Proceedings of the Ninth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Kobe, Japan, 11-14 May 1982

Proceedings of the Ninth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Kobe, Japan, 11-14 May 1982

1st Edition - January 1, 1982

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  • Editors: K. Yasukochi, H. Nagano
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164090

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Proceedings of the Ninth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Kobe, Japan, 11-14 May 1982 contains the papers presented during the entirety of the conference. The overall focus is on the presentation of technical developments and new applications in the field of cryogenics. The topics covered during the conference include high speed magnetic levitation train, magnetic fusion energy and its cryogenic applications, and cooling effects in a vortex cooler. Superconductivity and fusion, digital applications of the Josephson effect, thermally activated stirling cryocooler, and large cryogenic systems of the energy doubler are discussed as well. Physicists, chemists, engineers, and researchers in the field of cryogenics will find the compendium very insightful.

Table of Contents

  • In Memoriam Kurt Mendelssohn

    List of Committee Members

    Introduction to ICEC9

    AA Plenary Session

    High Speed Magnetic Levitated Train

    BA Plenary Session

    Magnetic Fusion Energy and its Cryogenic Applications

    CF1 Magnetic Refrigeration

    CF1-1 Thermodynamical Analysis of a Double Acting Reciprocating Magnetic Refrigerator

    CF1-2 Analysis of Regenerative Operations in Magnetic Refrigeration

    CF1-3 A New Usage of Anisotropie Magnetic Compound for the Magnetic Refrigerant

    CF1-4 The Magnetic Refrigeration Characteristics of Several Magnetic Refrigerants Below 20K: I Magnetocaloric Effect

    CF1-5 The Magnetic Refrigeration Characteristics of Several Magnetic Refrigerants Below 20K: II Thermal Properties

    CF2 Refrigerator Components - 1

    CF2-2 High Pressure Adsorption Isotherms of Hydrogen and Neon on Charcoal

    CF3 Air Separators

    CF3-1 Studies of Perforated Distillation Plates at High Vapour Velocity for Oxygen Plants

    CF3-2 Anti-Explosion and Heat Transfer of Plate-Fin Type Condenser-Evaporator in Air-Separation Plant

    CF4 Cryogenics in Space

    CF4-1 Superfluid Experiment in Zero Gravity Aboard a Rocket

    CF4-2 Performance of the Helium II Dewar Subsystem for the Spacelab 2 Infrared Telescope

    CG1 Heat Transfer - I

    CG1-2 Pool-Boiling Helium Heat Transfer from Small Monolithic Copper Stabilizers with High Packing Factors

    CG1-3 Formvar Coating Effects on Heat Transfer from NbTi/Cu to Liquid Helium: Dynamic Determination of the Formvar Thermal Conductivity

    CG1-5 An Experimental Study on the Forced-Convective Heat Transfer to Supercritical Helium 4 Flowing Downward in a Circular Tube

    CG1-6 Forced Convection Heat Transfer from Submerged Surface to Liquid Helium

    CG2 Heat Transfer - II

    CG2-5 Flow Boiling Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Nitrogen From 1 to 30 Bar

    CG2-6 Fouling Phenomena During the Evaporation of Argon

    CG2-7 Effect of a Thin Insulating Layer on Rapid Cooldown of Metals in Liquid Nitrogen

    CG2-8 Heat Transfer from Warm Plates of Cryobiologic Interest fo Liquid Nitrogen

    CH1 Refrigeration Systems - I

    CH1-1 A Forced Cooled Superconductor Test Facility for Big High Fields Magnets

    CH1-2 Development of the Experimental Apparatus to Study Internally Cooled Superconductors Property

    CH1-3 350-l/h, 1,200-W Helium Cryogenic System for the Development of Fusion Technology

    CH1-4 Universal Cryogenic Plant

    CH1-5 Low Loss Flexible Cryogenic Transfer Lines for Jet

    CH1-6 Automatization and Data Acquisition of Helium Gas Liquefing System

    CH2 Transportation and Magnetic Separators

    CH2-1 Thermal Performance of a Low Heat Leak Support for Superconducting Magnetic Levitated Trains

