Physical Education and the Study of Sport

5th Edition

Text with CD-ROM


  • Robert Davis
  • Jan Roscoe
  • Ros Phillips
    • Print ISBN 9780723433750

    Key Features

    • Covers the needs of the new A level syllabus
    • Addresses the requirements of AS students (pre-A level course)
    • Features over 680 full-color illustrations
    • Experienced and established team of authors - moderators, syllabus writers, and exam question setters

    Table of Contents

    Part One: The Performer in Action
    1. The anatomy of physical performance
    2. Cardio-respiratory systems
    3. Energy for exercise
    4. Training for physical performance
    5. Fitness for life
    6. Biomechanics: linear motion
    7. The nature and application of force
    8. Rotating systems

    Part Two: The Performer as a Person
    9. The nature and classification of skill
    10. Information processing in perceptual-motor performance
    11. Principles of learning and teaching
    12. Psychology of sport performance: individual differences and performance enhancement
    13. Psychology of sport: social influences on performance and mental preparation

    Part Three: The Performer in a Social Setting
    14. Important concepts in physical education and sport
    15. Physical education and sport in the United Kingdom
    16. Sociological considerations of physical education and sport
    17. Some contemporary issues in physical education and sport
    18. Physical education and sport on the continent of Europe with particular reference to France
    19. Physical education and sport in Commonwealth countries with particular reference to Australia
    20. Physical education and sport in the United States of America
    21. Physical education and sport in communist and post -communist countries with particular reference to the Soviet Union (Russia)
    22. Historical perspectives and popular recreation
    23. Athleticism in 19th century English public schools
    24. The pattern of rational recreation in 19th century Britain
    25. Transitions in English elementary schools


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