Table of Contents

Section 1: Gender and Normal Development


George M. Lazarus

Chapter 1 - The Effects of Gender in Neonatal Medicine

Tove S. Rosen, David Bateman

Chapter 2 - Sexual Development, Growth, and Puberty in Children

Gaya S. Aranoff, Jennifer J. Bell

Chapter 3 - Gender Differences in Pediatric Pulmonary Disease

Beverley J. Sheares

Chapter 4 - Gender-Specific Aspects of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

James H. Garvin Jr

Chapter 5 - Gender Differences in Neurological Conditions of Children

David M. Kaufman

Chapter 6 - Gender and Sports: Past, Present, and Future

Jordan D. Metzl

Section 2: Gender and the Nervous System


William Byne

Chapter 7 - Gender Differences in the Functional Organization of the Brain

Ruben C. Gur, Tamara Bockow, Raquel E. Gur

Chapter 8 - Sexual Differentiation of Brain Structure and Function

Margaret M. McCarthy

Chapter 9 - The Sexed and Gendered Brain

William Byne

Chapter 10 - Age and Gender-Specific Patterns of Neurologic Illness

Joan Amatniek, Karin Sorra, Lauren Frey, W. Allen Hauser

Chapter 11 - Gender Differences in Stroke

Rebecca F. Gottesman, Argye E. Hillis

Chapter 12 - Gender Differences in Disorders that Present to Psychiatry

Mary V. Seeman

Chapter 13 - Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cognitive Function

Mary Sano, Diane Jacobs, Katya Gaynor

Section 3: Cardiovascular Disease


Paula A. Johnson

Chapter 14 - Gender and the Heart: Sex-Specific Differences in the Normal Myocardial Anatomy and Physiology

Marianne J. Legato, Jaswinder K. Leghe


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