Peripheral Neuropathy - 4th Edition - ISBN: 9780721694917

Peripheral Neuropathy

4th Edition

2-Volume Set with Expert Consult Basic

Editor: Peter Dyck
Authors: Peter Dyck P. K. Thomas
Hardcover ISBN: 9780721694917
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 24th March 2005
Page Count: 2992

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Edited by internationally acclaimed experts in the field, this authoritative 2-volume Gold Standard comprehensively covers the neurobiology and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. It encompasses neurobiology, clinical neurophysiology, molecular genetics, and clinical diagnosis and management. The 4th Edition has been rewritten and updated to provide a fresh account of all subjects, with an emphasis on new information about cell biology, genetics, proteomics, clinical manifestations, and new treatments. And, a user-friendly organization allows readers to quickly find specific information, or access more in-depth coverage when needed.

Key Features

  • Provides authoritative, in-depth information on neurobiology and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.
  • Presents complete coverage of development - anatomy - physiology - pharmacology -special testing (nerve conduction and EMG), autonomic testing, and testing of impairment and disability - and the diagnosis, management, and outcomes for peripheral neuropathies.
  • Includes information on epidemiologic survey and pharmaceutical industry trials, with coverage of the complications of diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases

Table of Contents


1. Introduction - Henry deF. Webster


2. Gross Anatomy of the PNS – Ernest Gardner & Richard P. Bunge
(No change/will use PN3 version)
3. Microscopic Anatomy of the PNS - C.H. Berthold, J. Fraher & R. H. M. King


4. Channel Function in Axons and Sheath Cells –S. Y. Chiu
5. Nerve Excitability Measures: Biophysical Basis and Use in the Investigation of Peripheral Nerve Disease - Matthew C. Kiernan, David Burke & Hugh Bostock
6. The Muscle Spindle - R. W. Banks
7. The Golgi Tendon Organ – J. Scott
8. The Peripheral Sensory Nervous System: Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons – Sally N. Lawson
9. The Pupil - James J. Corbett
11. Neurologic Control of Cardiac Function - David Paterson & John Coote
12. Neurobiology of Autonomic Peripheral Ganglia - David Kreulen
13. Neurobiology of the Enteric Nervous System - Jackie D. Wood
14. Autonomic and Somatic Systems to the Anorectum
and Pelvic Floors – Adil E. Bharucha & Christopher Klingele
15. Autonomic Systems to the Urinary Bladder & Sexual Organs - William C. de Groat & August M. Booth
16. Sympathetic nerves and control of blood vessels to human limbs - Michael J. Joyner, Paul M. VanHoutte, John R. Halliwill & John T. Shepherd


17. Molecular Signaling in Schwann Cell Development - R. Mirsky & K. Jessen
18. Growth Factors of the PNS - Anthony Windebank
19. Axonal Flow - W. Stephen Brimijoin
20. Myelination – O. Suter & R. Martini
21. The Control of Axonal Caliber - John W. Griffin & Ahmet Hoke
22. Guidance of Axons to Targets in Development and in Disease – Frank Bradke
23. Aging of the PNS – T. Cowen & R.H.M. King
24. Oxidative Stress and Excitatory Neurotoxins - Phillip A. Low
25. Transgenic Models of Nerve Degeneration – R. Martini


26. Introduction to Immune Reactions in the PNS - Hans-Peter Hartung, Guido Stoll & Klaus Toyka
27. Peripheral Nerve Antigens - Hugh J. Willison, Norman A. Gregson, Graham M. O’Hanlon & Richard A. C. Hughes
28. Experimental Autoimmune Neuritis (EAN) - Ralf Gold, Guido Stoll, Bernd C. Kieseier, Hans-Peter Hartung & Klaus Toyka
29. Fundamentals of Immune Therapy - J.D. Pollard, Richard Hughes & Peter Hartung


30. The Blood Nerve Barrier – Ananda Weerasuriya
31. Nerve Blood Flow and Nerve Fiber Microenvironment - Phillip McManis & Phillip A. Low


