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Practical Applications Circuits Handbook - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780124437753, 9780323153584

Practical Applications Circuits Handbook

1st Edition

Author: Anne Fischer Lent
eBook ISBN: 9780323153584
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th August 1989
Page Count: 374
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Practical Applications Circuits Handbook focuses on the various circuit designs and applications collected from manufacturer data. This book describes the overall design of each circuit and provides background information on its concepts and components. Organized into 23 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the various types and general designs of several audio amplifiers, including high power audio amplifier, gain-controlled stereo amplifier, and ceramic pickup amplifier. This text then explores several automotive circuits and explains their practical applications, including the speed warning device, auto burglar alarm, tachometer, automobile voltage regulator, and car radio. Other chapters describe the wind-powered battery charger, which can be used as a remote source of power where wind energy is abundant. This book discusses as well the general design of automatic light control wherein the control turns on a lamp when the input to the photodiode falls below a particular value. This book is a valuable resource for engineers, students, and hobbyists.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Audio Amplifiers

310-milliwatt Transformerless Audio Amplifier

Basic Class b Audio Amplifier

3- to 5-watt Audio Amplifiers

12-watt Audio Amplifier

15-, 20-, and 25-watt Darlington Amplifiers

20-watt Audio Amplifier

7- to 35-watt Audio Amplifiers

High Power Audio Amplifier

100-watt Audio Amplifier

Gain-Controlled Stereo Amplifier

Ceramic Pickup Amplifier

Chapter 2 Amplifiers

Variable Gain Amplifier

Lock-In Amplifier

DC-Coupled Inverting Amplifier

DC-Coupled Noninverting Amplifier

Chopper-Stabilized Instrumentation Amplifier

±5-volt Precision Instrumentation Amplifier

Precision High-Speed Op Amp

Large Signal-Swing Output Amplifier

Ultra-Precision Instrumentation Amplifier

Precision Isolation Amplifier

DC-Stabilized Low Noise Amplifier

AC-Coupled Inverting Amplifier

Current Mode Feedback Amplifier

Fast DC-Stabilized FET Amplifier

Voltage-Controlled Amplifier

Fast-Stabilized Noninverting Amplifier

Gain-Trimmable Wideband FET Amplifier

Low-Power Voltage-Boosted Output Op Amp

Single-Supply Differential Bridge Amplifier

Three-Channel Separate-Gain Amplifier

N-Stage Parallel-Input Amplifier

Precision Amplifier with Notch

Differential Input/Output Amplifier

Chapter 3 Audio Circuits

Microphone Preamplifier

Music Synthesizer

Voltage-Controlled Attenuator

Automatic Level Control

Tape Head Preamplifier

Variable-Slope Compressor-Expander

Hi-Fi Compandor

RIAA/NAB Compensation Preamplifier

Four-Input Stereo Source Selector

RIAA-Equalized Stereo Preamplifier

Fast Attack, Slow Release Hard Limiter

Audio Decibel Level Detector

Single-Frequency Audio Generator

AGC Amplifier

Audio Equalizer

Rumble/Scratch Filter

RIAA Preamplifier

Stereo Volume Control

Chapter 4 Automotive Circuits


Auto Burglar Alarm

Speed Warning Device

Automobile Voltage Regulator

AM/FM Car Radio

AM Car Radio

6-watt Audio Amplifier

Chapter 5 Battery Circuits

6-volt Battery Charger

12-volt Battery Charger

Wind-Powered Battery Charger

Battery Backup Regulator

Battery Splitter

High-Current Battery Splitter

Battery Cell Monitor

Micropower Switching Regulator

Sine Wave Output Converter

Voltage Doubler

Low-Power Flyback Regulator

Battery Monitor for High-Voltage Charging Circuits

Thermally Controlled NiCad Battery Charger

Single-Cell up Converter

Low Dropout 5-volt Regulator

Computer Battery Control

Chapter 6 Control Circuits

Zero-Voltage, On-Off Controller with Isolated Sensor

"Tachless" Motor Speed Controller

Wall-Type Thermostat

Low-Cost Touchtone Decoder

On-Off Touch Switch

Precision Temperature Controller

Alarm System

Overload-Protected Motor Speed Controller

Fan-Based Temperature Controller

Line-Isolated Temperature Controller

Dual-Output Over-under Temperature Controller

Dual Time-Constant Tone Decoder

3-Phase Sine Wave Circuit

