Physiological Bases of Human Performance During Work and Exercise

1st Edition


  • Herbert Groeller
  • Nigel Taylor
    • Print ISBN 9780443102714

    Table of Contents

    List of contributors. Preface

    Section 1: Limitations and adaptations. Section Introduction - Human adaptation (Roy Shephard).

    Chapter 1 - Cardiovascular responses to exercise and limitations to human performance )Michael Tschakovsky and Kyra Pyke). Chapter 2 - Pulmonary responses to exercise and limitations to human performance (MIchael Stickland, Markus Amman, Keisho Katayama and Jerome Dempsey). Chapter 3 - Cardiovascular and pulmonary adaptations to endurance training (Daniel Green, Louise Naylor, Keith George, Jerome Dempsey, Michael Stickland and Keisho Katayama). Chapter 4 - Neuromuscular adaptations to exercise (Paavo Komi and Caroline Nicol). Chapter 5 - Central and neuromuscular fatigue (Janet Taylor, Paavo Komi, and Caroline Nicol). Chapter 6 - Cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle fatigue (David Allen, Graham Lamb and Hakan Westerblad). Chapter 7 - Performance limitations due to substrate availability (Mark Hargreaves). Chapter 8 - Genetics and human performance: natural selection and genetic modification (Geoffrey Goldspink and Christiana Velloso). Chapter 9 - Detraining, bed rest and adaptation to microgravity (Marco Narici, Claire Stewart and Pietro di Prampero). Chapter 10 - Topical debates. 10.1 Maximal exercise: is it limited centrally or peripherally? (Peter Wagner and Niels Secher). 10.2 Human performance and maximal aerobic power (Timothy Noakes and Bjorn Ekblom). 10.3 The anaerobic threshold: fact or misinterpretation (Mike Lindinger and Brian Whipp).

    Section 2: Gender differences. Section introduction - Our limits of physiological knowledge: the legacy of male-based physiology (Sarah Nunneley).

    Chapter 11 - Exercise, work and stress in adolescent and adult women (Denise Smith, Patricia Fehling and Jeff Segrave). Chapter 12 - Human performance in the pregnant woman: foetal and materanl considerations (Michelle Motola). Chapter 13 - Physiological bases of health-enhancing physical activity for post-menopausal women (K


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