Proceedings of the Ninth Power Systems Computation Conference

Proceedings of the Ninth Power Systems Computation Conference

1st Edition - January 1, 1987

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  • Author: Cascais Portugal
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483101057

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    Organizing Committee

    1 Network Planning

    Maximum power system load supply capability with the constraints of transient stability

    PG&E's planning support system

    Multiple objective trade off analysis in power system planning

    International interconnections planning: EDF's approach

    2 Operations Planning I

    Simplified reactive power control for distribution systems

    Dynamic generation dispatching considering security and environmental operating constraints

    Long-term operation planning for thermal power systems

    Scheduling of maintenance and refuelling shutdowns for the pressurized water reactors at Electricite de France

    Optimal generation scheduling of large hydrothermal power systems by network programming methods

    3 Steady State Stability

    Overview of relevant issues and recent considerations in generator stability modeling practises

    Generalized self-tuning controller with self/searching pole-shift for the control of power systems

    A Method for harmonic stability analysis of AC-DC transmission system

    Decomposition and stabilization of large-scale electric power networks

    Confirmation of parametric resonance phenomena in laboratory experiments

    4 System Security and Optimization I

    A new generation of energy management systems

    Dynamic security assessment through power flow spectrum time shifting

    A comparison of dynamic security indices based on direct methods

    The on-line security enhancement system implemented in the power system control center of the Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG

    A framework for integration of network topology optimization and generation rescheduling in power system security applications

    5 Reliability of Power Systems I

    Inaccuracies in power system reliability evaluation

    Reliability model development and data using the Canadian electrical association equipment reliability information system

    Dispersion analysis in distribution system reliability evaluation

    An analytical method for including operating considerations in reliability modeling of interconnected systems: the OPRINS model

    Multi-area capacity expansion model with reliability constraints

    6 Hydro Scheduling

    Short term optimization of electric power plants production including pumped storage and nuclear modulation

    Daily operational planning of the EDF plant mix: the octave model optimizes lake plant discharges

    Minimum risk decisions in hydro storage and fuel-stock management

    Hydroelectric project sequencing using heuristic techniques and dynamic programming

    7 Generation Planning

    Estimation of place-differentiated supply cost using linear programming

    On the application of stochastic linear programming to computation of reliability index of generating system with multiple assigned-energy units

    Expansion and operation planning of combined electric power and heat production systems

    EEF approach to power system probabilistic modeling

    Optimal operation of reversible pump-storage hydropower plants in long-term system planning studies

    Capacity credit and energy value of wind power in hydro-thermal power system

    Trellis: a year-round macro power system planning program

    The pumped storage hydro plant

    The preferred complement to Israel's generating system

    8 System Control

    Design of discrete-type controller for decentralized AGC through decomposition technique

    Total adaptive generation controller (TAGEC) applied multivariable optimal control

    Automatic generation control and reserve monitoring. A practical scheme for the Netherlands

    PIGI An interactive network controller's interface

    KEPCO's new NCC system for power system operation

    The development of an integrated system operation computer network

    The state estimator in operation at ENEL national control center

    9 Protection I

    Impact of adaptive protection on power system control

    Digital simulation of protection systems under transient conditions

    Calculation and consequences of intersystem faults

    Calculating suitable impedances as seen from the relay location for the protection of double circuit lines

    A method to correct the distorted secondary currents of current transformers

    10 Power Flow Computation I

    Method of solution of ill-conditioned load flow systems

    Compensated network solution extensions for fast accurate solutions even when singularities are present

    Automatic nonuniform decomposition of large scale power system for parallel processing

    Voltage collapse prevention in interconnected power systems

    11 Data Base Systems

    Concept of an on-line data base supporting grid data language

    Data base model and maintenance system for energy control centers

    The application of a database management system in an energy management system

    12 Forecasting and Production Costing

    A comparison of time series 'forecasting methods for predicting the CEGB demand

    Error limits and on-line monitoring of short-term load forecasts

    Improvements to probabilistic power system production costing simulation

    13 Electro-Magnetic Transients

    EMTP line modeling accuracy

    Digital representation of circuit breakers for switching transients

    A line model for the calculation of lightning induced voltages

    Three-time scale modeling of power systems for the effective computation of transients

    Approximate transformation matrices for unbalanced transmission lines

    14 Load Management

    Computational methods for planning power systems which are to be homeostatically controlled

    Dynamic pricing in system planning and operation

    Long-range power system planning under dynamic tariffs with modeling the customer response

    Berthold BitzerandJuergen VoB (Federal Republic ofGermany)

    The effect of load management on generation capacity and costs

    15 Reliability of Power Systems II

    Expansion planning of power transmission network with reliability constraint

    Reliability and production cost of interconnected systems

    A research on flows in complete stochastic networks

    Influences of the elements outages dependencies on the power system reliability analysis

    Development of composite customer damage functions for use in power system planning and operation

    Estimation of reliability indices for the Austrian high voltage network

    Direct probabilistic approach to evaluate reliability of complex electric equipment or of parts of the power transmission system

    Calculation of substation reliability indices based on hottest-spot temperature of the power transformer