Sensitive Temperature Controller

Temperature Control

Squelch Control

Frequency Meter with Low-Cost Lamp Readout

Wide-Band Tone Detector

Motor Speed Control

Automatic Light Control

Chapter 7 Converters

l-Hz-1.25-MHz Voltage-to-Frequency Converter

1-Hz-3 0-MHz Voltage-to-Frequency Converter

16-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter

Cyclic Analog-to-Digital Converter

Current-to-Voltage Converter

Offset Stabilized Voltage-to-Frequency Converter

Current Loop Receiver/Transmitter

Thermocouple-to-Frequency Converter

9-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

TTL-to-MOS Converter

Temperature-to-Frequency Converter

10-Bit 100µA Analog-to-Digital Converter

Micropower 12-Bit 300-µsec Analog-to-Digital Converter

Fully Isolated 10-Bit A/D Converter

V/F-F/V Data Transmission Circuit

Quartz-Stabilized Voltage-to-Frequency Converter

2.5-MHz Fast-Response V/F Converter

Push-Pull Transformer-Coupled Converter

Ultra-High Speed 1-Hz to 100-MHz V/F Converter

Low-Power 10-KHz V/F Converter

ECL-to-TTL and TTL-to-ECL Converters

Low-Power 10-Bit A/D Converter

Basic 12-Bit 12-µsec Successive Approximation A/D Converter

Wide-Range Precision PLL Frequency-to-Voltage Converter

Centigrade-to-Frequency Converter

Micropower 10-kHz V/F Converter

Micropower 1-MHz V/F Converter

RMS-to-DC Converter

Chapter 8 Filter Circuits

Low-Pass Filter

Loop Filter

Voltage-Controlled, Second-Order Filter

Voltage-Controlled Filters

Tracking Filter

Digitally Tuned Switched-Capacitor Filter

10-Hz, Fourth-Order Butterworth Low-Pass Filter

Clock-Tunable Notch Filter

Bi-Quad Filter

Voltage-Controlled Circuits

Multi-Cutoff-Frequency Filter

Lowpass Filter with 60-Hz Notch

60-Hz Reject Filter

Voltage-Controlled Filter

Chapter 9 Function Generators

Function Generator

Logic Function Generator

Triangle Wave Oscillator

Triangle/Square-Wave Generator

Single-Chip Function Generator

Triangle-to-Sine Wave Converter

Waveform Generator

Function Generator

Chapter 10 Measurement Circuits

Linear Thermometer


Sequential Timer

Thermocouple Amplifier

Narrow-Band Tone Detector

Negative Current Monitor

Acoustic Thermometer

Transmitting Thermometer

Magnetic Tachometer

Linear Thermometer


Low-Flow-Rate Thermal Flowmeter

Presettable Timer with Linear Readout

Thermally Based Anemometer

Relative Humidity Signal Conditioners

Digital Thermometer

Sine-Wave Averaging AC Current Monitor

Level Transducer Digitizer

Thermometer Circuit

Four-Channel Temperature Sensor

Photodiode Digitizer

Field Strength Meter


Long-Duration Timer

Digital Thermometer

Chapter 11 Microprocessor Circuits

8-Bit Serial-to-Parallel Converter

Voltage-Sag Detector

Power-Loss Detection Circuit

CRT Driver

Clock Regenerator

Bidirectional Bus Interface

Cheapernet/Ethernet Interface

Chapter 12 Miscellaneous Circuits


Buffered Output Line Driver

Low-Voltage Lamp Flasher

Digital Clock with Alarm

Astable Single-Supply Multivibrator

Frequency Synthesizer

Fed Forward, Wideband DC-Stabilized Buffer

Three Clock Sources

Freezer Alarm

Fiber Optic Receiver

Micropower Sample-Hold

Frequency Output Analog Divider

Protected High Current Lamp Driver

Tone Transceiver

Variable Shift Register

Fast, Precision Sample-Hold Circuit

Precision PLL

Two Peak Circuits

Chapter 13 Modem Circuits

Bell 212 A Modem

300-bps Full-Duplex Modem

1200-bps Modem

Full-Duplex 300/1200-bps Modem System

2400-bps CCITT Modem

Auto Dialer Modem

2400-bps Stand-Alone Intelligent Modem

Notch Filters

Full-Duplex FSK Modem

High-Speed FSK Modem

Power Line Modem

Chapter 14 Optoelectronics Circuits

LED Driver

Photodiode Amplifiers

Light Amplifier

Infrared Remote-Control System

Sensitive Photodiode Amplifier

Photo Diode Detector

High-Speed Photodetector

Balanced Pyroelectric Infrared Detector

100-dB Range Logarithmic Photodiode Amplifier

Chapter 15 Oscillator Circuits

1- to 10-MHz and 1- to 25-MHz Crystal Oscillators

Crystal-Stabilized Relaxation Oscillator

L-C Tuned Oscillator

Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Stable RC Oscillator

Reset Stabilized Oscillator

High-Current Oscillator

Crystal-Controlled Oscillator

Synchronized Oscillator

Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

1-Hz to 1-Mhz Sine Wave Output Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

