Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series: Body Contouring with DVD

1st Edition


  • Bruce Katz
  • Neil Sadick
    • Print ISBN 9781437707397

    Key Features

    • Shows you how to perform the hottest new techniques in body sculpting, including laser lipolysis, focused ultrasound, mesotherapy, laser and light treatments, subcision for cellulite, and more.
    • Offers clinical pearls, pitfalls, and key points to help you get the best results for all procedures.
    • Allows you to master the best and newest techniques and technologies from around the world, thanks to contributions from high-profile physicians with a wealth of international expertise.
    • Includes a DVD that helps you learn key procedures by seeing them performed by the authors themselves.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1 History and Basic Science  

    1. History of body sculpting and cellulite treatments

    Bruce E. Katz, Shari Clarke

    2. Adipose tissue and cellulite: anatomy and physiology

    Doris M. Hexsel, Ticiana da Costa Rodrigues, Mariana Soirefmann

    3. Cellulite versus subcutaneous adipose tissue: differences and similarities

    Misbah H. Khan, Babar K Rao, Neil S. Sadick

    4. Pathophysiology of skin laxity and cellulite

    Daniel I. Wasserman, Mathew M. Avram

    5. Molecular biology of adipose: derived adult stem cells

    Amy Forman Taub

    Part 2 Patient Selection and Evaluation  

    6. Identifying appropriate candidates for body sculpting and skin tightening

    Alberto Goldman, Uwe Wollina

    7. Evaluation of the body sculpting patient

    Brenda Chrastil LaTowsky, Jennifer L. MacGregor, Michael S. Kaminer

    Part 3 Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening   

    8. Traditional liposuction for fat reduction

    Gerhard Sattler

    9. Laser lipolysis for fat reduction and skin tightening

    Bruce E. Katz, Jason McBean

    10. Focused ultrasound for fat reduction: ultralipotripsy

    Hector Leal-Silva, Priscila Cantu-Chapa

    11. Ultrasound for fat reduction

    Michael W. Nagy

    12. Mesotherapy for fat reduction

    Adam M. Rotunda

    13. Laser and light sources for fat reduction and skin tightening

    Neil S. Sadick, Yekaterina Kupava

    Part 4 Treatment of Cellulite  

    14. Subcision for cellulite

    Doris M. Hexsel, Mariana Soirefmann, Taciana Dal'Forno Dini

    15. Laser and light sources for the treatment of cellulite

    Neil S. Sadick, Yekaterina Kupava

    Part 5 Management of Complications and Future Directions  


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