Proceedings of the 9th Symposium on Fusion Technology

Proceedings of the 9th Symposium on Fusion Technology

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (FRG), June 14-18, 1976

1st Edition - January 1, 1976

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  • Author: Unknown Author
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483138206

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Table of Contents

  • Contents


    Welcoming Address

    Opening Address

    Invited Paper: The Progress and the Development Program of Fusion Technology in Japan

    A.l - Vacuum Technology

    Vacuum Pumping for Controlled Thermonuclear Reactors

    Some Considerations on Vacuum Systems for a Fusion Reactor

    Vacuum Vessel and Pumping System of the JET Experiment

    The Temperature Dependence of Trapping of Low Energy Hydrogen in Getter Materials

    H2, D2 and T2 Pumping and Handling in Fusion Experiments Using SORB-AC Non-Evaporable Getter Cartridges

    Desorption Studies from Mo-Surfaces

    On the Dependence of Composition and Depth Profiles of Stainless Steel and Inconel Surfaces on Pretreatment

    Divertor Pumping System of ASDEX

    Design Considerations for Large Cryopumps for High Power Neutral Injectors

    B.l - Magnet Technology

    Niobium-Tin Superconductors for Fusion Research

    Transition and Recovery of Cryogenically Stable Conductors

    Proposed MX Superconducting Mirror Machine at LLL

    Aspects of Safety and Reliability of Superconducting Magnet Systems for Fusion Power Reactors

    Models for Large Superconducting Toroidal Magnet Systems

    The UWMAK-II Study and Magnet Design

    Poloidal Field for a 1.7 MA TOKAMAK: Comparison Between an Iron Core and an Air Core Transformer

    The Transformer Design for a Proposed Technical Feasibility TOKAMAK Reactor

    Eddy Current Losses and Transient Magnetic Forces in Pulsed Fusion Reactors

    Magnetic Field System Design of a Reverse Field Pinch Experiment

    Analysis of Various Field Programming to Produce the RFP Configuration

    Design, Construction and Operation of the DITE Divertor Field System

    B.2 - Poster Session

    Studies on Design and Tests of Superconductors for TOKAMAKS

    Change of the Superconducting Critical Parameters of Nb3SN by Low Temperature Neutron Irradiation

    The Poloidal Field Circuit in the Joint European Torus (JET)

    Poloidal Field Equilibrium Calculations for JET

    JET Poloidal Field Coils

    Technical Concept for the Multipole Coils of ASDEX

    Design and Manufacture of the ASDEX Toroidal Field Coils

    Stray Fields Evolution Near the Gaps in a Toroidal Device

    Toroidal Arrangement of Modular Cylindrical Multipole Magnets for Producing an External Rotational Transform

    Invited Paper: A Survey of the U.S. Magnetic Fusion Program

    C.l - Experimental Devices

    Plan and Design of ETL TPE-2 Experiment

    Conceptual Design Problems in Future Reversed Field Pinch Experiments

    The Mechanical Structure of the Joint European Torus

    C.2 - Poster Session

    Calculations of Deformations and Stress Fields in the Structure of the TEXTOR TOKAMAK

    Three-Dimensional Calculations for the JET Mechanical Structure

    THOR TOKAMAK Engineering Design and Experimental Program

    Technological Aspects of the WEGA Stellarator

    Design Aspects of a Large Toroidal Stabilizing Shell and Vacuum Liner Assembly

    Transformer with Variable Rise Times in the Toroidal Device ETA-BETA II

    On the Technology and Characteristics of Breakdown and Plasma in Shock Tube Arrangements

    Crowbar Experiments by Ionizing Shock Waves and New Methods to Produce Torus Like Plasmas

    Some Manufacture and Installation Problems in Experimental Assemblies for Fusion Research

    D.l - Tritium Problems

    The Solubility of Hydrogen Isotopes in Lithium

    Kinetic Studies of Solutions of Deuterium in Lithium by Mass Spectrometry

    Tritium Release from Neutron Irradiated Lithium-Aluminum Oxides

    Tritium Permeation Through Metals Under Steam Conditions

    A Model Experiment on Tritium Recovery

    Tritium Handling Scheme for the JET Experiment

    E.1 - Systems and Conceptual Design Studies

    Parameter Study of a Screw-Pinch Reactor

    Recent Development in the Fintor 1 Design The Fintor Group

    The Practical Feasibility of a Bundle Divertor for a TOKAMAK Power Reactor

    Comparison of Preliminary D-T and "Catalyzed" D-D System Studies

    Plasma Studies of a Catalyzed-D Noncircular TOKAMAK

    Energy Yield and Fuel Dynamics of the Fusion Breeder

    Potential Environmental Effects of Fusion Reactor Power Plants

    J.R. YOUNG, 3.F. GORE, F.S. COPPMAN 405

    Plasma Stabilization Requirements of the Reference Theta-Pinch Reactor (RTPR)

    E.2 - Poster Session

    Technical Limitations on Conceptual TOKAMAK Reactors (Part II)

    A TOKAMAK Reactor with Servicing Capability

    A New Approach to the Problem of 31anket Replacement in TOKAMAK Fusion Reactors

    Accessibility and Replacement as Prime Constraints in the Design of Large Experimental TOKAMAKS

    Radioactivity and Afterheat of Fintor and Related Problems of Maintenance and Waste Disposal

    Remote Handling Procedures in JET

    The FISCATRON Fusion Reactor Concept

    Constructive and Technological Aspects of Vacuum System Design for Demonstration Thermonuclear Reactor TOKAMAK