Low-Power Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Digitally Programmable PLL

First-Harmonic (Fundamental) Oscillator

A Low-Frequency Precision RC Oscillator

Low-Distortion Sinewave Oscillator

Wein Bridge Oscillator

Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Chapter 16 Power Supply Circuits

Basic Power Supply

TTL Power Supply Monitor

Programmable Voltage/Current Source

Regulated Negative Voltage Converter

Current Monitor

Two Rectifiers

Bridge Amplifier Load Current Monitor

High-Efficiency Rectifier Circuit

Current-Limited 1-amp Regulator

5-V Regulator

5-V Regulator with Shutdown

Dual Output Regulator

Regulator with Output Voltage Monitor

RMS Voltage Regulator

Switching Regulator

Micropower Post-Regulated Switching Regulator

High-Current Switching Regulator

Switching Preregulated Linear Regulator

Low-Power Switching Regulator

Fully Isolated - 48-V to 5-V Regulator

Inductorless Switching Regulator

Single Inductor, Dual-Polarity Regulator

Dual Tracking Voltage Regulator

Current Regulator

Negative-Voltage Regulator

High-Voltage Regulator

Switching Regulator

High-Temperature +15-V Voltage Regulator

7.5 -A Variable Regulator

Adjustable Regulator

High-Efficiency Regulator

Chapter 17 Receiving Circuits

SCA Demodulator

FM Tuner

Narrow-Bandwidth FM Demodulator

Clock Regenerator

10.8-MHz FSK Decoder

Narrow-Band FM Demodulator

Linear FM Detector

10.7-MHz IF Amplifier

88- to 108-MHz FM Front End

Balanced Mixer

4-20-mA Current Receiver

Chapter 18 Signal Circuits

Traffic Flasher

Tone Burst Generator

2.2-watt Incandescent Lamp Driver

Wide-Range Automatic Gain Control

Low-Droop Positive Peak Detector

High-Speed Peak Detector

Single-Burst Tone Generator

Bandpass Filter for a Multi-Channel Tone Detector

Chapter 19 Telephone Circuits

Line-Powered Tone Ringer

Tone Telephone

Basic Telephone Set

Nonisolated 48- to 5-V Regulator

Programmable Multitone Telephone Ringer

Featurephone with Memory

Audio Frequency Sweepers

Bell System 202 Date Encoder and Decoder

Ring Signal Counter

Ring Detector Circuits

Chapter 20 Test Circuits

0-5 Amp, 7-30 Volt Laboratory Supply

Pulse Generator

Wide-Range Frequency Synthesizer

Analog Multiplier with 0.01% Accuracy

Leakage Current Monitor

Computer-Controlled Digitizer

Digitally Programmable Waveform Generator

Voltage Reference

1-nsec Rise Time Pulse Generator

50-MHz Trigger

Active and Passive Signal Combiners

Voltage References

Precision Programmable Voltage Reference

Cable Tester

Low-Frequency Pulse Generator

12-bit Digitally Programmable Frequency Source

Voltage Programmable Pulse Generator

Ultraprecision Variable Voltage Reference

Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier

Gain-Ranging Amplifier

Chapter 21 Transmitting Circuits

80-watt, 175-MHz Transmitter

Balanced Modulator

Frequency Doublers

Amplitude Modulator

Broadband 160-watt Linear Amplifier

Three VHF Amplifiers

4- to 20-mA Current Loop Transmitter

Chapter 22 Video Circuits

Analog Multiplier Video Switch

Video Amplifier

Color Video Amplifier

Wide Bandwidth VCA for Video

Video Line Driving Amplifier

NTSC Video/Data Inlay Chip

Broadband Video Amplifier

IF Amplifier and Detector

Wide-Band AGC Video Amplifier

NTSC Color Decoder

Wide-Band Video Amplifier

PAL/NTSC Decoder

Chapter 23 Voltage Circuits

Fast, Synchronous Rectifier-Based AC/DC Converter

Visible Voltage Indicator

12-nsec Circuit Breaker

Offset Stabilized Comparator

-5-volt Bus Monitor

+6- to +15-volt Converter

Regulated Voltage up Converter

Precision Voltage Inverter

50-MHz Bandwidth RMS-to-DC Converter

Standard-Grade Variable Voltage Reference

Dual-Voltage Tracking Regulator

Isolated Power Line Monitor

Dual-Limit Threshold Detector

LVDT Signal Conditioner



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© Academic Press 1989
28th August 1989
Academic Press
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