Proceedings of the First International Congress of Parasitology - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080114279, 9781483164748

Proceedings of the First International Congress of Parasitology

1st Edition

Roma, 21-26 September 1964

Editors: Augusto Corradetti
eBook ISBN: 9781483164748
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1966
Page Count: 498
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Table of Contents

Division D: Helminthiasis of Man and Domestic Animals

Part 1: Filariasis

Chapter 1. The In Vitro Cultivation of Filarial Worms

Chapter 2. The Periodicity of Microfilariae

Chapter 3. Human Infection With Filariae of Animals in the United States

Chapter 4. Filarial Infections as Zoonoses

Chapter 5. Estudios Clinicos, Inmunologicos, Quimicos y Farmacologicos del Choque Terapeutico Producido por Dietilcarbamazina en la Oncocercosis

Chapter 6. El Problema del Controlde la Oncocercosis en Mexico

Chapter 7. Evidences of Immunity to Filarial Infection

Chapter 8. Evaluation of the Intradermal Test for the Diagnosis of Filariasis

Chapter 9. Fractionation and Purification of Antigen for Intradermal Skin Reaction on Filariasis

Chapter 10. The Aetiology of Eosinophilic Lung(Tropical Eosinophilia)

Chapter 11. Microfilarial Pairing

Chapter 12. The Staining of Microfilariae in Blood Films

Chapter 13. Filariasis in Portuguese Timor

Chapter 14. Drug Control and Therapy of Filariasis in the Cook Islands

Chapter 15. La Lutte Contre la Filariose Lymphatique Aperiodique en Polynesie Française

Chapter 16. Trimelarsan (Mel W, 9955 RP) in the Treatment of Human Onchocerciasis

Chapter 17. Onchocerciasis in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone

Chapter 18. The Mosquitoes of Samoa and Tonga and Their Relation to Subperiodic Bancroftian Filariasis

Chapter 19. Variations in the Long-Term Transmission of Filariasis in the Laboratory

Chapter 20. Microfilaria Philipp1nensis, a New Species of Human Microfilaria in the Philippines

Chapter 21. The Effect of Autogeny on Cülex Pipiens Complex in U.A.R. And Its Relation to Transmission of Filariasis

Chapter 22. Filarial Infection of Dogs in Bogota, Colombia

Chapter 23. Observations on the Periodicity of Microfilariae

Chapter 24. Investigation in a New Endemic Area of Filariasis in Thailand

Chapter 25. Bovine Onchocerciasis

Chapter 26. Pouvoir Toxique Expérimental des Microfilaires Loa Loa Chez La Souris

Chapter 27. Problèmes Des Lesions Cutanées Dans Lonchocercose Humaine

Chapter 28. Mansonella Ozzardi Among the Aborigenes of Aruak Group From the Icana River (Upper Negro River) Amazonia, Brasil

Summary of the Discussions

Part 2: Trichinellosis

Chapter 29. Changes in the Epidemiology of Trichinellosisin the United States During the Past 25 Years

Chapter 30. Die Trichinellose in Europa

Chapter 31. Untersuchungen Über Einen Eventuellen Latenten Trichinenbefall Der Westdeutschenbevölker Ung Und Diep Potentiellenn Infektionsquellen

Chapter 32. Epidemiological and Epizootiological Investigations on Trichinellosis in Poland

Chapter 33. Beitraege Zur Verbreitung der Trichinellose in Ungarn Und Zu Deren Behandlung

Chapter 34. The Epizootology of Trichinellosis in Swineand Other Domestic and Wild Animals in Rumania

Chapter 35. Contribution to the Epizootology of Trichinellosis

Chapter 36. The Distribution of Trichinella Spiral1sin Countries in Southeast Asia and the Far East

Chapter 37. Human Trichinellosis in Kenya

Chapter 38. Hoboe B Texhmke Tpmxmhejijiockoiii1j1

Chapter 39. General Aspects of the Technics and Application of Trichinoscopy in Rumania

Chapter 40. Getrocknete Häeute Der Wildtiere Als Indikator Der Natural Foci Der Trichinellose

Chapter 41. K iio3hahiik) ΟhaГοb Tpmxmhejijie3a M Πyτείϊpacnpoctpahehmä Trichinella Spiralis