    16 State Estimation and Bad Data Detection

    Computational issues in the Hachtel's augmented matrix method for power system state estimation

    Fast and robust bad data detection, identification and correction w~th subsequent direct recursive state estimation

    Multiple bad data identification techniques for orthogonal row-processing state estimators

    Local redundancy and identification of bad measuring data

    Tracking, dynamic and hybrid power system state estimators

    Aggregation methods for hierarchical static state estimation in large scale power systems: a survey

    17 Transient Stability I

    Electric load modeling: analysis, identification and validation

    An algorithm for coherency recognition via the theory of metric space

    Microprocessor-based stabilizing control system based on energy function method

    A novel transient stability program for interconnected AC-DC system

    18 System Security and Optimization II

    A computing method for the country-wide economically optimum management of bivalent use of electricity and fuels

    Optimal reactive compensation planning and voltage scheduling

    A decomposition approach to security-constrained optimal power flow with post-contingency corrective rescheduling

    An adaptive model for improved on-line contingency selection

    Automatic adaptation of dynamic boundary between external and estimated networks for security calculations

    19 Transient Stability II

    Dynamic equivalents for large scale interconnected power systems

    Transient stability studies of bulk power systems using the simplified and detailed mathematical models

    A decentralized control for large-scale power systems in stability crisis and differential geometric control theory

    Stabilizing control for power systems by shunt capacitor switching

    A comparative study of fast assessment methods used for multimachine power system transient stability

    Fast transient stability assessment by linearized load flow model

    20 Operations Planning II

    Operation planning of energy systems

    CPU-time efficient solution of large-scale MIP-models

    The importance of a nominal solution in a heuristic unit commitment program

    A fuel management method in power system optimal seasonal operation planning

    On-line pricing of pumped storage generation for economic dispatch

    Application of probabilistic methods in the operational planning studies in the Brazilian system

    Generation scheduling in systems with power and energy interchange costs

    Problems related to maintenance scheduling in power systems

    21/22 Expert Systems in Power Systems Engineering

    Expert systems in power system planning and operation from the viewpoint of a utility engineer

    Efficiency of expert systems as on-line operating aids

    An expert system for voltage - var scheduling

    An intelligent knowledge based system for maintenance scheduling in a power system

    Exformer, an expert system for transformer faults diagnosis

    23 Protection II

    Digital algorithms for differential protection of power transformers

    Performance of phase-comparison protection schemes during transient faults on series compensated transmission lines

    Digital methods for on-line estimation of the basic components of signals in electrical power systems

    A new algorithm for digital distance protection based on the traveling wave principle

    Monitoring and back-up protection of a busbar using digital distance relays

    Protection coordination for industrial power systems with a consideration of transient conditions on a personal computer

    24 System Security and Optimization III

    Energy management developments for the CEGB power system

    The economic controlling principles of the district heating network when combined production of power and heat is used

    The implementation of a state-of-the-art EMS system: an utility view

    Linear reactive power dispatch studies for longitudinal power systems

    How to supply appropriate var compensation programs to the planning of an electric network by the solution of linear inequality systems

    Fast transient security assessment by pattern recognition techniques

    A novel loop-based load flow algorithm and its application in on-line security assessment of power systems

    Corrective switching by means of optimal strategy

    25 Distribution Planning and Operation

    Communicating automata in distribution substations

    Transformer scheduling with loss minimization in distribution substations

    An integrated software system for planning MVdistribution networks

    A PC based system for radial distribution network design

    26 Simulation Techniques

    Microcomputer-based simulations as an aid to power systems teaching

    Power system models for a dispatcher training simulator

    A training and simulation package for operating of power systems

    Production simulation in the Icelandic power system

    Performance of analysis and control software under network islanding and other emergency conditions

    27 Excitation Systems and Generator Dynamics

    Control of multi-modal oscillations in a power system using a multi-channel controller

    Development of practical self-tuning regulators for turbogenerators

    Coordinated parameter setting of PSS and SVS for power oscillation damping

    Eigenvalue control of midterm stability of power system - concept of Eigenvalue control and its algorithms

    Eigenvalue analysis of the Scottish and Sudanese electricity supply systems

    Dominant mode selection method - A new approach for dynamic steady state stability analysis of power systems

    Selective modal analysis of subsynchronous resonance

    A model reduction technique for high-order power systems and its application to a notch filter design for a Dynamic Current Compensator for SSR suppression

    28 Power Flow Computation II

    Real-time emergency dispatch based on second-order methods

    Factor analysis of load flow ill-conditions

    Parallel load flow algorithm studies in power systems

    Solution of sparse linear equations on a reconfigurable multiprocessor

    A method for instant identification of line outages causing ill conditions of power systems

    Situation control for large fault interconnected power systems

    29 Supplement on Generation Planning, Expert Systems and Optimal Power Flow

    Application of WASP to the Swedish power system

    Electric utility generation expansion planning under uncertainty

    A Monte Carlo simulation approach to the reliability modeling of interconnected systems recognizing operating considerations

    An expert system in prolog for alarm handling in a substation

    A method to determine the best network model for an online optimization calculation

    Author Index

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  • Language: English
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  • Published: January 1, 1987
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483101057

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