Photochemistry and Photobiology of Nucleic Acids

Photochemistry and Photobiology of Nucleic Acids

1st Edition - January 1, 1976

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  • Editor: Shih Yi Wang
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323150033

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Photochemistry and Photobiology of Nucleic Acids: Volume II, Biology is a collection of papers that deals with the biological effects due to stable UV induced alterations in critical cellular macromolecules, including cell death, growth delay, mutagenesis, and carcinogenesis. The papers assume that DNA is the macromolecule most relevant to cell pathology, as well as to the photochemical and photobiological properties of RNA which are essential in cellular functions. One paper investigates the UV-induced cross-linkings of proteins with nucleic acids as a possible cause of biological effects other than just in terms of the damage done to nucleic acids. Other papers discuss the mechanisms of protection against, and in the repair of damage caused by UV photons and by ionizing radiation (also chemical mutagens) in many organisms from viruses to mammalian cells. The repair processes appear to play a role in monitoring and preserving the structural integrity of DNA during physiological processes such as replication and transcription. One paper notes that in experiments on human embryonic lung fibroblasts WI-38 at very high radiation doses, radiation products of Thy in acid-soluble form appear while products from the DNA (acid-precipitable fraction) disappear. The paper suggests that the excision process is therefore selective. The collection is suitable for biochemists, microbiologists, or academicians whose works involve genetics, cancer, and cellular research.

Table of Contents

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    Contents of Volume I

    Chapter 1 Physical and Chemical Properties of DNA

    A. Introduction

    B. Primary Structure

    C. Secondary Structure

    D. Absorption of UV Light by DNA


    Chapter 2 Photochemistry of DNA and Polynucleotides: Photoproducts

    A. Introduction

    B. Early Studies on DNA Photochemistry

    C. Isolation and Detection of Photoproducts in DNA

    D. Properties of Photoproducts Formed in DNA


    Chapter 3 Photochemistry of DNA; Secondary Structure, Photosensitization, Base Substitution, and Exogenous Molecules

    A. UV-Induced Changes in the Secondary Structure of DNA

    Β. Photosensitization

    C. Photochemistry of Base-Substituted DNA

    D. Influence of Exogenous Molecules on the Photochemistry of DNA


    Chapter 4 Ultraviolet Inactivation of Biological Systems

    A. Introduction

    B. Survival Curves

    C. Action Spectra

    D. DNA Photoproduct Studies

    E. Overview


    Chapter 5 The Radiation-Induced Addition of Proteins and Other Molecules to Nucleic Acids

    A. Introduction

    B. Radiation-Induced Cross-Linking of DNA and Protein in Vivo

    C. Radiation-Induced Cross-Linking of DNA and Protein in Vitro

    D. Photochemical Addition of Amino Acids to Nucleic Acids in Vitro

    E. Radiation-Induced Addition Reactions of Miscellaneous Compounds with the Nucleic Acids

    F. Cellular Aging and the Radical-Induced Cross-Linking of DNA with Protein (and Other Molecules)


    Chapter 6 Repair of UV-Irradiated Biological Systems: Photoreactivation

    A. General

    B. The Phenomenon of Photoreactivation

    C. Photoenzymatic Repair in Microbial Systems

    D. Photoenzymatic Repair in Eukaryotes

    E. Photoreactivation by Mechanisms Other than Photoenzymatic Repair

    F. Where do We Stand Today?


    Chapter 7 Photochemistry and Photobiology of Ribonucleic Acids, Ribonucleoproteins, and RNA Viruses

    A. Introduction

    B. Chemical Nature of Lesions Introduced into Viral RNA by Ultraviolet Light

    C. Factors Influencing the Quantum Yield of Inactivation

    D. The Photochemistry and Photobiology of Specific Viruses and their RNA's

    E. Photoreactivation and Repair Processes

    F. Effects of UV on Components of Protein Synthesizing Systems

    G. Summary


    Chapter 8 Mutation in Ultraviolet Light—Damaged Microorganisms

    A. Introduction

    B. The Initial Lesion

    C. The Mutation Process

    D. Mutation Studies with Selected Eukaryotic Cell Systems


    Chapter 9 DNA Base Damage Induced by Ionizing Radiation

    A. Introduction

    B. The Contribution of DNA Base Damage to the Lethal Effect of Ionizing Radiation

    C. The Radiation Chemistry of the Bases in DNA in Vitro and in Vivo

    D. Repair of γ-Ray-Induced Thymine Damage in Bacteria and Mammalian Cells


    Appendix Abbreviations for Pyrimidine Photoproducts

    A. Cyclobutane Derivatives ("Dimers")

    Β. Singly Bonded Dipyrimidines

    C. Pyrimidine Addition Products

    D. Trimers


    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 446
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1976
  • Published: January 1, 1976
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323150033

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