Chapter 42. Anm^Emmojiormheckaa Kjiaccm«I>Mkaijmh ΟhaГοb Tpmxmhejijie3a

Chapter 43. Investigations on Host-Parasite Relationships in Trichinellosis

Chapter 44. Comparative Studies on the Infectivity of Geographical Strains of Trichinella Spiralis

Chapter 45. In Vitro Culture of Trichwella Spiral1s: Inhibition and Stimulation of Development

Chapter 46. Studies on Metabolism of Trichinella Spiralis Larvae in Vitro

Chapter 47. Studies on the Trichinellabacteria Relationship in the Bowel of Mice

Chapter 48. Hobble Aahhble O ΠaτοГεhe3e Tpmxmhejijie3a M Πpmhi^Ππh ΕГο Τeρaπmπ

Chapter 49. Clinical and Therapeutical Problems of Chronic Trichinellosis

Chapter 50. Intensity of Invasion and the Courseof Disease in Trichinellosis

Chapter 51. Trichinellosis

Chapter 52. Die Bedeutung Einiger Biochemischer Untersuchungen Im Verlauf Der Trichinellose Auf Grund Einiger Beobachtungen

Chapter 53. Die Aktivität Der Transaminasen (Got U. Gpt) Der Milchsaeuredehydrogenase (Mdh) Und Aldolase (Ald) Im Plasma Der Kaninchen Bei Experimental Hervorgerufenen Trichinellose

Chapter 54. Accion Terapeutica Del Thiabendazole En La Trichinellosis

Chapter 55. On a Family Epidemic of Trichinellosis

Chapter 56. The Immunodiagnosis of Human Trichinellosis

Chapter 57. The Comparative Value of Immunodiagnostic Methods in Trichinellosis

Chapter 58. Experiments With a Latex-Slide Test for the Serodiagnosis of Trichinellosis

Chapter 59. Constitution and Specificity of Trichinella Spiralis Antigens

Chapter 60. Investigations Concerning the Persistence of Some Immunobiological Reactions in Infections Caused by Trichinella Spiralis

Chapter 61. Histochemical Demonstration of Activeacetylcholinesterase in Nematodes (Trichinella Spiralis, Syphacia Obvelata)

Summary of the Discussions

Part 3: Schistosomiasis

Chapter 62. The Susceptibility of Geographical Races of Oncomelania Formosana to Infection With Human Strains of Schistosoma Japonicum

Chapter 63. Invasive Enzymes of Schistosome Cercariae

Chapter 64. Studies on the Ability of Biomphalaria Angolosa, Mandahl-Barth to Transmit Schistosoma Mansoni

Chapter 65. Natural Infection of Cattle With Schistosoma Mansoni

Chapter 66. The Domestic Dog as Experimental Host of Schistosoma Mansoni

Chapter 67. Observations Sur Certains Processus Pathologiques Dans Les Hepatites Bilharziennes

Chapter 68. Contribution À L'étude Expérimentale De Schistosoma Haematobium

Chapter 69. The Oogram Method for the Screening of Drugs in Schistosomiasis (S. Manson1).

Chapter 70. Fractionation and Purification of Antigen for Intradermal Skin Tests on Schistosomiasis

Chapter 71. Comparative Studies on the Characteristics of Some Geographical Strains of Schistosoma Mansoni in Mice and Hamsters

Chapter 72. Some Aspects of Host-Parasite Relationships in Experimental Schistosomiasis

Chapter 73. Susceptibility of Planorbarius Metidjensis (Forbes) From the South of Portugal (Algarve) to Schistosoma Haematobium From Portuguese Guinea

Chapter 74. The Histochemical Localisation of Hydrolytic Enzymes in Schistosomes

Chapter 75. Bladder Bilharziasis and the Aetiology of Bladder Cancer

Chapter 76. Des Injections Dermiques De Suspensions De Cercaires De Schistosoma Mansoni,Traitées Par Un Système Générateur De Radicaux Libres, Protègent La Souris Contre Ltnfestation Expérimentale

Chapter 77. New Aspects of the Skin Tests by the Antigen of Schistosoma Japonicum

Chapter 78. Immunization Agaisnt Schistosoma Japonicum in Rhesus Monkeys

Chapter 79. Immunization Against Schistosoma Mansoniusing Egg Antigen-Antibody Complex