    CH2-2 Pulsed Cryogenically Cooled Coils for Maglev Experiments

    CH2-4 The Magnetic Field Screening with Nb-Ti

    CH2-5 New Methods of Force Compensation in Reciprocating Superconducting Magnetic Separators

    CH3 Pulse Magnets

    CH3-1 Dynamics and Controlled Characteristics of 0.5 MJ Pulsed Magnet

    CH3-2 0.5 MJ Pulsed Magnet with its Control and Cooling Systems

    CH3-3 High Ramp Rate Characteristics of Pulsed Superconducting Magnet

    CH3-4 Development of a 1 MJ Superconducting Pulsed Coil

    CI1 Cable and Magnet Technology

    CI1-1 Experimental Investigation of a 60cm Bore Wax-Filled Superconducting Solenoid with Different Winding Current Density

    CI1-2 A design of Polyethylene Insulated Sub-gVA Superconducting Cable

    CI2 Stability and ac Losses - I

    CI2-2 Maximum Allowable Resistive Zone in a Metastable Conductor

    CI2-3 Stability of Superconducting Cables in Pulse Fields

    CI2-4 Estimation of the Stability of High Current Density Superconducting Magnet

    CI2-5 Propagation of Normal Zones in Small Superconducting Magnets Immersed in He II

    CI2-6 Effect of Surface Coatings on the Cold-End Recovery Current of NbTi Filamented Conductors

    DB Refrigerator Components - II

    DB-1 Low-Temperature Centifugal Helium Compressors

    DB-2 A New Helium Refrigerator System with Low-Temperature Centrifugal Compressors

    DB-4 A New Range of Industrial Cryogenic Turboexpanders with Gas Bearings

    DD Superfluid - I

    DD-1 Development of a Launchworthy Motor-Operated Valve for Containment of Superfluid Helium

    DD-2 Investigation of He II Phase Separator Operation Instabilities

    DD-3 Characterization of Superfluid Porous Plug Performance

    DD-4 Porous Plug Phase Separator for Superfluid He II

    DE Transporation MHD and Power Cables

    DE-1 Highly Efficient Superconducting Magnet for Magnetically Levitated Train

    DE-4 The Developmental Progress Leading to the Installation of a Thousand Feet of Superconducting Cable

    FC High Energy Physics

    FC-1 High-Field Superconducting Accelerator Magnets

    FC-2 Three Prototype Cells of a SC Magnet System

    FC-3 C Band Superconducting Structures for a High Relativistic Energy e Linac

    FC-5 Characteristics of Thin Wall Superconducting Solenoid Magnets and its Model Magnet Test Results

    FC-6 The Design of the S/C Magnet for A H.E. Detector at LEP

    FC-7 Long Term Performance of the Superconducting Solenoid for the UT-MSL Muon Channel

    FD Refrigeration Systems - II

    FD-1 Low Temperature Irradiation Facility at Kyoto University Reactor

    FD-2 Studies on Supercritical He Cooling of a Large Superconducting Solenoid

    FD-3 Cryogenic System of 8-GeV/c Pion Beam Line at KEK

    FD-4 LHe and LN2 Cryosupply and Distribution System for the Net Neutral Injection Cryopumps

    FD-5 Cryogenic System for Heliotron E NBI

    FD-6 A 30 L/H Helium Liquefier for A 30 MVA Superconducting Synchronous Condenser

    FD-7 Large Scale Hydrogen and Helium Liquefiers

    FE Superfluid - II

    FE-1 Results on Heat Transfer to He II for Use in Superconducting Magnet Technology

    FE-2 Heat Transport Mechanisms in a 2.3m Long Cooling Loop Containing He II

    FE-3 Heat Transport in Flowing Subcooled Helium II

    FE-5 Studies of Cooling Effects in a Vortex Cooler

    FE-6 The Gorter-Mellink Constant Associated with Counterflow Convection in Pressurized Superfluid He II (He4)

