This conference was arranged by the Norwegian Petroleum Society in order to commemorate the first 25 years of exploration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Sixty papers and posters were presented of which 25 have been selected for this volume.

Since the start of exploration activities during the mid 1960's the North Sea has not only proved to be one of the main petroleum provinces in the world, but has also established itself as an excellent laboratory for geoscientific research and application. This development has been stimulated greatly by the openess towards exchange of technical data encouragement by the Norwegian authorities.

The objective of this book is to assess the results of 25 years of exploration in Norway. It focuses on lessons learned from past experiences as well as considering future challenges facing geoscientists in the industry (relating to both exploration and exploitation activities). Included, are papers which assess the status and future trends of exploration in the main geological provinces on the Norwegian Continental Shelf from the Central Graben in the south to Svalbard and the Russian Artic in the north.

Table of Contents

Opening address (K.O. Gilje). List of Contributors. In the Beginning (F. Lied). The early marine geophysical investigations on the Norwegian continental shelf (M.A. Sellevoll and Y. Kristoffersen). Norwegian exploration and production in a global context (K.J. Chew). Strategies and techniques for exploring the remaining hydrocarbon potential of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (R.M. Larsen, E. Syrstad and J. Vollset). The Norwegian Central Graben - potential and pitfalls (M.B. Gowers). From the Chalk to the Palaeozoic, the new frontier in Central Graben exploration (C.E.J. Needham and L. Jacobs). Local tectonics and effects on sediment distribution within the Eldfisk Field (J.E. Brasher). Petroleum exploration in the Ula Trend (H.M. Bjørnseth and J. Gluyas). Exploration trends in marginal basins - from Skagerrak to Stord (S. Sørensen and O.H. Tangen). Exploration trends in the northern North Sea (60-620N) (G.Ø. Knag, D. South and A.M. Spencer). Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic reservoir rocks in the Tampen Spur area, Norwegian North Sea (J.P. Nystuen and L.-M. Fält). Exploring stratigraphic traps: an example from the Upper Jurassic in Block 33/9, the Norwegian North Sea (S.A. Ghazi and W.J. Schmidt). Jurassic reservoirs; field examples from the Oseberg and Troll fields: Horda Platform area (J.R. Johnsen, H. Rutledal and D.E. Nilsen). Exploration trends of the Halten Terrace (J.-O. Koch and O.R. Heum). Exploration trends in the Southern Barents Sea (D.J. Stewart, K. Berge and B. Bowlin). Hydrocarbon potential of the Bjørnøya West Province, western Barents Sea Margin (E. Rasmussen, P.H. Skott and K,-B. Larsen). Integrated basin modelling for maturity predictions in the Bjørnøyrenna Fault Complex (M.A. Stephenson, C.G. Guargena, W. Fjeldskaar and J.K. Michelsen). Structural-tectonic zonation and evolution history of the West Arctic metaplatform, Russian Barents Sea (E.A. Ignatenko). The Barents shelf investig


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