The Handbook Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences addresses numerous issues in the emerging field of the philosophy of those sciences that are involved in the technological process of designing, developing and making of new technical artifacts and systems. These issues include the nature of design, of technological knowledge, and of technical artifacts, as well as the toolbox of engineers. Most of these have thus far not been analyzed in general philosophy of science, which has traditionally but inadequately regarded technology as mere applied science and focused on physics, biology, mathematics and the social sciences.

Key Features

First comprehensive philosophical handbook on technology and the engineering sciences
Unparalleled in scope including explorative articles
In depth discussion of technical artifacts and their ontology
Provides extensive analysis of the nature of engineering design
Focuses in detail on the role of models in technology

Table of Contents

General Introduction (Anthonie Meijers, editor)

Part I: Technology, Engineering and the Sciences

Introduction to Part I (Hans Radder, associate editor)

Defining Technology and the Engineering Sciences (Carl Mitcham and Eric Schatzberg)

Science, Technology and the Science–Technology Relationship (Hans Radder)

The Role of Social Science in Engineering (Knut Holtan Sørensen)

The Emergence of the Engineering Sciences: An Historical Analysis (David F. Channell)

Coherence and Diversity in the Engineering Sciences (Gerhard Banse and Armin Grunwald)

Part II: Ontology and Epistemology of Artifacts

Introduction to Part II (Wybo Houkes, associate editor)

Artifacts in Metaphysics (Amie L. Thomasson)

Philosophical Theories of Artifact Function (Beth Preston)

Functional Decomposition and Mereology in Engineering (Pieter Vermaas and Pawel Garbacz)

Artifacts in Formal Ontology (Stefano Borgo and Laure Vieu)

The Nature of Technological Knowledge (Wybo Houkes)

Tacit Knowledge and Engineering Design (Paul Nightingale)

Practical Reasoning and Engineering (Jesse Hughes)

Part III: Philosophy of Engineering Design

Introduction to Part III (Peter Kroes, associate editor)

Thinking about Design: An Historical Perspective (Richard Buchanan)

Typologies of Design Practice (Kees Dorst and Kees van Overveld)

Translating Customer Requirements into Technical Specifications (Marc de Vries)

Foundational Issues of Engineering Design (Peter Kroes)

Computational Representations of Function in Engineering Design (William H. Wood)

Rationality in Design (Peter Kroes, Maarten Franssen and Louis Bucciarelli)

Designing Socio-Technical Systems (Johannes M. Bauer and Paulien M. Herder)

Part IV: Modeling in Engineering Sciences

Introduction to Part IV (Sjoerd Z


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