Chapter 80. Recent Studies in the Serology of Schistosomiasis

Chapter 81. The Role of Living Attenuated Cercariae in Effective Immunization Against S. Mansoni

Chapter 82. Dietary Pattern in Endemic Areas of Schistosomiasis Mansoni in North-Eastern Brazil

Chapter 83. Cultivation of New Partnerships in Schistosomiasis Control

Chapter 84. The Evaluation of the Prevalence of Schistosomiasis in Puerto Rico Utilizing the Skin Test

Chapter 85. Cementing Ditches of the Habitat of Oncomelania Nosophora, the Intermediate Host of Schistosoma Japonicum, as Preventive Measure of the Latter

Chapter 86. Schistosomiasis in Ghana: Present Knowledge and Future Prospects

Chapter 87. Comprehensive Evaluations of Candidate Molluscicides

Chapter 88. Transmission of Schistosoma Mansoni (Sambon), Near Lake Victoria

Chapter 89. The Effect of Dipterex on Bilharzial Infection in Humans and in Experimental Animals

Chapter 90. Combined Chemotherapy in the Ambulant Treatment of Urinary Schistosomiasis in Nigerians

Chapter 91. Schistosomiasis in Swedish Military Personnel From the Congo

Chapter 92. Penetration and Partial Development of S. Mansoni Miracidia in Tentacles of A. Glabratus Maintained Alive « in Vitro »

Chapter 93. Mesenteric-Portal Vein Worm Counts as An Index of Anti-Schistosome Activity in Mice

Chapter 94. Anomalies in the Development of Schistosoma Mansoni

Chapter 95. Action Antischistosomienne Du Ciba 32.644-Ba Chez L'animal Et Chez L'homme

Chapter 96. Pathogenesis of Hepatic Fibrosis and Its Relation to Antibilharzial Therapy

Chapter 97. The Influence of Ciba 32644 on the Morphology of Schistosoma Mansoni in Mice

Chapter 98. Study on the Incidence of S. Bovisand on the Geographical Distribution of B. Truncatus in Sardinia

Chapter 99. Highlights in the Control of Schistosomiasis: the Role of Therapy in Control

Chapter 100. Différences Morphologiques Entre Schistosoma Bovis (Souche De Khartoum) Et Schistosoma Curassoni (Souche De Mauritanie)

Chapter 101. The Study of Morphology and Life Cycle of a New Mammalian Blood Fluke: Ornithobilharzia Spp.

Chapter 102. The Epizootiology of Schistosomatium Douthitti and Heterobilharzia Americana the Two Mammalian Schistosomes in the United States

Chaoter 103. Hermaphroditic Males of Schistosomes With Particular Reference to Schistosoma Bovis

Chapter 104. Experimental Immunization in White Mice With S. Japonicum Irradiated Cercariae

Chapter 105. A Report on the Labelling of Schistosoma Japonicum Cercariae With Radioiron

Part 4. Filarial Infections as Zoonoses

Chapter 106. Die Echinococcen-Arten Südamerikas Und Ihre Beziehungen Zum Krankheitsbild Des Alveolar-Echinococcus Des Menschen in Argentinien

Chapter 107. Observations on the Biology and Taxonomy of Echinococcus Granulosus in the Middle East

Chapter 108. Biologische Und Pathogenetische Besonderheiten Des Alveococcus Multilocularis (Leuckart 1863) Und Echinococcus Granulosus (Batsch 1786) Und Die Differentialdiagnose Der Von Diesen Bei Menschen Und Tieren Erregten Krankheiten

Chapter 109. Alveolar Echinococcosis in Georgia (Ussr)

Chapter 110. L'infestation Bronchogène D'échinococcose

Chapter 111. Some Problems of Echinococcus Granulosis Maturation

Chapter 112. Etude Sur L'évagination De Scolex D'echinococcus Granulosus

Chapter 113. Le Differenze Nelle Dimensioni Di Protoscolici Delle Cisti Idatiche Delle Pecore, Dei Maiali, Dei Buoi E Degli Uomini

Chapter 114. The Fatty Acid Composition of the Lipid Content of Hydatid Fluid

Chapter 115. Natural, Acquired and Induced Immunological Responses of the Dog to Echinococcus Granulosus

