Principles of Regenerative Medicine

1st Edition

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Published Date: 20th November 2007
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Regenerative Medicine

1 Current and Future Perspectives of Regenerative Medicine Anthony Atala Mark E. Furth

2 Fundamentals of Cell-Based Therapies Ross Tubo

3 Stem Cell Research in Regenerative Medicine Robert M. Nerem AM Doyle T Ahsan

Biologic and Molecular Basis of Regenerative Medicine

4 Molecular Organization of Cells Carol A. Erickson Jon D. Ahlstrom

5 Cell-ECM Interactions in Repair and Regeneration Manuela Martins-Green M. Petreaca

6 Developmental Mechanisms of Regeneration and Strategies of Regenerative Medicien David L. Stocum

7 Molecular Basis of Pluripotency Ali H. Brivanlou Ariel J. Levine

8 How Cells Change Their Phenotype Peter Andrews Paul J. Gokhale

9 Somatic Cloning and Epigenetic Reprogramming in Mammals Heiner Niemann Christine Wrenzycki Wilfried A. Kues Andrea Lucas-Hahn Joseph W. Warnwath

10 Transgenic Cloned Goats and Cows for the Production of Therapeutic Proteins Harry Meade William Gavin LiHow Chen David L. Melican Carol A. Ziomek Yann Echelard

Cells and Tissue Development

11 Genetic Approaches in Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Their Derivatives: Prospect fo


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