Proceedings of the Fifth International Seaweed Symposium, Halifax, August 25–28, 1965

Proceedings of the Fifth International Seaweed Symposium, Halifax, August 25–28, 1965

1st Edition - January 1, 1966

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  • Editors: E. Gordon Young, J. L. McLachlan
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483165523

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Table of Contents

  • Contents


    List of Active Members

    Special Lectures

    Some Recent Studies in the Polysaccharides of Agarophytes

    Localization and Structure of Alginate Gels

    The Physiological Ecology of Some New Zealand Seaweeds

    The Seaweed Industry of the Future

    Original Communications

    I. Biology

    In Situ Studies of Spore Production and Dispersal in the Giant Kelp, Macrocystis

    The Life Cycle of Acrochaetium Liagorae Borg

    Distribution of Marine Algae in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

    Effect of Tannins Excreted from Phaeophyta on Planktonic Animal Survival in Tide Pools

    Juvenile Stages in the Genus Porphyra

    Preliminary Report in the Marine Vegetation of the Antarctic Peninsula

    Winter Observations on Species of Porphyra from Halifax County, Nova Scotia

    Algues De La Côte Atiantique Portuguaise

    Observations in the Marine Algal Flora of Barbados

    A Two-Stage Sampling Method of Estimating Seaweed Quantities

    The Place of Seaweeds in A General Evolutionary Theory For Plants

    Algal Colonization After Removal of Echinus

    Ecological Relationships Between Giant Kelp and Sea Urchins in Southern California

    in the Occurrence of Unilocular Sporangia in the Life-History of Scytosiphon Lomentaria

    Connective Tissue Stimulation in Guinea Pigs by Polysaccharides Derived from Marine Algae

    Correlated Light and Electron Microscope Studies of the Cell Walls of Fucus

    Sublittoral Surveying For Commercial Seaweeds in Northumberland Strait

    The Occurrence of Chitan, a ß-(l->4)-Linked 2-Acetamido-2-Deoxy-D-Glucan, in Diatoms

    Apical Dominance in Fucus Vesiculosus

    Development of Zoospores in Ralfsia-Like Thallus, With Special Reference to the Life Cycle of the Scytosiphonales

    The Gametophyte of Padina in the Mediterranean

    Persistent, Vertical-Migration Rhythms in Benthic Microflora. V. The Effect of Artificially Imposed Light and Dark Cycles

    in the Species and Distribution of Gelidium in Japan

    Antifouling in Sargassum Natans: Re-Recognition of Tannin Activity

    Variation in the Genus Polysiphonia Greville

    The Occurrence of Benthic Marine Algae Under Shore Fast-Ice in the Western Ross Sea, Antarctica

    II. - Chemistry

    Dimethyl-ß-Propriothetin: Determination by Reactor Gas-Liquid Chromatography Occurrence in Algae, and Implications in Fisheries

    The Repeating Structure of Some Polysaccharide Sulphates from Red Seaweeds

    The Evaluation of Some Red Marine Algae as a Source of Carrageenan

    Aspects of Rhodophycean Photosynthesis

    The Constitution of Laminarin

    Structural Studies in the Water-Soluble Polysaccharide from the Green Seaweed Viva Lactuca. IV. Smith Degradation

    A Study in the Constitution of Alginic Acid by Partial Acid Hydrolysis

    A Novel Brominated Phenolic Derivative from Polysiphonia Lanosa

    Tocopherol Determination in Seaweeds

    Preparation and Structural Investigation of Ascophyllan

    Physico-Chemical Studies on Chitan (Pure Crystalline ß-(l->4)-Linked 2-Acetamido-2-Deoxy-D-Glucan)

    Studies in the Solubility of Alginic Acid from Ascophyllwn Nodosum at Low pH

    The Location of the Sulphate Half-Ester Groups in Furcellaran and λ-Carrageenan

    Agarose and Agaropectin in Gelidium and Gracilaria Agar

    Polysaccharides from Corallina Officinalis

    The Enzymatic Hydrolysis of λ-Carrageenan With λ-Carrageenase from Pseudomonas Carrageenovora

    The Purification and Properties of An Agarase from A Marine Bacterium, Pseudomonas Atlantica

    The Chemical Nature of the Insoluble Residue After Severe Extraction in Some Rhodophyceae and Phaeophyceae

    III. - Applications

    Some Properties of Seaweed Manures

    Growth of Higher Plants in Response To Feeding With Seaweed Extracts

    An Experimental Contribution To The Clinical Use of An Algal Phytocouoid (Algasol T331) in Oncology

    Seaweeds As Radioactivity Indicators of Marine Environment

    A Report on Alginic Acid As A Tablet Disintegrant

    About The Milk Reactivity of Several Red Seaweed Extracts

    The Use of Gelled Alginates For Controlling The Flow of Water in Porous Ground

    Seaweed Meal As A Source of Minerals and Vitamins in Rations For Dairy Cows and Bacon Pigs

    Suppression of Intestinal Absorption of Radiostrontium by Substances Occurring in Phaeophyceae

    The Effect of Hydrolyzed Seaweed on Certain Plant Pests and Diseases

    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 442
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1966
  • Published: January 1, 1966
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483165523

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J. L. McLachlan

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