Chapter 116. Echinantigenous Reactions in Cattle

Chapter 117. Identification and Characterization of Antigenic Components of Sheep Hydatid by Immunoelectrophoresis

Chapter 118. Antigene Aus Axenischen Kulturen Von Echinococcus Granulosus Scolices

Chapter 119. Aportâcion Al Estudio De La Prueba De Lâtex En La Hidatidosis

Chapter 120. Fijación De Los Antigenos Hidatidicos Por Los Hematies De Corderò Formolizados, O Tratados Con Tanino Antes, Simultaneamente O Despuès De La Formolización

Chapter 121. Über Die Wirkung Von Immunseren Und Spezifischen Gamma-Globulinen Auf Die Entwicklung Von E. Granulosus in Hunden

Chapter 122. Studio Di Frazioni Separate Elettroforeticamente Dall'estratto Acquoso Di Membrana Idatidea

Chapter 123. The Epidemiology of Echinococcus Granulosusin Great Britain

Chapter 124. The Seasonal Cycle of Abundance of Echinococcus Multilocularis in Naturally Infected Arctic Foxes

Chapter 125. L'idatidosi Del Dromedario in Algeria

Chapter 126. Epidemiologica!, Aspects of Hydatidosis in India

Chapter 127. The Role of the Hair, Muzzle and Pawsof the Echinococcic Dog in Theepidemiology of Echinococcosis

Chapter 128. A Statistical Research on the Presence of Echinococcus Granulosus in Dogs Sacrificed in the Municipal Kennel of Cagliari

Chapter 129. Anthelminthics in the Control of Hydatid Infections

Chapter 130. The Experimental Use of N-(2'-Chlor-4'-Nitro-Phenyl)-5-Chlor-Salicylamid Against Echinococcus Granulosus


Part 5: Helminthiasis of Man

Chapter 131. Clinical Trials With Thiabendazole Against Intestinal Nematodes Infecting Humans

Chapter 132. The Treatment of Strongyloides and Ejsterobius Infections With Thiabendazole

Chapter 133. Observations Related to the Diagnosis Andepidemiology of Enterobius Vermicularis

Chapter 134. Enterobiasis Assanation Experiments With Chemoprophylaxis

Chapter 135. The Use of « Monopar » in the Treatment and Control of Human Trichuriasis

Chapter 136. The Use of the Ritchie-Frick Egg-Counting Technique in An Anthelminthic Study of Monopar(Stilbazium Iodide)

Chapter 137. A Comparative Study of Several Investigation Methods of Eggs of Helminths in Feces

Chapter 138. Observations on Clinical Trials With Thiabendazole (Emulsion and Chewing Tablets) on Over 400 Patients With Mixed Intestinal Helminthiasis

Chapter 139. An Intensity Survey of Intestinal Parasitism, With Special Reference to Hookworm,In Villages of Liberia, Nigeria and Congo-Brazzaville

Chapter 140. Hookworm Infection in the Territory of Fondi

Chapter 141. Sur L'écologie De La Larve D'ankylostoma Duodenale Dans Une Région Endémique De La Vallée Du Fleuve Sava (Jugoslavia)

Chapter 142. Infection Modes of Necator Americanos and Ancylostoma Duodenale

Chapter 143. A Contribution to the Morphology of the Eggs of Trichuris Div. Sp.

Chapter 144. On Destruction of Ascaris Eggs in the Soil

Chapter 145. Parasitological Aspects in the Late Stage of Human Ascariasis Control

Chapter 146. Observations on Helminth Infectionsin a Roman Army-Camp

Chapter 147. Study on the Incidence of Intestinal Helminthiasis in Children in Algeria

Chapter 148. Les Symptomes De La Strongyloidose

Chapter 149. Pathogenicity of Ancylostoma Duodenale and Necator Americanos

Chapter 150. Physiological Changes in a Species of Cap1llaria (Trichuroidea) Causing a Fatal Case of Human Intestinal Capillariasis

Chapter 151. Dracontiasis in Animals

Chapter 152. Eosinophilic Meningitis and Angiostrongylus Cantonensis in the Pacific Area

Chapter 153. The Herringworm An1sakis Spec. And Its Final Host

Chapter 154. Versuche Zur Chemotherapeutischen Beeinflussung Der Larva Migrans Visceralis (Toxocara Canis) Im Tierexperiment

