This latest edition extends the coverage of the 1990 edition, of which the reviewer said There appears to be no other book that so comprehensively surveys the current state of inorganic, organic and biological chemistry of phosphorus (Journal of the American Chemical Society). Since then, the importance and relevance of phosphorus compounds has continued to increase over ever-widening fields of science and technology. This fifth edition has been thoroughly revised and some major rearrangements of text have been made. Selected highlights from the past five years have been added and a special chapter dealing with major applications has been included.

The book deals with all aspects of phosphorus chemistry: organic, inorganic, biochemical, physical, environmental and technical. While much of the text is of a basic and introductory nature, modern theories and recent developments are covered. Like its predecessors, it is intended for use beyond first year university undergraduate level. It should enable anyone with a reasonable knowledge of general chemistry to acquire the necessary groundwork before undertaking detailed searching of the literature or reading highly specialised reviews. The book will also serve as a reference text and as a guide to advanced study for research workers and technologists with interests in related fields such as food chemistry, agricultural chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, ceramics, materials science, electronics, minerals and mining.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Background. 2. Phosphides and Simple Compounds. 3. Phosphates. 4. Phosphorus - Carbon Compounds I. 5. Phosphorus - Nitrogen Compounds. 6. Applications of Phosphorus Compounds. 7. Phosphorus with Group VI Elements. 8. Phosphorus - Carbon Compounds II. 9. Phosphorus with Groups III and IV Elements. 10. Metalophosphorus Compounds. 11. Biopolymers. 12. Metabolic Processes. 13. Special Topics. 14. Analysis and Characterisation. Appendices. Index.


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