Pet Lover's Guide to First Aid and Emergencies

1st Edition


  • Tom Day
    • Print ISBN 9781416025313

    Key Features

    • Full-color line art and photographs demonstrate animal behavior, how to take pulses and heart rates, and pressure points. Other illustrations depict transport of a trauma patient, basic CPR techniques, types of bandages, allergic reactions, open-mouth breathing, and methods of cooling for heatstroke.
    • Special boxes labeled "Where We Stand" present the author's strong opinions on specific (sometimes controversial) issues in a highlighted, easy-to-find format.
    • Key terms are highlighted, making them easy to locate and reference — these terms are also included in the glossary with clear, simple definitions.
    • Important information is bulleted and placed in a shaded box, bringing the main points to the reader's attention in a quick and useful way.
    • Detailed list of emergency situations and proper responses shows how to do a complete and thorough examination of causes and signs, plus first-aid treatment, in a concise and user-friendly format.
    • Emergencies are alphabetically listed and divided by species, enabling quick access to critical information and to appropriate actions.
    • Clear readability makes information easily accessible to pet owners, helping them provide appropriate first aid to pets before medical attention from a veterinarian can be obtained.
    • Written by established, recognized veterinarians, this book is a reliable source for veterinary professionals.

    Table of Contents

    1. What is normal in your pet?
    2. Learning to recognize an emergency
    3. Emergency situations and what to do (and what NOT to do)

    a. trauma
    i. Hit by car
    ii. Gunshot would
    iii. Fight with another animal
    iv. Falling from a height
    b. difficulty breathing
    c. seizures
    d. cuts and gashes
    e. excessive bleeding
    f. snake or insect bites
    g. heat stroke
    h. poisoning
    i. shock
    j. open wounds with or without exposed bones, etc.
    k. burns
    l. etc.
    4. How to perform CPR
    5. Specific emergencies (examples) – alphabetical listing

    a. Abrasions (cuts and scrapes)
    i. Causes
    ii. Signs
    iii. First Aid
    b. Balance, loss of
    i. Causes
    ii. Signs
    iii. First aid
    c. Back, broken
    i. Causes
    ii. Signs
    iii. First aid
    d. etc.
    6. First Aid Kit


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    About the author

    Tom Day

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    Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services, Louisville, KY