Pressure Safety Design Practices for Refinery and Chemical Operations is an introductory reference guide for pressure relieving operations in petroleum refineries and chemical plants. Petroleum refineries and their related chemical manufacturing facilities often operate at high pressures and/or at conditions that can result in excessive pressure conditions. Start-up and emergency shut-down operations, transient upset conditions, or catastrophic equipment failures, as well as plant process fires and plant wide utility failures, all require fail safe systems that will alleviate high process operating conditions in a safe and expedient manner.


Refinery and chemical processing operations.

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1. Introduction to Petroleum Refinery Operations Introduction Refinery Operations Types of Refineries Fuel Products Refinery A Fuels Products Refinery with Specialties 2. Catalytic Cracking Introduction The Process Equipment 3. Fluid Solids Operations Introduction Fluid Bed Processes FIOR Behavior of Fluidized Beds Design Considerations for Fluid Bed Systems 4. Catalytic Reforming Introduction The Catalytic Reforming Processes Powerforming Products Chemical Changes in Powerforming Major Powerforming Variables Engineering Aspects The Powerforming Process Powerforming Process Selection 5. Fuels Hydrotreating Introduction The Hydrotreating Process Applications of Hydrofining 6. Distillation and Light Ends Processing Introduction Refinery Equipment Refinery Applications Design of Equipment 7. Light Ends Processing Operations Introduction Light Ends Recovery Compression Gas Absorption Light Ends Fractionation Light Ends Purification General Terminology for Light Ends Recovery Processing Schemes Light Ends Manufacturing Plants Olefins Diolefins Acetylenes Aromatics Normal Paraffins Cyclohexane 8. Plant Safety and Pressure Relieving Operations Introduction Design Considerations and Causes of Overpressure De


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