Chapter 155. Observations Relating to the Diagnosis of Visceral Larva Migrans

Chapter 156. The Morphology of the Parasite in Cysticercosis of the Brain

Chapter 157. Remnants of Parasites in the Tissues of Man

Chapter 158. Bovine Cysticercosis and Human Taeniasis in Kenya

Chapter 159. Cisticercosis Humana En Guatemala

Chapter 160. Human Cysticercosis in the United States

Chapter 161. A New Second Intermediate Host of Genus Paragon1mus

Chapter 162. A New Endemic Area of Fasciolopsiasis in Thailand

Chapter 163. Notes on the Validity of the Species Opisthorch1s Viverrini

Chapter 164. Ensayos Terapeuticos En Teniasis Por Hymenolepis Nana

Chapter 165. Kwashiorkor a Cause De Helminthiases Chez Les Enfants Au Maroc

Chapter 166. Observations on the Pathology of Intestinal Parasitism in Milk-Fed Babies and Children in Benghazi and Suburbs

Chapter 167. Problems Concerning Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of Parasitic Diseases Arisen Because of the Presence of the U.N.O. - Contingents in Congo

Chapter 168. Human Sparganosis in the United States

Chapter 169. Quelques Particularités De L'endémie À Ankylostomes, À Madère

Chapter 170. Contribution À L'étude De La Sensibilité Relative Des Strongyloides, Ascaris, Trichuris Et Ancylostomidae À La Dithiazanine

Chapter 171. Sparganosi Umana. Osservazioni Sopra Un Caso Autoctono in Alta Italia

Chapter 172. Clinical Trials With a New Anthelmintic-Thiabendazole

Part 6: Tissue Helmints of Animals

Chapter 173. Zur Entwicklung Von Strongylus Vulgaris Im Wirtstier

Chapter 174. The Host-Parasite Relationship of Strongylus Edentatus. The Histotropic Phase of the Life Cycle

Chapter 175. The Development of Paragonimus Kellicotti Ward, 1908

Chapter 176. Biology and Distribution of the Rat Lungworm, Angiostrongylus Cantonensis, and Its Relationto Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis and Other Neurological Disorders of Man and Animals

Chapter 177. Bovine Cysticercosis

Chapter 178. La Cysticercose Bovine En République Du Tchad. Quelques Réflexions Sur La Situation Presente, L'étiologie, Le Diagnostic, L'immunité Et Le Traitement De Cette Zoonose

Chapter 179. Visceral Larva Migrans in the Pig

Chapter 180. Tissue Reactions to Some Nematode Parasites of Animals

Chapter 181. The Use of Morphological Characters as Seen in Sections for Identification and Classification of Parasites

Chapter 182. Premières Observations Sur Les Lésions Provoquées Chez Les Ruminants Massivement Infestés Par Schistosoma Curassoni

Chapter 183. The Identity of Setaria Species From Bubalus Bubalus of Europe and the East, and Their Relation to Three Known Setaria Species From Bos Domesticus

Chapter 184. Le Complexe Neuro-Oculairede La Nématodose Cérébrospinale

Chapter 185. Quantitation of the Anemia in Haemonchosis


Part 7: Intestinal Helminths of Animals

Chapter 186. Immunological Factors in Resistance of the Host to Helminths

Chapter 187. Correlations Between the Changes in Developmental Course of Swine-Stroivgyloides and the Immunobiological Status of the Host

Chapter 188. Prenatal Infection of Pups With Ancylostoma Can1num

Chapter 189. The Distribution on Pasture of the Infective Larvae of Some Trichostrongylid Parasites of Sheep

Chapter 190. Histochemical Studies on the Oesophageal Region of the Pig Whipworm Trichuris Suis

Chapter 191. Thérapeutique Des Helminthoses

Chapter 192. Some Aspects of Cobalt/Bowel Parasite Relationships

Chapter 193. Clinical Bovine Ostertagiasis

Chapter 194. Experimental Infections With Ostertagia Ostertagi in Calves

Chapter 195. The Pathology of Lesions Seen in Bovine Ostertagiasis

Chapter 196. Observations Sur L'ostertagiose Des Bovinsen Normandie (France)

Chapter 197. Accion Terapeutica Del Thiabendazole En Las Helmintiasis Intestinales

Chapter 198. A Study of Neguvon and Thiabendazole in the Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Pigs

Chapter 199. Action of Thiabendazole in Intestinal Helminthiasis

Chapter 200. The Comparative Anthelmintic Efficacy of Thiabendazole and Phenothiazine on Intestinal Nematodes in Horses

Chapter 201. The Efficacy of Thiabendazole Against Cooperia and Ostertagia in Cattle

Chapter 202. A Survey of the Intestinal Helminths of Street Dogs in Cali (Colombia, S.R.)

