Practical Industrial Data Networks

1st Edition

Design, Installation and Troubleshooting

Print ISBN: 9780750658072
eBook ISBN: 9780080480213
Imprint: Newnes
Published Date: 27th February 2004
Page Count: 448
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There are many data communications titles covering design, installation, etc, but almost none that specifically focus on industrial networks, which are an essential part of the day-to-day work of industrial control systems engineers, and the main focus of an increasingly large group of network specialists.

The focus of this book makes it uniquely relevant to control engineers and network designers working in this area. The industrial application of networking is explored in terms of design, installation and troubleshooting, building the skills required to identify, prevent and fix common industrial data communications problems - both at the design stage and in the maintenance phase.

The focus of this book is 'outside the box'. The emphasis goes beyond typical communications issues and theory to provide the necessary toolkit of knowledge to solve industrial communications problems covering RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet and TCP/IP. The idea of the book is that in reading it you should be able to walk onto your plant, or facility, and troubleshoot and fix communications problems as quickly as possible. This book is the only title that addresses the nuts-and-bolts issues involved in design, installation and troubleshooting that are the day-to-day concern of engineers and network specialists working in industry.

Key Features

  • Provides a unique focus on the industrial application of data networks
  • Emphasis goes beyond typical communications issues and theory to provide the necessary toolkit of knowledge to solve industrial communications problems
  • Provides the tools to allow engineers in various plants or facilities to troubleshoot and fix communications problems as quickly as possible


Professional engineers: control engineers in industry, design engineers, test engineers, network installers and network support engineers; specialist students: industrial electronics, control engineering, data communications; control and instrumentation engineers; industrial system integrators; students taking electronics or computing degree courses; electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers and technicians wishing to understand the essentials of troubleshooting industrial data communications systems.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Overall Methodology; RS-232; RS-485; Current Loop and RS-485 Converters; Fiber Optics; Modbus; Modbus Plus; Data Highway + /DH485; HART; ASI Bus; DeviceNet; Profibus PA/DP/FMS; Foundation Fieldbus; Industrial Ethernet; TCP/IP; Radio and Wireless Communications; Appendix A: Glossary; Appendix B: Basic Communications Terminology; Appendix C: Practical and Problem Solving Sessions; Appendix D: Miscellaneous Industrial Protocols Overview; Appendix E: Fieldbus Comparison Chart; Appendix F: Local Services, Regulations and Standards.


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"The title of this book describes the contents fot a T. Each chapter covers a specific standart, protocol or type of equipment or hardware. The chapters tend to cover the same topics in a similar order, making the book as a whole consistent and reinforcing. It also makes it easy for the reader to compare the same section of different chapters. For example, you could compare the information on the ProfiBus application layer, 13.2.3, to the information on the Fieldbus application layer, 14.4. Each chapter focuses on description and troubleshooting and includes many diagrams to clarify and reinforce the text... Because of its practical nature and accessible style, Practical Industrial Data Networks could be used for almost anyone working with networked data on an industrial scale. It is the sort of book that any institute of higher learning, from a community college to a four year university, should have on hand to support its computer science, information technology, engineering and technology departments. Similarly, any business running an industrial data network will find this book a useful reference guide." E-Streams Vol. 7, No. 11 - November 2004