This volume provides a straightforward approach to isolation and purification problems with a thorough presentation of preparative LC strategy including the interrelationship between the input and output of the instrumentation, while keeping to an application focus. The book stresses the practical aspects of preparative scale separations from TLC isolations through various laboratory scale column separations to very large scale production. It also gives a thorough description of the performance parameters (e.g. throughput, separation quality, etc.) as a function of operational parameters (e.g. particle size, column size, solvent usage, etc.). Experts in the field have contributed a well balanced presentation of separation development strategies from preparative TLC to commercial preparative process with practical examples in a wide variety of application areas such as drugs, proteins, nucleotides, industrial extracts, organic chemicals, enantiomers, polymers, etc.

Table of Contents

1. Strategies for Successful Preparative Liquid Chromatography (P.D. McDonald, B.A. Bidlingmeyer). Introduction. Planning the Separation. Achieving a Separation. Column Loadability. Scaling up a Separation. Preparative LC Packings and Eluents - Choosing a Separation System. Preparative LC System Configurations. Conclusion. Acknowledgments. References. 2. Preparative Thin Layer Chromatography (J. Sherma, B. Fried). Introduction. Layers for PTLC. Sample Application. Development. Detection of Zones. Removal of Substances from the Layer. Applications of PTLC. Transfer of Results from TLC to Preparative Liquid Chromatography. References. 3. Increasing the Efficiency of Very Large Scale Packed Bed Chromatographic Separations (P.C. Wankat). Introduction. Inefficiencies in Preparative Elution Chromatography. Counter-Current Systems. Simulated Moving Bed Systems. Hybrid Methods: Combine SMB and Elution Chromatography. Other Methods for Large-Scale Chromatography. Acknowledgments. Nomenclature. References. 4. Preparative Liquid Chromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry (A. Wehrli). Introduction. Major Areas of Preparative LC Application in Pharmaceutical Industry. Chromatographic Systems Used. Apparatus and Examples. Summary. References. 5. Preparative Liquid Chromatography for the Synthetic Chemist (J.K. Whitesell). Introduction. Computer Simulations. The Real World. Practical Matters. References. 6. Biochemical Applications of Preparative Liquid Chromatography (W.S. Hancock, R.L. Prestidge). Introduction. General Requirements for Amino Acid and Polypeptide Separations. Preparative Separations of Amino Acids and Peptides. Use of Reversed Phase Thin Layer Chromatography for the Monitoring of Preparative Separations. Preparative Separations of Proteins. Other Classes of Biochemicals. References. 7. The Direct Preparative Resolution of Enantiomers by Liquid


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