Chapter 203. General Principles of Dehelmintization of the Animals in Ussr

Chapter 204. Observations on the Incidence of Toxocara and Toxascaris in Dogs and Cats From the London Area

Chapter 205. Note Préliminaire Concernant La Transmission De Stilesia Globipunctata (Riv., 1874) Du Mouton Par Divers Acariens

Chapter 206. Zur Epizootologie Der Dictyocaulose Der Wiederkauer

Chapter 207. Investigations on Epidemiology of Cattle Dictyocaulosis and Biology of Dictyocaulus Viviparus Bloch 1782

Chapter 208. Note Sur Les Helminthoses Des Animaux Domestique Reconnues À Madagascar

Chapter 209. Experience in Controlling the Most Important Horse Strongyluses in the Ussr Horse-Breeding Farms

Chapter 210. The Pathology of Massive Experimental Infections With Trichostrongylus Colubriformis in Goats

Chapter 211. Le Téniasis Des Bovins Et Des Ovins De La République Du Tchad. Quelques Données Épidémiologiques Intéressant Les Zones Sahéliennes

Chapter 212. Experimental Infection of Pigs With Metastrongylus Apri and M. Pudendotectus

Chapter 213. Anthelmintic Effect of Thiabendazole to Anchylostoma Duodenale

Chapter 214. The Guinea Pig as Host in Experimental Metastrongylosis of Pigs

Chapter 315. Action Du Thiazolylbenzimidazole Sur Dicrocoelium Dendriticum

Chapter 216. Wirksamkeitsuntersuchung Von Hexachlorophen Auf Taenia Echinococcus Bei Hunden

Part 8: Fascioliasis

Chapter 217. Climate and the Control of Fascioliasis in Britain

Chapter 218. Beitrag Zum Wirt-Parasit-Verhaeltnis Des Großen Leberegels, Fasciola Hepatica (L.)

Chapter 219. on Experimental Studies of the Longevity and Resistance of Fasciola Hepatica Metacercariae

Chapter 220. Osmotic Factor in the Embryonal Development of the Eggs of Fasciola Hepatica L.

Chapter 221. Some Observations on Ovine Fascioliasis

Chapter 222. Experimental Infections of Cattle With Fasciola Hepatica

Chapter 223. on the Epidemiology of Fascioliasison a Farm in the Netherlands

Chapter 224. Relation Entre Les Populations Des Douves Hépatiques Chez Le Boeufet Les Résultats Des Recherches Coprologiques

Chapter 225. L'existence D'un Important Foyer De Dicrocoeliose Bovine Et Ovine Àdicrocoelium Hospes (Looss, 1907)

Chapter 226. Der Entwicklungscyclus Von Dicrocoelium Dendriticum

Chapter 227. Some Factors Associated With the Greater Anthelmintic Activity of Hexachlorophene Against Adult Compared to Immature Fasciola Hepatica

Chapter 228. Studies in the Experimental Chemotherapy of Opisthorchiasis

Chapter 229. Erfahrungen Mit Hexachlorophen in Der Bekaempfung Der Rinderf Asciolose in Der Sfr Jugoslavien


Division E: Arthropods and Molluscs of Importance in Parasitology

Part 1: Culicidae

Chapter 230. Remarques Sur La Systématique Des Moustiques (Culicidae S. Str.)

