The organizers of this Sixth Symposium maintained their initial objectives, namely to gather experts from both industries and universities to discuss the scientific problems involved in the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts, and to encourage as much as possible the presentation of research work on catalysts of real industrial significance. Another highlight of these symposia is to reserve a substantial part of the program to new developments in catalyst preparation, new preparation methods and new catalytic systems. The fact that chemical reactions which were hardly conceivable some years ago have become possible today through the development of appropriate catalytic systems proves that catalysis is in constant progress.

The papers in this volume deal with preparation of new catalysts and supports, catalyst preparation via sol-gel methods, supported catalysts and synthesis of nanometer size catalysts.

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A selection of the contents. Vanadium/phosphorus mixed oxide from the precursor to the active phase, catalyst for the oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride (F. Cavani, F. Trifiró). The role of aging on the formation of porous silica (T.P.M. Beelen et al.). In-situ techniques for the investigation of phase transformations in copper catalyst co-precipitates (G.C. Chinchen et al.). Influence of preparation method on the properties of V-Sb-O catalysts for the ammoxidation of propane (G. Centi, S. Perathoner). Novel procedure for the preparation of highly active platinum-titania and palladium-titania aerogel catalysts with favourable textural properties (M. Schneider et al.). Preparation of supported catalysts by equilibrium deposition-filtration (A. Lycourghiotis). Spectroscopic characterization of supported Cr and Cr,Ti catalysts: Interaction with probe molecules (B.M. Weckhuysen et al.). Alumina/water interfacial phenomena during impregnation (J.B. d'Espinose de la Caillerie et al.). Nanometals and colloids as catalyst precursors (H. Bönnemann). Flame synthesis of nanostructured vanadium oxide based catalysts (Ph.F. Miquel, J.L. Katz). Proton affinity distributions: A scientific basis for the design and construction of supported metal catalysts (Cr. Contescu et al.). Metal catalysts supported on a novel carbon support (M.S. Hoogenraad et al.). Preparation of catalytic polymer/ceramic ion exchange packings for reactive distillation columns (U. Kunz, U. Hoffmann). Preparation and properties of ceramic foam catalyst supports (M.V. Twigg, J.T. Richardson). A new method for the preparation of metal-carbon catalysts (P.A. Barnes, E.A. Dawson). A new strong basic high surface area catalyst: The nitrided aluminophosphate: AlPON and Ni-AlPON (P. Grange et al.).


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