Physical Examination and Health Assessment DVD Series: DVD 14: Head-To-Toe Examination of the Neonate, Version 2

1st Edition


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Video 14 from the Jarvis Physical Examination and Health Assessment Video Series takes a systematic approach to the complete examination of a neonate, combining body-system assessments within the same region and incorporating gestational age assessments. First, it shows how to obtain an overview by observing general appearance, assessing vital signs, and measuring length and head and chest circumference. Then it continues with a head-to-toe examination, reserving potentially upsetting procedures for the end. The video demonstrates how to examine the structures of the head and neck, chest and abdomen, upper and lower extremities, genitalia (with variations for boys and girls), neuromuscular system, and spine. It concludes with a rectal examination and final procedures.

Key Features

  • Bonus materials include:
    • Health history topics about the parents before, during, and after the pregnancy related to complete examination of their neonate
    • A list of equipment for performing a head-to-toe examination of a neonate
    • Four cross-cultural scenes about differences in the skin, red reflex, nasal bridge, and scrotum in different populations
    • Ten scenes of gestational age assessments, including techniques to evaluate neuromuscular and physical maturity
    • One health promotion scenario about parent teaching regarding infant immunizations
    • A list of patient-teaching topics, ranging from developmental milestones to infant skin care


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