Principles of Optics

6th Edition

Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light

Authors: Max Born Emil Wolf
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080264820
eBook ISBN: 9781483103204
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1980
Page Count: 836
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Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light, Sixth Edition covers optical phenomenon that can be treated with Maxwell’s phenomenological theory. The book is comprised of 14 chapters that discuss various topics about optics, such as geometrical theories, image forming instruments, and optics of metals and crystals. The text covers the elements of the theories of interference, interferometers, and diffraction. The book tackles several behaviors of light, including its diffraction when exposed to ultrasonic waves. The selection will be most useful to researchers whose work involves understanding the behavior of light.

Table of Contents

Historical Introduction I. Basic Properties of the Electromagnetic Field 1.1. The Electromagnetic Field 1.1.1. Maxwell's Equations 1.1.2. Material Equations 1.1.3. Boundary Conditions at a Surface of Discontinuity 1.1.4. The Energy Law of the Electromagnetic Field 1.2. The Wave Equation and the Velocity of Light 1.3. Scalar Waves 1.3.1. Plane Waves 1.3.2. Spherical Waves 1.3.3. Harmonic Waves. The Phase Velocity 1.3.4. Wave Packets. The Group Velocity 1.4. Vector Waves 1.4.1. The General Electromagnetic Plane Wave 1.4.2. The Harmonic Electromagnetic Plane Wave 1.4.3. Harmonic Vector Waves of Arbitrary Form 1.5. Reflection and Refraction of a Plane Wave 1.5.1. The Laws of Reflection and Refraction 1.5.2. Fresnel Formula 1.5.3. The Reflectivity and Transmissivity; Polarization on Reflection and Refraction 1.5.4. Total Reflection 1.6. Wave Propagation in a Stratified Medium. Theory of Dielectric Films 1.6.1. The Basic Differential Equations 1.6.2. The Characteristic Matrix of a Stratified Medium 1.6.3. The Reflection and Transmission Coefficients 1.6.4. A Homogeneous Dielectric Film 1.6.5. Periodically Stratified Media II. Electromagnetic Potentials and Polarization 2.1. The Electrodynamic Potentials in the Vacuum 2.1.1. The Vector and Scalar Potentials 2.1.2. Retarded Potentials 2.2. Polarization and Magnetization 2.2.1. The Potentials in Terms of Polarization and Magnetization 2.2.2. Hertz Vectors 2.2.3. The Field of a Linear Electric Dipole 2.3. The Lorentz-Lorenz Formula and Elementary Dispersion Theory 2.3.1. The Dielectric and Magnetic Susceptibilities 2.3.2. The Effective Field 2.3.3. The Mean Polarizabil


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About the Author

Max Born

Affiliations and Expertise

Formerly Professor at the Universities of Gottingen and Edinburgh

Emil Wolf

Professor Wolf works at the University of Rochester, NY, USA

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Rochester, NY, USA