Presented here in detail is a number of generally accepted, standardised inflammability tests. A comprehensive survey of ISO, IEC, ASTN, VL, BS and DIN is given and other standards are also mentioned. The testing of materials, products and full-scale model-testing are described. Furthermore, the book describes methods for reducing the inflammability of plastics, various techniques for fires involving plastics and fire regulations.

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1. A preliminary survey of plastics. Terms and definitions. Classification of plastics. Nomenclature of plastics. Glossary of plastics. General literature guide. 2. Fundamentals of the theory of combustion. Definition of combustion. Chemical and physico-chemical processes of combustion. The course of combustion. Theoretical aspects of the combustion of plastics. 3. Test methods for the flammability of plastics. Testing of materials. Products testing. Full-scale fire tests (model tests). 4. Additional phenomena during the combustion of plastics. Smoke emission from plastics. Toxicity of gases evolved from burning plastics. Dripping during combustion. 5. Reducing the risk of plastics. Flame-retardance of plastics. Fire-control of plastics. Fire-regulations of plastics applications. List of manufacturers and distributors of flame-retardants and smoke suppressants. Subject Index.


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