Plastic Surgery: Indications and Practice, 2-Volume Set

1st Edition


  • Bahman Guyuron
  • Elof Eriksson
  • John Persing
  • Kevin Chung
  • Joseph Disa
  • Arun Gosain
  • Brian M. Kinney
  • J. Peter Rubin
    • Print ISBN 9781416040811

    Key Features

    • Covers of all plastic surgery procedures in one convenient two-volume resource.
    • Presents the practice-proven experience of more than 220 authorities for better patient outcomes.
    • Includes abundant tables, bulleted information, and summary boxes to speed you to the answers you need.
    • Features more than 2,000 photographs—augmented by 1,000 full-color surgical drawings—that show you how to proceed and what results to expect.
    • Includes advice on complications to help you avoid mistakes and increase your learning.
    • Offers clear advice in Outcomes Boxes to help you optimize surgical procedures outcomes.
    • Presents videos on the bonus DVD of more than 50 video clips to help you hone and refine your surgical techniques.
    • Provides access to a companion web site featuring all of the text and illustrations from the 2-volume set and video clips of surgical procedures.

    • Covers all information required to pass Boards.

    Table of Contents

    User Guide
    List of contributors

    1 A History of Plastic Surgery
    Gregory Pearson and Robert Ruberg
    2 The Plastic Surgery Consultation and Patient Selection
    Phillip C. Haeck
    3 Wound Healing, Including Fetal Skin Healing
    Edward P. Buchanan and H. Peter Lorenz
    4 Wound Management
    Bohdan Pomahac, Tobias Hirsch, and Elof Eriksson
    5 Plastic Surgery Techniques
    Jeffrey Weinzweig and Norman Weinzweig
    6 Anesthesia
    Jonathan G. Hsiao and Carl Rosow
    7 Biomaterials
    Michael J. Miller and Olubunmi T. Ogunleye
    8 Flaps
    Michael E. Budd, Raffi Hovsepian, Benjamin Basseri and
    Gregory R. D. Evans
    9 Microsurgery and Free Flaps
    Stephanie L. Kwei, Denton D. Weiss and Julian J. Pribaz
    10 Grafts
    Alex Senchenkov, Ian L. Valerio and Ernest K. Manders
    11 S tructure and Function of the Skin
    Robert C. Fang and Thomas A. Mustoe
    12 Professional Development
    Elvin G. Zook

    13 Benign and Malignant Tumors of the Skin
    Deepak Narayan
    14 Burns
    Stephen M. Milner, Leigh Ann Price and John O. Kucan
    15 Burn Reconstruction
    Warren L. Garner and Victoria B. Vandenberg
    16 Surgical Management of Soft Tissue Infections
    Brian M. Parrett, Joshua Winer and Dennis P. Orgill
    17 Pressure Sores
    Wesley T. Myers and Linda G. Phillips
    18 Lymphedema
    Elizabeth R. Raskin, Sumner A. Slavin and Loren J. Borud
    19 Foot and Ankle Reconstruction
    Mark W. Clemens and Christopher E. Attinger
    20 Reconstruction of the Genitalia
    Lawrence J. Gottlieb and Joyce K. Aycock
    21 Chest and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction
    Michele Manahan and Ronald P. Silverman
    22 Breast Reconstruction General Principles
    Amy K. Alderman
    23 Pedicle TRAM, Free TRAM and Perforator Flaps
    Joseph M. Serletti
    24 Tissue Expander/Implant Reconstruction
    Colleen M. McCarthy and Andrea


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