coordination of Ground and Space Geodetic Techniques for Geodynamics and Earthquake Prediction Research in Europe

Focal Mechanism and Earthquake Prediction

Scaling Laws of Source Parameters for Small Earthquakes Induced by Mining

An Inverse Problem for Seismic Coda

Determination of Source Parameters

Earthquake Patterns Explained by the Stress Field of Cracks

The Triggering Effect of Strong Earthquakes

Low-Frequency Radiation Parameters and Focal Plane Solutions

Microseisms and Seismic Noise

Comparative Spectra of Microseisms and Swell in the Ligurian Sea

An Analysis of Ground and Instrumental Short-Period Noise

Stormy Microseisms, Geomagnetic Storms and a Complex of Oscillations with Frequency 0.1 to 1 Hz

Application of Observations Incorporated Into the Project of Microseismic Storms

On a Classification of Storm Microseisms

Theory and Interpretation

A Comparison of Synthetic Seismograms for Upper-Mantle Models in Europe

Computation of Seismic Wave Fields in Laterally Inhomogeneous Crustal Structures. Gaussian Beams Approach

Seismic Wave Fields in Media with Causal Absorption

Space-Time Ray Method and Its Applications in Seismology

Wave-Front Propagation in Nonlinear Elastic Media

Discovery of a New Non-Geometrical S* Arrival Generated at Free Interface

Fast and Stable Computation of Ray Integrals and Ray Amplitudes in Radially Symmetric Media

Inversion of Traveltime Anomalies to Determine Lateral Inhomogeneities in Reflection- and Refraction-Seismics and from Seismic Waves in Transmission

Atmospheric Pressure Wave of St. Helens Eruption

Seismic Response Analysis of Two-Dimensional Structures with Causal Absorption. Finite Difference Approach

Deep Seismic Sounding

Comparison of the Results of Surface Wave Investigations and Deep Seismic Soundings by the International Profile Vii

Tectonics of Subduction Zones and Dynamic Parameters of Short-Period P Waves

Physical and Chemical Properties of the Mantle

Structural Investigations of the Earth's Upper Mantle by Means of Localizing Teleseismic Events

The Influence of Mineral Reactions on the Propagation of Compressional and Shear Waves in Rocks under High Pressures and Temperatures

Is There Ferroelectricity in the Mantle?

Gibbs' Method in Thermodynamics of Nonlinear Elastic Body

Electrical Conductivity of Garnets and Garnet Containing Rocks

Electromagnetic Sounding with Long Submarine Cables

On the Theory of Phase Transitions in the Earth's Mantle

Interpretation of Core Anelasticity

Elastic Stresses Associated with Undulations of Density Boundaries in the Earth

Age-Dependent Driving Forces and the Fragmentation of the Farallon Plate

Age-Dependent Subduction of Oceanic Lithosphère and the Rheology of Subducted Slabs

Recent Crustal Movements and Associated Seismicity

Fennoscandian Uplift, Secular Variations of Gravity and Determination of Changes of Density within the Asthenosphere

Ground Deformations in the Phlegraean Fields Volcanic Area, Italy

Anomalous Mantle Spreading under the Lithosphère

Correlations Geodynamics. Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Romania

Regional Tilting of the Earth's in Romania

Seismicity, Crustal Stresses and Recent Crustal Movements in Switzerland

Vertical Movements in the Great Hungarian Plain. Examples of Magnetostratigraphic Correlation

The Sierentz Southern-Rhinegraben Earthquake of July 15, 1980. Preliminary Results

Properties of the Recent Crustal Movements by the Contact Zone Between the Carpathians and Bohemian Massif

Crustal Structure of Europe

On the Analysis of Isostasy in the North Atlantic

A Seismic Study of the Crust Under the Pyrenean Mountain Range

Regional Variations in the Crustal Structure of the Iberian Peninsula

Explosion Seismology Studies of the Canary Islands. First Results

The Fennolora Experiment and Crustal Structure in the Bohemian Massif

Combined Geophysical Models of the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle of the European Continent

Solution of the Two-Dimensional Inverse Kinematic Problem for Laterally Weakly Inhomogeneous Media

Gravimetric Modelling of the Eastern Alpine Crust

Crustal Structure of the Caledonides in Britain

Crustal Structure of Grabens in the Hercynian Belt. A Review

Fennoscandian Long-Range Project 1979 /Fennolora/

Observations of Fennolora Shots on Additional Lines in Finnish Lapland

Lateral Heterogeneity in the Italian Region from Rayleigh Wave Group Velocities

Crustal Structure of Western Portugal

The Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle in the Bohemian Massif from the Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves

Structure of the Earth Crust and Upper Mantle of Eastern Europe

Crustal Thickness in Fennoscandia as Inferred from P-Wave Spectral Ratios

Crustal Structure of Hercynian Europe and the North American Basin and Range Province. A Tectonic Analogy?

Structural Deductions Concerning the Lithosphère of the Aquitaine Basin from the Gravimetry of the Vertical Intrusions

Quality Factor in the Crust. A Deep Seismic Sounding Approach

The Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle of the Western Part of the South Tien Shan and Adjacent Territories of the Turanian Platform According to the Data of Explosion Seismology

Plate Tectonics of Eastern Europe

Geophysical Interpretation of the Central Carpathians Contact with the European Platform

Lower Cretaceous Submarine /Rift/ Volcanism in South Transdanubia /South Hungary/

Tensional Tectonics in Orogeny

On the State of Stress at Passive Continental Margins and the Problem of Initiation of Subduction

The Plate Tectonic Setting of the Eocene Volcanic Belt in the Carpathian Basin

Major Element Patterns in Hungarian Basaltic Rocks. An Approach to Determine Their Tectonic Settings

Tectonomagmatic Evidence for Transforms, Segmentation and Microplates in the Alpine Space of the Balkans

The Calc-Alkaline Magmatism in Detecting Two Types of Margins and Geosynclines by the Alpo-Himalayan Belt

On the More Accurate Definition of the Current Notion "Tectonic Stress"

Model of the Carpathian Continent/Continent Collision

Characteristic Evolution of the Cenozoic Structure of the Pannonian Basin as Proved by Reflection Seismic Measurements

Earthquake Belts in Central and Eastern Europe. Some Seismotectonic Aspects

Physical Nature of Rapid Intracontinental Subsidence. Origin of the Great Hungarian Depression

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Vorticity Dynamics of Tidal Residual Circulation

Mathematical Geophysics

Mathematical Modeling and Seismic Structure of the Lithosphere of the Baltic Shield

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© Elsevier 1983
1st January 1983
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