Pharmacology Online for Pharmacology for Nursing Care (User Guide and Access Code)

7th Edition


  • Richard Lehne
  • Paul Lockman
  • Kathy Rose
  • Judith Herrman
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Gloria Coschigano
  • Carmen Adams
  • Patricia Neafsey
  • Alan Agins
  • Key Features

    • 26 interactive case studies immerse you in true-to-life clinical scenarios and enable hands-on learning in the safety of a virtual setting, accompanied by rationales and remediation tools to help you improve your understanding of correct and incorrect choices.
    • Case study quizzes gauge your comprehension of case study content.
    • 220 interactive learning activities test your knowledge of critical drug content in a fun, game-like format.
    • NCLEX„¥ examination-style quizzes for every chapter (109 total) prepare you for pharmacology questions you¡¦ll encounter on the NCLEX exam and provide rationales and textbook page references to streamline remediation.
    • Unique! Roadside Assistance video clips hosted by renowned pharmacologist and speaker Alan P. Agins, PhD, infuse difficult content with humor and relevance for easier understanding.
    • 220 flashcard sets (an average of two sets per chapter) provide an easy, portable way to review major drugs, drug classes, and pharmacologic principles.
    • 20 care planning activities challenge you to apply what you¡¦ve learned to the planning of patient care.
    • 42 animations, accompanied by voiceover narrations, are integrated into the self-study modules to clarify concepts.
    • An Audio Glossary helps you master definitions and pronunciations for more than 1,400 terms and drug names.
    • An online drug handbook is accessible within self-study modules and case studies.

    Table of Contents

    UNIT I. Introduction

    UNIT II. Basic Principles of Pharmacology

    UNIT III. Drug Therapy Across the Lifespan

    UNIT IV. Peripheral Nervous System Drugs

    UNIT V. Central Nervous System Drugs

    UNIT VI. Drugs That Affect Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

    UNIT VII. Drugs That Affect the Heart, Blood Vessels, and Blood

    UNIT VIII. Drugs for Endocrine Disorders

    UNIT IX. Women’s Health

    UNIT X. Men’s Health

    UNIT XI. Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic, and Immunologic Drugs

    UNIT XII. Drugs for Bone and Joint Disorders

    UNIT XIII. Respiratory Tract Drugs

    UNIT XIV. Gastrointestinal Drugs

    UNIT XV. Nutrition

    UNIT XVI. Chemotherapy of Infectious Diseases

    UNIT XVII. Chemotherapy of Parasitic Disease

    UNIT XVIII. Cancer Chemotherapy

    UNIT XIX. Additional Important Drugs

    UNIT XX. Alternative Therapy

    UNIT XXI. Toxicology

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    Audio Glossary

    Online Drug Handbook


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