Principles of Optics

6th Edition

Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation Interference and Diffraction of Light


  • Emil Wolf
  • Max Born
    • Print ISBN 9780080264813


    The latest edition of the author's classic work in the field of Physical Optics incorporating revisions to the text and illustrations as well as references to recent contributions to the literature. The historical introduction is followed by detailed information clearly presented on all aspects of the subject including Basic Properties of the Electromagnetic Field, Geometrical Theory of Optical Imaging, Elements of the Theory of Aberrations and the Optics of Crystals. Reviews of previous editions: `Principles of Optics still stands out as the central source of information for any serious student or research worker of optical science.' Applied Optics `It can be recommended without reserve as the one that every serious worker in optics should have on his bookshelf.' Optics and Laser `As a result of the rigor, completeness, and elegance in the presentation of classical optics by Born and Wolf, the Principles of Optics will very likely remain for many more years the unsurpassed reference book for the mature, experienced, and serious optical scientist and engineer.' Circuits and Systems


    research students, optical scientists and engineers

    Table of Contents

    Historical Introduction; Basic Properties of the Electromagnetic Field; Electromagnetic Potentials and Polarization; Foundations of Geometrical Optics; Geometrical Theory of Optical Imaging; Geometrical Theory of Aberrations; Image Forming Instruments; Elements of the Theory of Aberrations; Interference and Diffraction with Partially Coherent Light; Rigorous Diffraction Theory; Diffraction of Light by Ultrasonic Waves; Optics of Metals; Optics of Crystals.


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    Emil Wolf

    Professor Wolf works at the University of Rochester, NY, USA