Plastic Surgery

3rd Edition

Volume 3: Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery


  • Joseph Losee
  • Eduardo Rodriguez
  • Peter Neligan
  • Key Features

    • Apply the very latest advances in craniofacial, head, neck, and pediatric plastic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes with evidence-based advice from a diverse collection of world-leading authorities.
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    Table of Contents


    Foreword by Joseph G. McCarthy XXX

    Preface to the Third Edition XXX

    List of Contributors XXX

    Acknowledgments XXX

    Dedication XXX

    Volume One: Principles

    Geoffrey C. Gurtner

    1 Plastic surgery and innovation in medicine XXXPeter C. Neligan

    2 History of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery XXXRiccardo F. Mazzola and Isabella C. Mazzola

    3 Psychological aspects of plastic surgery XXXLaurie A. Stevens and Mary H. McGrath

    4 The role of ethics in plastic surgery XXXPhillip C. Haeck

    5 Business principles for plastic surgeons XXXC. Scott Hultman

    6 Medico-legal issues in plastic surgery XXXNeal R. Reisman

    7 Photography in plastic surgery XXX

    Brian M. Kinney

    8 Patient safety in plastic surgery XXX

    Bruce Halperin

    9 Local anesthetics in plastic surgery XXX

    A. Aldo Mottura

    10 Evidence-based medicine and health services research in plastic surgery XXX

    Carolyn L. Kerrigan, E. Dale Collins Vidal,
    Andrea L. Pusic, Amy K. Alderman, and
    Valerie Lemaine

    11 Genetics and prenatal diagnosis XXX

    Daniel Nowinski, Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Florian Hackl,
    Bohdan Pomahac, and Elof Eriksson

    12 Principles of cancer management XXX

    Tomer Avraham, Evan Matros, and Babak J. Mehrara

    13 Stem cells and regenerative medicine XXX

    Benjamin Levi, Derrick C. Wan, Victor W. Wong,
    Geoffrey C. Gurtner, and Michael T. Longaker

    14 Wound healing XXX

    Chandan K. Sen and Sashwati Roy

    15 Skin wound healing: Repair biology, wound,
    and scar treatment XXX

    Ursula Mirastschijski, Andreas Jokuszies, and
    Peter M. Vogt

    16 Scar prevention, treatment, and revision


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