    FE-7 Common Flow Characteristics of Various Types of He II Phase Separators

    GC Pulse and Fusion Magnets - I

    GC-1 Superconductivity and Fusion

    GC-2 TMC-1, 10T-60cm Bore Nb3Sn Test Module Coil for the Cluster Test Program

    GC-3 Performance Benefits of Advanced Superconductors in Magnet Systems for Fusion Power Generation

    GC-4 Development and Characteristics of 0.5 MJ Pulsed Superconducting Magnet

    GC-5 Thermal Characteristics of a 0.5 MJ Pulsed Magnet

    GE Cryoelectronics - I

    GE-1 Digital Applications of the Josephson Effect at Bell Laboratories

    GE-2 Design of a Josephson Device for the High Precision Potentiometer

    GE-3 Direct Coupled Adder by Using Josephson Elements

    GE-4 Charge-Controlled Cryotron

    GE-5 Phase-Coupled Josephson Logic Circuit

    HC Stability and ac Losses - II

    HC-1 Superconducting Poloidal Coils for the Reacting Plasma Project I. A.C. Loss and Stability of a Prototype Cabled Conductor

    HC-2 Nb3Sn Cables Designed for AC Current Tests

    HC-4 The Use of Calorimetry in Superfluid He II to Measure Losses in Superconducting Magnets

    HD Refrigerator Components - III

    HD-1 The Characteristics of Low-Temperature Binary Control Valves

    HD-2 Performance of Reciprocating Expansion Engine with Electronic Control Valves

    HD-4 A High Capacity Pump for Liquid Helium

    HE Cryoelectronics II

    HE-1 A Novel Process for Fabricating Josephson Tunnel Junctions

    HE-2 High Temperature Operation of Nb3Ge SQUID'S

    HE-3 A Study of an Absolute Determination of the Magnetic Flux Quantum by Superconducting Levitating System

    JA Refrigerators

    JA-1 Thermally Activated Stirling Cryocooler

    JA-2 Thermal Stabiity and Noise of a Miniature J-T Heat Exchanger Refrigerator System

    JA-3 The Cryogenic Wind Tunnel for High Reynolds Number Testing

    JB Rotating Machinery - I

    JB-1 Prospect of Superconducting Generators

    JB-2 Development of Superconducting Generators and Motors in the USSR

    JB-3 Cryogenerator Development Program - Model Rotor First Operational Results and Industrial Conclusions

    JB-4 Manufacture of a 50MVA Superconducting Rotor

    JB-5 Experimental Study of Cryoalternators

    JB-6 Projecting ac Losses in a Superconducting Generator

    JD Pulse and Fusion Magnets - II

    JD-1 The Axicell MFTF-B Superconducting Magnet System

    JD-2 Testing of the MFTF Magnets

    JD-3 Construction and Cool-Down Test of the Japanese LCT Coil

    JD-4 Test Results of the 3.3-MJ Split-Pair Pulsed Superconducting Coil of the Argonne PCTF

    JD-5 Development of a 3 MJ-Class Pulsed Superconducting Coil

    JD-6 Advances in High-Current Poloidal Conductors at JAERI

    JD-7 Superconducting Poloidal Coils for the Reacting Plasma Project II. Performance Test of a Model Coil Under a 200 T/sec Pulsing Rate

    KF1 Rotating Machinery - II

    KF1-1 Cryogenic Development Program - Rotor-Model Tests - Some Cyrogenic Results

    KF1-2 A Short Cut in Applying Superconducting Technology - D.C. Heteropolar Machine

    KF1-3 Effects on Pole Number and Stator Core on the Performance of Superconducting Machine

    KF1-4 Development of a Helium Transfer Couping for 50 MVA Superconducting Generators

    KF1-5 A Helical Airgap Winding for Superconducting Generators

    KF1-6 The Optimum Environmental Shielding System of Superconducting Generators

    KF1-7 An Experimental Study on the Magnetic Field in the End Region of the Damper Shield of Superconducting Alternators

