Physics of Solid Surfaces 1987, Volume 40

1st Edition

Editors: J. Koukal
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444429728
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st May 1988


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Table of Contents

Invited Papers. Recent progress in structure determination by LEED (M.A. Van Hove, G.A. Somorjai). Scanning tunneling microscopy (M.S. Khaikin et al.). Low energy electron microscopy and normal incidence VLEED (E. Bauer). NEXAFS and SEXAFS of chemisorbed low-Z atoms and molecules (J. Haase). Structure and composition of alloy surfaces by LEED (Y. Gauthier). X-ray photoelectron diffraction (Ch.S. Fadley). The recent understanding of the defect structure at semiconductor interfaces (H. Flietner). Recent progress in the electron theory of solids and their surfaces: the tight-binding muffin-tin orbital method (J. Kudrnovský, V. Drchal). Theoretical aspects of electron damping (I. Bartoš). Angle-resolved Auger electron spectroscopy (ARAES) for (110) nickel face clean and covered with sulphur (S. Mróz et al.). Theories of crystal surface melting and non-melting (E. Tosatti et al.). Structural phase transitions and their relation to electronic and dynamic properties of Si(110) face (B.A. Nesterenko et al.). Thermodynamic aspects of surface defects. First-principle calculations (M. Scheffler). Photoelectron spectroscopy of small particles and thin films of s- and d- metals; size effect in their electronic structure (G.A. Katrich, A.G. Naumovets). Ion mixing of metal superlattices (P. Mikolajczak, G. Gladyszewski). Clean semiconductor surfaces covered by Ag at low temperatures (V.A. Grazhulis). Theory of thermal energy He scattering from adsorbates (B. Gumhalter). Interfaces and layered structures (quantum wells and superlattices) (F. Garcia-Moliner). Recent developments in photoemission (K.C. Prince). Unoccupied electron states at clean and adsorbate covered surfaces (V. Dose). Tunneling and mesoscopic fluctuations in quantum Hall effect (V.L. Pokrovsky et al.). Optical spectroscopy of semiconductor surface (V.I. Safarov et al.). Short Contributions. FEM study of the metal-insulator-metal system (J. Sotola, Z. Knor). St


The Fourth Symposium on Surface Physics was held to summarize important new developments in theoretical and experimental studies of solid surfaces. In recent years, the physical and chemical properties of surfaces and interfaces have been extensively investigated. This meeting was mainly devoted to the crystallographic and electron structure aspects of surface physics, and to a detailed understanding of the electronic, structural and magnetic properties of clean surfaces, and adsorbed aggregates on surfaces and interfaces. New and newly-refined techniques were presented and discussed.

This proceedings volume comprises three main parts: the first contains the invited lectures indicating the main topics of the meeting; the second and third parts summarize the oral papers and posters in a more condensed form.


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