Preparation and Revision for the MRCS

2nd Edition

Or how to pass the exam


  • William Thomas
    • Print ISBN 9780443074257

    Table of Contents

    1. The requirements of the examination

    2. The syllabus for the examination

    3. The format of the examination

    4. Preparing for the examination

    5. The multiple-choice question papers

    6. The viva voce examination

    7. Applied surgical anatomy with operative surgery

    8. Applied physiology and critical care

    9. Clinical pathology with principles of surgery

    10. Communication skills tests

    11. The clinical examination and general guidelines

    12. Clinical bay 1: Superficial lesions - breast/endocrine/head and neck/skin

    13. Clinical bay 2: Musculoskeletal and neurological cases - orthopaedics

    14. Clinical bay 3: Circulatory and lymphatic cases - vascular

    15. Clinical bay 4: The abdomen, trunk and groin

    16. Final hints on examination technique

    Appendix 1. Approved abbreviations

    Appendix 2. Glossary of conventional terms

    Appendix 3. Recommended reading

    Appendix 4. Normal values

    Appendix 5. Useful addresses



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