Physiology for Nursing Practice

3rd Edition


  • Electronic ISBN 9780702033407

Key Features

  • Clear Learning Objectives
  • Key Concepts emphasised for ease of reference
  • Review Questions
  • Clinical implications and nursing care highlighted throughout
  • Annotated suggestions for Further Reading

Table of Contents

Section 1 The characteristics of living matter

The human body: a framework for understanding. The chemistry of living matter. Cell structure and function, growth and development

Section 2 Control and coordination

Structure and function of nervous tissue. The central nervous system, Sensory receptors and sense organs. The special senses. The autonomic nervous system. Endocrine function. Stress

Section 3 Mobility and support

Skeletal muscles. Bones. Joints

Section 4 Internal transport

The blood. Cardiovascular function

Section 5 The acquisition of nutrients and removal of waste

The acquisition of nutrients. The liver. Respiration. Renal function

Section 6 Protection and survival

Innate defences. Acquired defences. Reproduction. Genetics


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