Plant Roots and Their Environment, Volume 24

1st Edition

Editors: B.L. McMichael H. Persson
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444891044
eBook ISBN: 9780444598424
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 5th September 1991
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Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Short Review of the present state of root research 2. Effect of exogenous factors on water relations in maize roots. 3. The development of absorption and transport systems in the corn root: structural and experimental evidence. 4. Properties of root membrane lipids as related to mineral nutrition. 5. Composition of root exchange sites in acid soil solutions. 6. Calcium stimulation of ammonium absorption in plants. 7. Effect of the nitrate level on growth and some aspects of energy metabolism in maize roots. 8. Effects of A13 on seedling growth of silver birch, Scots pine and Norway spruce at steady state nutrition. 9. Growth of excised maize roots (Zea mays L.) at increasing N-levels. 10. Nitrate uptake in response to soluable carbohydrates from roots and shoots of young maize plants (Zea mays L.). 11. Physiological and morphological changes in maize plants under various flooding conditions. 12. Short-term determination of the actual respiration rate of intact plant roots. 13. Soil and root phosphatase activity and the utilization of inositol phosphates as dependent on phosphorous supply. 14. Biological weathering of micas in the rhizosphere as related to potassium absorption by plant roots. 15. The effects of platinum complexes and other heavy salts on root growth. 16. Cytochemical localization of ATPase in root tissues. 17. Significance of physiological differentiation of root activities among rice plants (Oryza sativa L.). 18. Water content and cell elongation in protruding and growing roots. 19. Growth of cereal roots in different concentrations of metal ions. 20. Effect of soil water and nutrient supply on root characteristics and nutrient uptake of plants. 21. Morphology of maize root systems influenced by local supply of nitrate or ammonia. 22. Ultrastructural features of epidermis and cortex in aerial roots of Bulbophyllum. 23. Various forms of root action influencing the availability of soil and f


Scientists, within a wide field, ranging from applied forestry and agriculture to physiology, ecology and the environmental sciences, are today more than ever involved in root and mycorrhizal research. New problem-oriented research fields have arisen such as the effects of fertilizers and pesticides, forest management and regeneration etc. At a time when root research is expanding into different areas, it is much more difficult for the root scientist to penetrate all the new information appearing in literature. The contributors of this volume are leading scientists from different fields of root research. The ISRR-symposium in Uppsala clearly demonstrated that there are new techniques in progress, in particular with regards to video recording of plant root systems and digital image processing. The main objectives of the symposium were (i) to provide a forum for communication between scientists from different disciplines working with root research problems, (ii) to contribute to an expansion of root studies into new areas, (iii) to use current estimates of root turnover for charting the upper and lower limit of below-ground production, and (iv) to spread knowledge of new findings and techniques of the importance of root research. This book is aimed at serving as a vehicle for improving the coherence of root research, for harmonizing methods and establishing overall objectives and gaps in the knowledge of rhizosphere dynamics.


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About the Editors

B.L. McMichael Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, U.S.D.A., Lubbock, TX, USA

H. Persson Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Swedish University of Agriculture, Department of Forest Ecology, Upsala, Sweden