    The Effect of Vacuum Conditions on Plasma Production and Confinement

    F.l - Data Acquisition and Processing

    Experience Gained During the Evolution of a Computer Based Data Acquisition System

    A Command Interpreter for the Padua Data Acquisition System

    New Developments of the Data Acquisition System of TFR

    The Computerized Control and Data Acquisition System for the DPF-JUEL II

    Internal Plasma Diagnostic with an On-Line Data Acquisition System for Multiple Magnetic Probes

    Time and Space Resolved Temperature Measurements of a Limiter in a TOKAMAK Discharge Using an Infra-Red Camera

    Invited Paper: Fusion Power in the EEC - Some Considerations Concerning the Future Program

    G.l - First Wall and Blanket

    Surface Structure After High Dose Light Ion Bombardment

    Erosion of Different First Wall and Limiter Materials by Low Energy Hydrogen Ions

    Survey on Experimental Neutron Physics of CTR Blankets in the KPA

    Neutronics Calculations for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory TOKAMAK Reactor Studies

    Low Activity Blanket Designs and Heat Transfer for Experimental Power Reactors

    Neutron Multiplication Effect of CTR Blankets Containing Beryllium

    Radiation Transport and Shielding Information, Computer Codes, and Nuclear Data for Use in CTR Neutronics Research and Development

    Determination of Neutron Spectra and Cross-Section Sensitivity of Tritium Production in a Lithium Sphere

    Nuclear Data Measurements for PR-Wall and Structural Materials

    DPF Julich II - Test Bed for Developing a Plasma Neutron Source

    G.2 - Poster Session

    Compatibility of Vanadium, Niobium and Molybdenum with Impure Helium

    Low-Energy Helium Bombardment of Copper and Niobium: Gas Depth Profiles Measurements

    The Influence of He on the High Temperature Fracture of an Austenitic Stainless Steel

    Radiation Effects in Graphite Related to its Application in Fusion Reactors

    Activation from D-T Fusion Neutrons and Resulting Dose Rates in JET

    Thermal Stability of Solid Lithium Compounds Proposed for Use in CTR Blankets

    Investigations on Thermally Stressed Electrical Insulators up to 1000°C

    A Neutronic Study of the Culham Conceptual TOKAMAK Reactor MK II

    Poloidal Distributions of Radiation Heating and 14 MeV Neutron Flux at First Wall

    Neutron Streaming Problems in the "Fintor 1" Design

    H.1 - Electric Power Handling

    Large Power Supply Facilities for Fusion Research

    Mixed Generator-Rectifier Power for JET (A Manufacturers View)

    Design and Operation of the DITE Power Supplies and Control Systems

    The Power Supply for the Poloidal Field Coils of ASDEX

    A Solid Rotor Iron Free Asynchronous Generator for the Production of High Energy Pulses

    Energy Storage and Transfer with Homo polar Machine for a Linear Theta-Pinch Hybrid Reactor

    A Fast Circuit Breaker for 10^ a Current

    Ohmic Heating DC Circuit Breakers with Liquid-Metal Plasma Valves

    A Circuit Breaker Fuse System for the Wendelstein VII A Ohmic Heating Circuit

    Discharge of a Superconducting Energy Storage System - A Mathematical Approach

    H.2 - Poster Session

    Large TOKAMAK Power Supplies - A Survey of Problems and Solutions

    The JET Power Supply Comprehensive System

    Flywheel-Generator-Rectifiers as Large Magnet Pulsed Power Supplies

    The ASDEX Ohmic Heating Electrical System

    DC Current Breaking Test on Vacuum Interrupters

    Dynamic Behavior of a Resistive Transfer Circuit with a Superconducting Switch

    Arc Behaviour Effects in Pressurized Spark Gaps in the Millisecond Range

    I.1 - Control

    The Control System for the Prascati TOKAMAK

    Investigations on the Feedback System of ASDEX

    Plasma Position and Shape Control in JET

    K.l - Plasma Handling (Injection, Heating, Extraction)

    120-keV Neutral-Beam Injection System Development

    The Wendelstein VII A Injection System

    High Voltage Series Protection of Neutral Injectors with Crossed-Field Tubes

    Injection Considerations for Mirror Reactors

    High Voltage Protection of High Power Ion Sources by Past Vacuum Tube Switches

    An Improved Ion Source for the Levitron Injector

    Neutral Beam Transmission in an Injection Line

    An Investigation of Ion Source Switch-On and Pulse Rise Times

    The Periplasmatron Ion Source

    Water Cooled Extraction Grids

    A Scheme for the Energy Recovery of the Charged Beam Fraction in Neutral Injectors

    Experiments for Pilling Magnetic Confinement Machines with Laser Produced Plasmas - Preliminary Results

    High-Temperature High-Quality Deuterium Plasma Production by Laser Beam(s) by Means of On-Line Computer Control Technique

    K.2 - Poster Session

    Neutralization of 1 MeV liydrogen Cluster Beam

    Control of Cluster Ion Sizes for Efficient Injection Heating

    A Shunt Regulator for 150-kV, 20-A, 0.5-Sec Neutral-Beam-Source Power Supplies

    Design of a Megawatt Neutral Injector

    List of Participants

    Subject Index

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  • Published: January 1, 1976
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483138206

About the Author

Unknown Author

Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University, UK Honorary Physiotherapist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, North Shields, UK

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