Chapter 231. Recent Work on the Anopheles Gambiae Complex in Southern Rhodesia

Chapter 232. Morphological Observations on the Anopheles Gambiae Complex

Chapter 233. Biological Observations on the Anopheles Gambiae Complex

Chapter 234. The Causes of Male Sterility in A. Gambiae A-B Group Crosses

Chapter 235. The Complex Anopheles Clav1ger in the Mediterranean Sub-Region

Chapter 236. Étude Des Relations Existant Chez Les Moustiques Entre L'age Physiologique Et Le Comportement

Chapter 237. The Problem of Age Grading Anopheles Gambiae Melas by Polovodova's Technique

Chapter 238. The Age Composition of Populations of Anopheles Gambiae Melas Collected Simultaneously by Different Methods of Capture

Chapter 239. An Appraisal of Adult Mosquito Trapping Techniques Used in Nigeria, W. Africa

Chapter 240. Intercurrent Resting, a Neglected Aspect of Mosquito Behaviour

Chapter 241. Untersuchungen Uber Lebensweise Und Fortpflanzung Verschiedener Stamme Von Culex Pipiens Fatigans Im Laboratorium

Chapter 242. Ecology of the Mosquitoes on Artificially Irrigated Meadows of Southern Morava

Chapter 243. Notes Relatives À Culicidae Sudamericains (Le Genre Haemagogus Williston)

Chapter 244. Factors Affecting the Transmission of Filariae

Chapter 245. Revue Taxonomique, Aspects Écologiques Et Biologiques Des Culicides Presents Dans La Foret De Manera, Ethiopie

Chapter 246. La Transmission De La Filariose De Bancroft Dans La Region Ethiopienne

Chapter 247. La Transmission De La Filariose De Bancroft (Forme Subperiodique) Dans Les Iles Du Pacifique Sud

Chapter 248. A Ten Year Survey of Trinidadian Arthropods Fornatural Virus Infections (1953-1963)

Chapter 249. Transmission D'hemosporidies Par Des Anophèles Cavernicoles Dans Les Grottes Du Congo

Chapter 250. Les Indices Sporozoitiques Et Oocystiques Dans La Vallée De La Ruzizi

Chapter 251. Practical Implications of Insecticide Resistance in Culicine Mosquitos

Chapter 252. Importance Pratique De La Résistance Aux Insecticides Chez Les Anophèles

Chapter 253. Mosquito Control

Chapter 254. Mosquito Control in Rome


Part 2: Other Nematocera

Chapter 255. Attraction of Some Simuliids to Ether Extracts From Birds and to Carbon Dioxide

Chapter 256. The Simuliidae of the Apennine Mountains (A Note on the Distribution)

Chapter 257. Phlebotomus in Relation to Leishmaniasis in Mexico

Chapter 258. The Phlebotominae of Iran

Chapter 259. Distinction De Deux Souches De Larroussius Perniciosus (Newstead, 1911)Diptera Psychodoidea

Chapter 260. Culicoides Heteroclitus N. Sp. (Diptères, Cératopogonidés)

Part 3: Myiasis

Chapter 261. Systematic Considerations on Myiasis-Producing Flies

Chapter 262. A Study of Species Causing Myiasis in Wild and Domestic Animals in Equatorial Africa

Chapter 263. A Note on the Life-History of Platycobboldia Loxondontis (Brauer) (Diptera: Gasterophilidae

Chapter 264. Myiasis Due to Species of the Family Oestridaein Man and Animals With Special Reference to the Specific Camel Myiasis Cephalopina Titillator Clark in Egypt, U.A.R.

Chapter 265. on the Migration Route of the First Instar Larvaeof the Warble-Fly Hypoderma Bovis De Geer(Diptera: Hypodermatidae) in the Host-Organism

Chapter 266. Myiasis Due to Calliphoridae With Special Reference to Sheep Strike

Chapter 267. The Identity of the American Producers of Wohlfahrta Myiasis

Chapter 268. Control of Myiasis in Livestock

Chapter 269. Systemic Insecticides in the Control of Myiasis in Animal Husbandry

Chapter 270. Studies for Developing New Organophosphorouscompounds to Prevent Blowfly Infestation on Sheep

Chapter 271. Non-Obligatory Producers of Myiasis (Other Than Flesh Flies and Blow Flies)

Chapter 272. Biological Studies of the Rodent Botflies, Cuterebra Spp. (Diptera, Cuterebridae)

Summary of the Discussions

Part 4: Non-Biting Flies

Chapter 273. Can Malacophagous Diptera Control Trematode Diseases?

