Pet Lover's Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs

1st Edition


  • Barbara Fougere
    • Print ISBN 9781416029861

    Key Features

    • Full-color line art and photographs illustrate various plants and herbs, and also techniques such as manual therapies, massage, and other hands-on healing techniques in a user-friendly and easily identifiable manner.
    • Special boxes labeled "Where We Stand" present the author's strong opinions on specific (sometimes controversial) issues in a highlighted, easy-to-find format.
    • Key terms are highlighted, making them easy to locate and reference — these terms are also included in the glossary with clear, simple definitions.
    • Important information is bulleted and placed in a shaded box, bringing the main points to the reader's attention in a quick and useful way.
    • Clear readability makes information easily accessible to pet owners, helping them to better understand natural therapies and their uses in treating pets. It also enables veterinarians to carry the book in their practices and recommend it to clients.
    • Written by established, recognized veterinarians, this book is a reliable source for veterinary professionals.

    Table of Contents

    1. Natural Therapies For Your Pet

    Why Use Natural Therapies?
    So What’s Different About Holistic Medicine?
    Health and Well-Being Of Your Pet
    Signs of Poor Health In Animals
    The Urban Pet and Free Radicals
    Stress and Health

    2. Practical Steps to Prevent Disease and Improve Well-Being

    The Annual Exam
    How “Old” Is Your Pet Compared With Humans?
    10-Point Home Health Check
    When to Take Your Pet to The Veterinarian
    Improving Health
    10 Steps to Greater Well-Being And Health

    3. Holistic Nutrition

    Nutrition Basics
    Classes of Nutrients
    What to Feed

    4. Nutrition Boosters

    Starting With Supplements

    5. Herbs

    Herb Safety
    Using Herbal Medicines
    Herbal Preparations
    A Pet Herbal Home Pharmacy
    Herbal Material Medica
    Indoor Herb Garden for Cats

    6. Physical Therapies

    Acupuncture and Acupressure
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy
    Hands-On Healing

    7. Homeopathy

    The Principles of Homeopathy

    8. Bach Flower Remedies

    Dosage Choosing the Remedies
    Aromatherapy (Dogs Only)

    9. Recommendations

    Treatment Options

    10. Detoxification Program

    Some General Principles
    Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)
    A Naturopathic Approach to Chronic Disease
    Natural Therapies for Dysbiosis And Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Corticosteroid Use
    Basic Detoxification Program
    Short-Term Modified Fast Of 1-3 Days
    Bowel Detoxification
    Liver Detoxification
    When to See Your Veterinarian
    What to Ask Your Veterinarian

    11. Skin and Coat

    Maintaining Skin and Coat Health
    Signs of Skin Dise


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