Plasma Deposition, Treatment, and Etching of Polymers takes a broad look at the basic principles, the chemical processes, and the diagnostic procedures in the interaction of plasmas with polymer surfaces. This recent technology has yielded a large class of new materials offering many applications, including their use as coatings for chemical fibers and films. Additional applications include uses for the passivation of metals, the surface hardening of tools, increased biocompatibility of biomedical materials, chemical and physical sensors, and a variety of micro- and optoelectronic devices.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Appeals to a broad range of industries from microelectronics to space technology * Discusses a wide array of new uses for plasma polymers * Provides a tutorial introduction to the field * Surveys various classes of plasma polymers, their chemical and morphological properties, effects of plasma process parameters on the growth and structure of these synthetic materials, and techniques for characterization * Interests scientists, engineers, and students alike


Scientists, technicians, and engineers in industry, academia, and at national laboratories; graduate students of electrical engineering and materials science.

Table of Contents

N. Morosoff, An Introduction to Plasma Polymerization. R. d'Agostino, F. Cramarossa, F. Fracassi, and F. Illuzzi, Plasma Polymerization of Fluorocarbons. A.M. Wrobel and M.R. Wertheimer, Plasma-Polymerized Organosilicones and Organometallics. H. Biederman and L. Martinu, Plasma Polymer-Metal Composite Films. F.D. Egitto, V. Vukanovic, and G.N. Taylor, Plasma Etching of Organic Polymers. S. Morita and S. Hattori, Applications of Plasma Polymers. B.D. Ratner, A. Chilkoti, and G.P. Lopez, Plasma Deposition and Treatment for Biomaterial Applications. Index.


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Riccardo d'Agostino

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Centro di Studio per la Chimica dei Plasmi, CNR, University of Bari


@qu:This is an excellent book on the subject of plasma polymerization...The authors have done an excellent job in presenting the fundamentals, techniques and applications of plasma polymerization in the various areas and the text is very well referenced. @source:--SOCIETY OF VACUUM COATERS @qu:This book is a timely and welcome addition to the series. Since the presentation of materials usually begins with the basic principles and then progresses to the more advanced topics, it could serve as an extremely useful souce of information for newcomers to this field; and yet the depth and scope of coverage should make this a valuable reference for experienced researchers as well. @source:--MATERIALS AND PROCESSING REPORT