Physical Examination and Health Assessment DVD Series: DVD 16: Head-To-Toe Examination of the Adult, Version 2

1st Edition


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Video 16 from the Jarvis Physical Examination and Health Assessment Video Series takes a systematic approach to the complete examination, combining body-system assessments within the same region and concluding with the genitalia. First, it shows how to obtain an overview by observing general appearance, measuring height and weight, inspecting the skin, and assessing vital signs. Then it demonstrates the head-to-toe examination, working from the head and face to the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat, neck, chest, upper extremities, breasts, neck vessels, heart, abdomen, inguinal area, lower extremities (supine), musculoskeletal system, neurologic system, lower extremities (standing), neuromuscular function, and genitalia and rectum (with variations for men and women).

Key Features

  • Bonus materials include:
    • Health history topics related to complete examination of an adult
    • A list of equipment for performing a head-to-toe examination of an adult
    • Two cross-cultural scenes about cultural variations in eye contact and physical contact
    • Two health promotion scenarios about breast self-examination and testicular self-examination
    • A list of patient-teaching topics, ranging from periodic health examinations to chemoprophylaxis with vitamins and hormones


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