    KF2 Cooling of Rotating Machinery

    KF2-6 A Rotor Model to Investigate Thermodynamic and Cryogenic Aspects of S.C. Alternators

    KF2-7 The Use of Carbon Film and SI Diode Thermometers for the Detailed Study of Transient Fluid Behaviour in Rotating Frames at High Tip Speeds

    KG1 Dielectric Properties of Cryogenic Liquids

    KG1-1 Dielectric Strength of Large Gaps in Cryogenic Helium

    KG1-2 Arc Extinction Voltage Between Copper Electrodes in Liquid Helium - Application to the High-Voltage Discharge of Superconducting Magnets

    KG 1-4 Breakdown Characteristics and Mechanisms of Cryogenic Liquids

    KG2 High Energy Physics Applications - II

    KG2-1 Large Aperture Superconducting Magnet (Benkei)

    KG2-2 Stress Analysis in a High Field Dipole Magnet Design

    KG2-3 Stress Analysis of Superconducting 1OT Magnets for Synchrotron

    KG2-4 Alternative Dipole Magnets for Isabelle

    KG3 Quench and Propagation

    KG3-1 Quench Back in Superconducting Magnets with Shorted Secondary Circuits

    KG3-2 A Finite Difference Computer Code for the Simulation of Superconducting Magnets Thermal Behaviour

    KG3-3 Flux Jumps in Multifilament Superconducting Composites in a High dB/dt Time Dependent Magnetic Field

    KG3-4 Relation Between ac Flux Jumps and Quenches of Superconducting NbTi Wire without Copper Cladding

    KG3-6 The Research Normal Zone Propagation in ac Composite Superconductors

    KG3-7 Mechanical Disturbances in Superconducting Magnet

    KH2 Cryoelectronics - III

    KH1-1 MSR - A Magnetically Shielded Room for Ultrasensitive Measurements

    KH1-2 Temperature Controlled Mini-Specimen Chamber for use in SQUID-Magnetometers

    KH1-3 Characteristics of Temperature Vs Optical Frequency and Transient Heating of Semi-Conductor Laser Element

    KH1-6 High-Sensitivity Josephson Logic Gate Using Low ßc Devices

    KH1-7 Possibility of Superconducting Exciton Laser

    KH2 Cryostat and Superinsulation

    KH2-4 Simplified Technique for the Evaluation of Multiple Layer Insulation

    KH2-5 Thermal Characteristics of Multilayer Insulation

    KH2-6 Nuclear Demagnetization Cryosat for 3He Experiments

    KH2-8 Large Dilution Refrigerators

    KI1 Cryogenic Thermometry

    KI1-1 Thermometry in the mK Region Using the Proximity Effect

    KI1-2 A Glass Capacitance Thermometer for Use at mK Temperature Range

    KI1-3 RS-11-1/4W Composite Carbon Resistors as Low Temperature Thermometers

    KI1-6 Germanium Resistance Thermometers - Conditions Which Affect their Precision

    KI2 Cryotechnology - I

    KI2-1 Optical Constants and Thermal Radiative Properties of H2O and CO2 Cryodeposits

    KI2-2 Performance Test of New Re-Condensing Type Cooling System Designed for Fatigue Testing Machine at Liquid Helium Temperature

    KI2-3 New Apparatus for Instrumented Charpy Impact Test at Cryogenic Temperatures

    KI2-5 Cryopumps and Cryogenics Systems of Prototype Injector Unit for JT-60

    KI2-6 Calibration System of Head Type Flow Meter in Cryogenic Temperature

    LB Dilution Refrigeration

    LB-1 Studies of 4He-Circulating Dilution Refrigerator

    LB-3 New Flow Phenomena in 3He-4He II Mixtures and their Implications for the Performance of Dilution Refrigerators

    LB-4 Fully Portable, Highly Flexible Dilution Refrigerator Systems for Neutron Scattering

