Plastic Surgery - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9781455710546, 9780323248655

Plastic Surgery

3rd Edition

Volume 3: Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Authors: Eduardo Rodriguez Joseph Losee Peter Neligan
Hardcover ISBN: 9781455710546
eBook ISBN: 9780323248655
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 5th September 2012
Page Count: 1170

Table of Contents


Foreword by Joseph G. McCarthy XXX

Preface to the Third Edition XXX

List of Contributors XXX

Acknowledgments XXX

Dedication XXX

Volume One: Principles

Geoffrey C. Gurtner

1 Plastic surgery and innovation in medicine XXXPeter C. Neligan

2 History of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery XXXRiccardo F. Mazzola and Isabella C. Mazzola

3 Psychological aspects of plastic surgery XXXLaurie A. Stevens and Mary H. McGrath

4 The role of ethics in plastic surgery XXXPhillip C. Haeck

5 Business principles for plastic surgeons XXXC. Scott Hultman

6 Medico-legal issues in plastic surgery XXXNeal R. Reisman

7 Photography in plastic surgery XXX

Brian M. Kinney

8 Patient safety in plastic surgery XXX

Bruce Halperin

9 Local anesthetics in plastic surgery XXX

A. Aldo Mottura

10 Evidence-based medicine and health services research in plastic surgery XXX

Carolyn L. Kerrigan, E. Dale Collins Vidal,
Andrea L. Pusic, Amy K. Alderman, and
Valerie Lemaine

11 Genetics and prenatal diagnosis XXX

Daniel Nowinski, Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Florian Hackl,
Bohdan Pomahac, and Elof Eriksson

12 Principles of cancer management XXX

Tomer Avraham, Evan Matros, and Babak J. Mehrara

13 Stem cells and regenerative medicine XXX

Benjamin Levi, Derrick C. Wan, Victor W. Wong,
Geoffrey C. Gurtner, and Michael T. Longaker

14 Wound healing XXX

Chandan K. Sen and Sashwati Roy

15 Skin wound healing: Repair biology, wound,
and scar treatment XXX

Ursula Mirastschijski, Andreas Jokuszies, and
Peter M. Vogt

16 Scar prevention, treatment, and revision


Fully updated to meet the demands of the 21st-century surgeon, Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Volume 3 of Plastic Surgery, 3rd Edition, provides you with the most current knowledge and techniques across your entire field, allowing you to offer every patient the best possible outcome. Access all the state-of-the-art know-how you need to overcome any challenge you may face and exceed your patients’ expectations.

Key Features

  • Apply the very latest advances in craniofacial, head, neck, and pediatric plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes with evidence-based advice from a diverse collection of world-leading authorities.
  • Purchase this volume individually or own the entire set, with the ability to search across all six volumes online!


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"The third volume of 'Plastic Surgery' is a tour de force bringing together the various subspecialty domains of Head and Neck Plastic Surgery (trauma, elective adult and paediatric), as well as a selection of other Paediatric Plastic Surgery Conditions... The quality and quantity of illustrations are impressive and include elaborate intraoperative sequences, radiological scans and excellent pictorial images. The illustrations support the text well and in places are extremely description especially in enabling the reader to understand difficult topics... One of the great benefits of the book is online access... As well as the entire content of the book, there are additional resources including videos and a picturebank with high-definition images. The book presents topics with sufficient clarity to be an excellent starting point for trainee Plastic Surgeons looking to get to grips with Head and Neck surgery. It also delves into subjects with sufficient depth to provide a meaningful reference source for the experience surgeon."

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Anesthestic Surgery (JPRAS), December 2013

"This is the latest edition of the multivolume plastic surgery textbook first edited by John M. Converse in 1964. Through the decades, this has remained the gold standard in plastic surgery textbooks. I have always had the most recent edition close to my desk and have used it as an initial reference when I have needed to review a topic. I will continue to use this edition in the same manner.

Plastic surgeons at all stages in their careers can benefit from this book. The coverage of plastic surgery topics remains encyclopedic, and all of the authors are recognized experts in their subject areas.
This edition demonstrates a number of differences from prior editions. The books themselves are slightly larger, and the majority of the artwork is in color, with a uniform style and is of high quality. This edition incorpora

About the Authors

Eduardo Rodriguez Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Helen L. Kimmel Professor of Reconstructive Surgery

Joseph Losee Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics Chief, Division Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Peter Neligan Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA