Proceedings IWISP '96, 4–7 November 1996; Manchester, UK

1st Edition

Third International Workshop on Image and Signal Processing on the Theme of Advances in Computational Intelligence


  • B.G. Mertzios
  • P. Liatsis
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    The papers in this volume focus on the most modern and critical aspects of Image and Signal Processing and related areas that have a significant impact in our society. The papers may be categorized in the following four major parts. Coding and Compression (image coding, image subband, wavelet coding and representation, video coding, motion estimation and multimedia); Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (image analysis, edge detection, segmentation, image enhancement and restoration, adaptive systems, colour processing, pattern and object recognition and classification); Fast Processing Techniques (computational methods, VLSI DSP architectures); Theory and Applications (identificiation and modelling, multirate filter banks, wavelets in image and signal processing, biomedical and industrial applications). The authors of these exceptionally high-quality papers form an interesting group, originating from the five continents, representing 33 countries.

    Table of Contents

    Image Coding I: Vector Quantisation, Fractal and Segmented Coding. Wavelets in Image/Signal Processing. General Techniques and Algorithms. Computational methods and tools for simulation and analysis of complex processes (V.V. Ivanov). Rare events selection on a background of dominated processes applying multilayer perceptron (V.V. Ivanov, P.V. Zrelov). Cellular automation and elastic neural network application for event reconstruction in high energy physics (I.Kisel et al.). Recognition of tracks detected by drift tubes in a magnetic field (S.A. Baginyan, G.A. Ososkov). Adaptive Systems I: Identification and Modeling. Pattern/Object Recognition. Texture Analysis. Image Coding II: Transform, Subband and Wavelet Coding. Video Coding I: MPEG. Image Subband, Wavelet Coding and Representation. Segmentation. Image Enhancement/Restoration. Adaptive Systems II: Classification. Wavelets and Filter Banks in Communications. Data compression, data fusion and kalman filtering in wavelet transform (Q. Jin et al.). Performance of wavelet packet division multiplexing in timing errors and flat fading channels (J. Wu et al.). Time–varing wavelet–packet division multiplexing (T.N. Davidson, K.M. Wong). Co–channel interference mitigation in the time–scale domain: the CIMTS algorithm (S. Heidari, C.L. Nikias). Design and performance of DS/SS signals defined by arbitrary orthonormal functions (W.W. Jones, J.C. Dill). COFDM, MC–CDMA and wavelet–based MC–CDMA (K. Chang, X. Lin). Signal denoising through multifractality (W. Kinsner, A. Langi). Application of multirate filter bank to the co–existence problem of DS–CDMA and TDMA systems (S. Hara et al.). Edge Detection. Video Coding II: Motion Estimation. Biomedical Applications. Signal Processing Theory and Applications. Design of m–band linear phase FIR filter banks with high attetuation in stop


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    About the authors

    B.G. Mertzios

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Dept, of Electrical & Comp. Engrg., Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece

    P. Liatsis

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Dept. of Electrical Engrg. & Electronics, UMIST, Manchester, UK