Potter's Pathology of the Fetus, Infant and Child

2nd Edition

2-Volume Set with CD-ROM


  • Enid Gilbert-Barness
  • Raj Kapur
  • Joseph Siebert
  • Luc Laurier Oligny
  • Key Features

    • Offers comprehensive coverage of all common and rare embryonic, fetal, and infant disorders in one source.
    • Correlates clinical, pathologic, and genetic findings for each systemic disease.
    • Emphasizes the genetic and molecular basis of birth defects.
    • Features nearly 2,500 illustrations - 2,350 in full color - which depict each abnormality or condition as they present in practice.
    • Presents practical information on autopsy techniques and protocols.

    Table of Contents

    Volume 1

    Pare 1 Genetic and Developmental Pathology

    1. Mechanisms of Development and Growth: Molecular Genetics

    2. Causes and Pathogenesis of Birth Defects

    3. Abnormalities of Blastogenesis, Organogenesis, and Phenogenesis

    4. Pathology of Abortion: The Embryo and the Previable Fetus

    5. Causes of Stillbirth and Neonatal Death

    6. Prenatal Diagnosis

    7. Pathology of the Placenta

    8. Multiple Pregnancies and Conjoined Twins

    9. Disruptions:

    I. Teratogenic Disruptions

    II. Vascular Disruptions

    10. Chromosomal Abnormalities

    11. Sudden Death in Infants:

    I. Sudden and Unexpected Death in Infants

    II. Mechanisms of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    12. Complications of Perinatal Care

    Part 2 Systematic Pathology

    13. Perinatal, Fetal, and Embryonic Autopsy

    14. Infectious Diseases

    15. Nutritional Diseases

    16. Metabolic Diseases

    17. Cardiovascular System:

    I. Development of the Heart and Congenital Malformations

    II. Cardiovascular Disorders

    18. Respiratory System

    19. Gastrointestinal Tract and Pancreas

    Volume 2

    20. Liver, Gallbladder, and Biliary Tract

    21. Renal System:

    I. Kidneys and Urinary Tract

    II. Genetic Disorders and Malformation Syndromes

    22. Hematopoietic System:

    I. Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood

    II. Coagulation Disorders

    23. Thymus, Spleen, Lymphoid, Tissues, and Immunodeficiency Disorders

    24. Central Nervous System:

    I. Development

    II. Malformations

    III. Fetal and Neonatal Brain Damage

    IV. The “At-Risk” Fetus

    25. Endocrine Glands

    26. Reproductive System

    27. Soft Tissue Tumors

    28. Skin Diseases

    29. Neuromuscular Diseases

    30. Skeletal System:

    I. Osteochondrodysplasias an


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