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Preface List of Symbols List of Tables List of Figures Part I: Petroleum Production Engineering Fundamentals Chapter 1: Petroleum Production System 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Reservoir 1.3 Well 1.4 Separator 1.5 Pump 1.6 Gas Compressor 1.7 Pipelines 1.8 Safety Control System 1.9 Unit Systems Summary References Problems Chapter 2: Properties of Oil and Natural Gas 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Properties of Oil 2.2.1 Solution Gas Oil Ratio 2.2.2 Density of Oil 2.2.3 Formation Volume Factor of Oil 2.2.4 Viscosity of Oil 2.2.5 Oil Compressibility 2.3 Properties of Natural Gas 2.3.1 Specific Gravity of Gas 2.3.2 Gas Pseudocritical Pressure and Temperature 2.3.3 Viscosity of Gas 2.3.4 Gas Compressibility Factor 2.3.5 Density of Gas 2.3.6 Formation Volume Factor of Gas 2.3.7 Gas Compressibility Summary References Problems Chapter 3: Reservoir Deliverability 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Flow Regimes 3.2.1 Transient Flow 3.2.2 Steady State Flow 3.2.3 Pseudosteady State Flow 3.2.4 Horizontal Well 3.3 Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) 3.3.1 IPR for Single (Liquid) Phase Reservoirs 3.3.2 IPR for Two-Phase Reservoirs 3.3.3 IPR for Partial Two-Phase Oil Reservoirs 3.4 Construction of IPR Curves Using Test Points 3.5 Composite IPR of Stratified Reservoirs 3.5.1 Composite IPR Models Single-Pha


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