    LD High Field Magnets

    LD-1 Development of Medium-Sized Multifilamentary Nb3Sn Superconducting Coil Producing High Magnetic Field of 12 Tesla

    LD-2 An Additional Technique of 'Wind and React' Method

    LD-3 Large Scale High Field Test Facility at ETL

    LD-4 Development of a Large Scale High Field Superconducting Magnet by Nb3Sn Superconductor

    LE Cryotechnology - II

    LE-1 Development of Cryogenic Liquid Level Guage

    LE-2 A Preliminary Report on the Evaluation of Selected Ultrasonic and Gyroscopic Flowmeters at Cryogenic Temperatures

    LE-3 Cryogenic Pipe Freezing - A Research to Determine the Basic Mechanisms of Plug Formation

    LE-4 Measurement of Superconductivity Under High Pressure

    MA Medical Applications

    MA-1 Aspects of the Design of NMR Magnets for Analysis and Imaging

    MA-2 A Superconducting Magnet for Whole Body NMR-Imaging

    MA-3 Simple Instruments for Cryosurgery

    MA-4 Some Designing and Technical Features of the Special Cryo-Surgical Apparatus

    MC LNG and Safety

    MC-1 Cold Utilization of LNG In Japan

    MC-2 Latest Developments in Cryogenic Safety

    MC-3 Cooling Pipeline Components to Operating Temperatures with LNG

    MC-4 The World-Biggest LNG Inground Storage Tank; its Construction and System

    MC-5 A Power Generating Plant by LNG Cold Energy

    MD ac Losses

    MD-1 Thermal Stabilization of Superconducting Devices

    MD-2 Transverse Field Loss of a Twisted Multifilamentary Round Wire in Windings of Superconducting Magnets

    MD-3 Self Field Losses in Superconducting Circular Wires

    MD-4 Decay-Time Constant of Induced Current in Fine Multifilamentary Superconductors

    MD-5 Coupling Loss in Normal Metal Core of Multitilamentary Superconducting Wire

    ME Magnets for Energy Storage

    ME-1 Cryogenic Aspects of Inductor-Converter Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage

    ME-2 The superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System and its Control Methods

    ME-3 Design Study of Intermediate Superconductive Energy Storage

    ME-4 Design of a Three PHase Thermally Switched 25 kA 1.5 kW Superconducting Rectifier-Fluxpump

    ME-5 Power System Stabilization by Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage - Experiments Using Power System Model

    NA Cryocoolers

    NA-1 Prospects for Small Cryocoolers

    NA-3 Far-Infrared Detector Cooling for Fusion Research

    NA-4 A Hybrid Cryogenic Cooling System for an Extended Life-Time IR-Space Telescope

    NA-5 Electrically Insulated Thermal Joint for IRAS Focal Plane Assembly

    NC Fluid Flow and Instability

    NC-1 Selected Thermodynamic and Fluid Flow Data from the Space Shuttle Liquid Oxygen Servicing System

    NC-2 Flows through Sequential Orifices with Heated Spacer Reservoirs

    NC-3 Laser Doppler Anemometry Applied to Boundary Layer Flows in Cryogenic Fields

    NC-5 Local Theory of Thermo-Acoustic Phenomena: Inviscid Case

    NC-6 Evaporation Instabilities in Cryogenic Liquids, and the Solution of Water and Carbon Dioxide in Liquid Nitrogen

    NE Quench and Monitor

    NE-1 Diagnostic Requirements and Mechanical Disturbances in Superconducting Magnets

    NE-2 Simulation of the Quenching of an Internally Cooled Superconducting Magnet

    NE-3 Experimental Investigation of the Quench Dynamic Process of the Close-Packed Superconducting Magnets

    NE-4 An Acoustic Monitoring Method for Superconducting Magnet

    NE-5 An Acoustic Emission Technique to Localize Mechanical Disturbances in Superconducting Magnets

    OA Plenary Session

    OA Large Cryogenic Systems of the Energy Doubler

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  • Published: January 1, 1982
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164090

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