Chapter 274. Antifeeding - a Novel Approach to Pest Control and Its Quantitative Aspects

Chapter 275. Dichlorvos for the Control of Houseflies

Chapter 276. Slaughterhouse Flies and the Salmonellosis Problem

Chapter 277. Observations on the Behaviour of the Housefly in Relation to Its Control

Chapter 278. The Potential of Chemosterilants for Fly Control

Chapter 279. A Field Trial Against Musca Domestica L., by Liquid Baits of Aphoxide

Chapter 280. Insecticide Resistance in Chrysomyia Potoria

Chapter 281. Das System Der Muscidae

Chapter 282. Recent Work on the Musca Domestica Complex in Southern Africa

Chapter 283. The Muscini Fauna of the Spanish Equatorial Region

Chapter 284. The Basic Genetics of the Housefly and Its Bearing to the Understanding of Insecticide Resistance

Summary of the Discussion

Part 5: Tsetse Flies

Chapter 285. Aspects of the Development of Trypanosoma Brucei Subspecies in Glossina

Chapter 286. The Identification and Some Causes of Infections of Trypanosomes in Glossina

Chapter 287. Observations on the Development of the Peritrophic Membrane in Glossina (Tsetse-Flies) and Its Relation to the Infection of the Flies With Trypanosomes

Chapter 288. Age Determination for Female Tsetse Flies

Chapter 289. Remarques Sur La Systématique Des Glossines Du Groupe Mors1tans

Chapter 290. Basic Difficulties in the Colonization of Tsetse Flies (Glossina), and the Desirability of Using Standardized Laboratory Strains

Chapter 291. Variations De L'incidence De La Trypanosomiase Bovine En Fonction De La Lutte Contre Glossina Morsitans Westw. Au Bugesera (Rwanda)

Chapter 292. Campaign Against Glossina in the Republic of Central Africa

Chapter 293. A Review of Recent Knowledge of Vertebrate Host - Tsetse Fly Relationships

Chapter 294. A Note on the Presence of Thyridanthrax Argentifrons Aust. (Dipt. Bombyliidae), a Parasite of the Pupa of Glossina Tachinoides West. in the Region of Bas Chari, Around Fort-Lamy

Chapter 295. Diagnosis of Trypanosome Infections in Tsetse Flies

Summary of the Discussions

Part 6: Tabanidae and Pupipara

Chapter 296. The Tabanid Fauna of the West Indies

Chapter 297. Studies on the Mating Behavior of Chrysops Fuliginosa Wiedemann in Delaware (Diptera, Tabanidae)

Chapter 298. Observations on Tabanidae. I. Systematic Clarification of Certain Neotabanus Species of the New World. Ii. Unusual Aberrancies in the Wing of a Haematopota From Viet Nam and of the Antenna of a Tabanus From South America

Chapter 299. Investigations of Tabanidae (Diptera) in Europe

Chapter 300. on the Relationships Between the Families of the Pupipara

Chapter 301. Resumen Del Estado Actual Del Conocimiento De Los Nicteribidos Y Estréblidos Parâsitos De Murciélagos Ibéricos

Summary of the Discussion

Part 7: Hemiptera

Chapter 302. The Epizootiology of Trypanosoma Cruz Iin North America

Chapter 303. Triatomismo En La Republica Argentina

Chapter 304. Obtencion De Saliva De Triatomineos Por Choque Electrico

Chapter 305. Triatomineos Con Trypanosoma Cruzi Chagas, 1909 Y Trypanosoma Rangeli Tejera, 1920, En El Distrito De Villeta (Paraguay). Hallazgos De Hemolinfas Positivas

Chapter 306. Persistenza Y Efectividad Del Gammaclor Contra Eltriatoma Infestans En El Sur Del Peru

Chapter 307. Ecology of Rhodnius Prolixus

Chapter 308. Taxonomic Studies on Triatoma by Electrophoresis

Part 8: Fleas and Lice

Chapter 309. La Rétention Du Radiophosphore P32 Dans L'organisme Du Pou (Pediculus Humanus L., Anoplura)

Chapter 310. Movements of the Rabbit Flea (Spilopsyllus Cuniculi Dale) on the Captive Host

Part 9: Mites

Chapter 311. Some Problems of Evolution of the Rhinonyssid Mites

Chapter 312. Die Schaf-Demodikose

Chapter 313. Certain Aspects of Avian Mites

Chapter 314. Collection and Breeding of Oribatids Mites in Chad

Chapter 315. Some Questions of the Dispersal of Adult Trombiculid Mites in the Soil


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