Key Features

  • Features problem-solving advice to help you accurately identify what you see, especially those images that are not cut and dry.
  • Offers how-to-do-it guidance on the two most commonly performed procedures in private practice, arthrography and biopsy.
  • Highlights tricks-of-the-trade, tables, boxes, rules of thumb, and other points for easy reference.
  • Incorporates high-quality images and a full-color design that illuminate important elements.
  • Includes a CD containing musculoskeletal CT, MRI, and ultrasound protocols—including general indications for use and special situations such as dealing with metal artifacts—patient questionnaires that help you make the best imaging choices, and a hip appendix that offers expert guidance on how to properly image the hip.

Table of Contents

I. Advanced Modalities: protocols and optimization

1. Optimization of Musculoskeletal Imaging (also see supplementary materials)

II. Procedures

2. Arthrography

3. Biopsy

III. Problem Solving: Disease Categories

4. Arthritis

5. Infection

6. Tumor

IV. Problem Solving: Anatomic Regions

7. Shoulder

8. Elbow

9. Wrist

10. Hand

11. Hip/pelvis

12. Knee

13. Ankle

14. Foot

15. Muscle/soft tissue Imaging

Supplementary Materials:

A. MRI protocols

B. MRI patient questionnaires and templates


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About the authors

William Morrison

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Department of Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University, Director, Division of Musculoskeletal and General Diagnostic Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Timothy Sanders

Affiliations and Expertise

Director of Education and Research, National Musculoskeletal Imaging, Weston, Florida; Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky