This insightful book is a synoptic presentation of Causes and Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. It gives an insight into Alcoholism and Drug Addiction genetic and/or acquired etiologies through researched studies that draw the conclusion that Addiction is a disease/ medical condition. It features the treatment from detox followed by psychotherapy with evidence based practices and supported by Aftercare programs to maintain sobriety and recovery.

Key Features

  • An insight into Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • Psychotherapy with evidence based practices
  • Aftercare programs
  • Classification and effects of psychoactive drugs
  • Drug screening procedures
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Causes and Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • Life and clinical experiences
  • Culture and Drug Addiction
  • Levels of Care in Structured Programs


Clinical practitioners, researchers and graduate students

Table of Contents

Note to Readers

My Story

A Holistic Approach to Clinical Management



1. Addiction and its Etiology

1.1 Definition and Characteristics of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (Substance Dependence)

2. Common Psychoactive Drugs

2.1 Alcohol

2.2 Impact of High-Risk Drinking

2.3 Cocaine

2.4 Cannabis

2.5 Amphetamines

2.6 Sedatives, Hypnotics, and Anxiolytics

2.7 Hallucinogens

2.8 Opioids

2.9 Drug-Screening Procedures

3. Management of Addiction

3.1 Evaluation/Assessment

3.2 Motivational Interviewing

3.3 Classification Format of Pathologies

3.4 Treatment

4. Theories of Treatment

4.1 Psychotherapy

4.2 Support Groups (Aftercare Programs)

4.3 Special Focus Programs

5. The Impact and Treatment of Drug Addiction

5.1 Family and Drug Addiction

5.2 Culture and Addiction

5.3 Socio-Cultural Influence of Alcohol

5.4 Women and Drug Addiction

5.5 Older Adults and Addiction

5.6 The Canadian Program

5.7 Mental Illness and Addiction

5.8 Sexual Minorities (LGBTQ) and Addiction

5.9 Addiction and Diseases (“Addicted” Brain, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis)

5.10 Culture-Centered Treatment Program

5.11 Concept of the Model

5.12 Al-Anon

5.13 American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria

5.14 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of 1996

6. Pharmacotherapy (Medication Therapy)

6.1 Current Medication Management of Alcohol Dependence

6.2 Drug Detoxification and Maintenance Treatment

6.3 Levels of Care in Structured Programs

6.4 “Replacement” Theory

6.5 Ibogaine Therapy

6.6 Nutrition and Recovery

6.7 Combating Alcoholism with Nutrition

6.8 Relapse


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M.B;B.S., C.A.D.C. Cognitive Insight Inc. Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Treatment, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.