Key Features

  • Procedures include simple, clear illustrations and rationales for each step.
  • Client education handouts and physical assessment and communication tips provide targeted resources for your role in the prevention of oral diseases.
  • The easy-to-use format makes it a handy and highly portable reference.

Table of Contents


Section 2: Preparation for the Appointment

Chapter 8: Medical Emergencies

Procedure 8-1: Initial Assessment
Procedure 8-2: Rescue Breathing–Adult, Child, Infant
Procedure 8-3: Single-Rescuer CPR–Adult, Child, Infant
Procedure 8-4: Two-Rescuer CPR–Adult and Child
Procedure 8-5: Single-Rescuer CPR Using an AED–Adult and Child
Procedure 8-6: Conscious Choking–Adult and Child
Procedure 8-7: Unconscious Choking–Adult and Child
Procedure 8-8: Conscious Choking–Infant
Procedure 8-9: Unconscious Choking–Infant

Section 3: Assessments

Chapter 11: Vital Signs

Procedure 11-1: Taking an Oral Temperature Measurement with a Mercury-in-Glass Thermometer
Procedure 11-2: Taking an Oral Temperature Measurement with an Electric Thermometer
Procedure 11-3: Measuring the Radial Pulse
Procedure 11-4: Measuring Respirations
Procedure 11-5: Assessing Blood Pressure by Auscultation

Chapter 13: Extraoral and Intraoral Clinical Assessment

Procedure 13-1: Conducting Extraoral Assessments
Procedure 13-2: Conducting Intraoral Assessments

Chapter 14: Assessment of the Dentition

Procedure 14-1: Use of an Electric Pulp Tester to Determine Pulp Vitality

Chapter 15: Oral Hygiene Assessment: Soft Deposits and Hard Deposits

Procedure 15-1: Oral Deposit Assessment

Section 5: Implementation

Chapter 22: Mechanical Plaque Biofilm Control: Interdental & Supplemental Self-Care Devices

Procedure 22-1: Spool Flossing Method–Adults
Procedure 22-2: Loop Flossing Method–Children and Clients with Limited Manual Dexterity
Procedure 22-3: Use of a Floss Holder
Procedure 22-4: Use of a Floss Threader
Procedure 22-5: Use of a Toothpick in a Toothpick Holder
Procedure 22-6: Use of a Wedge Stimulator
Procedure 22-7: Use of a Rubber Tip Stimulator


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