32. Pathology of Peripheral Neuron Cell Bodies - Michale J. Groves & Francesco Scaravilli
33. Pathologic Alterations of Nerves - Peter J. Dyck, P. J. B. Dyck & JaNean Engelstad
34. Pathology of the Neuromuscular Junction - Andrew G. Engel
35. Pathology and Quantitation of Cutaneous Innervation - William R. Kennedy, Justin C. McArthur, Michael J. Polydefkis & Gwen Wendelschafer


36. Nerve Conduction and Needle Electromyography - Jun Kimura
37. Nerve Tests Expressed as Percentiles, Normal Deviates and Composite Scores – Peter J. Dyck, Peter C. O’Brien, Jenny Davies, Christopher J. Klein & P. James B. Dyck
38. Single Fiber Electromyography - Erik Stålberg & J. Trontelj
39. Single-unit Recordings of Afferent Human Peripheral Nerves
by Microneurography – Erik Torebjörk & Martin Schmelz
40. Compound Action Potential of Sural Nerves in Vitro - Edward H. Lambert & Peter J. Dyck(No change/will use PN3 version)


41. Quantitating Neuropathic Symptoms, Impairments
and Outcomes – Peter J. Dyck & Richard A. C. Hughes
42. Health Outcomes and Quality of Life - Ann Jakoby
43. Quantitation of Sensory Abnormality - Peter J. Dyck, Peter C. O’Brien, David M. Johnson
Christopher J. Klein & P. James B. Dyck

44. Quantitation of Muscle Contraction & Strength - Kenton R. Kaufman
45. Quantitation of Autonomic Impairment - Phillip Low & C.J. Mathias


Part A. Differential Diagnoses and Epidemiology
46. Clinical Patterns – Philip Thompson & P. K. Thomas
47. Differential Diagnoses of Polyneuropathy – Ian A. Grant, Timothy J. Benstead & Peter J. Dyck
48. Epidemiologic Approaches to Peripheral Neuropathy - James P. Burke & L. Joseph Melton, III
Part B. Diseases of Cranial Nerves
49. Diseases of the Third, Fourth, and Sixth Cranial Nerves - Jacqueline A. Leavitt & Brian R. Younge
50. Diseases of the Fifth Cranial Nerve – Richard A. C. Hughes
51. Diseases of the Seventh Cranial Nerve - Caroline M. Klein
52. Diseases of the Eighth Cranial Nerve - Linda M. Luxon & Doris Bamiou
53. Diseases of the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Cranial Nerves – C. Mathias & P. K. Thomas
Part C. Diseases of Spinal Cord, Spinal Roots, and Limb Girdle Plexuses
54. Myelopathies Affecting Anterior Horn Cells and Centrally Directed Afferent Axons in Posterior
Horns and Columns – Caroline Klein & Annabel Wang
55. Diseases of Spinal Roots – Colin Chalk
56. Mechanical Compression, Traction, Electrical Radiation and Neoplastic Infiltration of the Brachial Plexus - Asa Wilbourne
57. Diseases of Spinal Cord, Spinal Roots, and Limb-Girdle Plexuses - Michael Donaghy
Part D. Neuropathy Due to Compression, Entrapment or Physical Injury
58. Mechanisms of Nerve Injury from Compression, Entrapment, Traction and Ischemia - Ted Burns & Peter J. Dyck
59. Mechanisms of Repair After Traumatic Injury - Susan Hall
60. Median Neuropathy – J. Clarke Stevens
61. Upper Limb Neuropathies: suprascapular, axillary, nerve to serratus anterior, radial and ulnar - Asa Wilbourne
62. Lower Limb Neuropathies – Asa Wilbourne
63. Operating on Peripheral Nerves – Rolfe Birch
Part E. Sporadic Motor Neuron Disease
64. Sporadic Motor Neuron Degeneration - Nigel Leigh
Part F. Basis of Inherited Disease
65. Mendelian and Mitochondrial Inheritance, Gene Identification, and Clinical Testing - Virginia V. Michels, Stephen N. Thibodeau & Erik C. Thorland
66. Transgenic Models of Inherited Neuropathy - Clare Huxley & Andrea Roberterson
Part G. Inherited Motor Neuron Degeneration
67. Transgenic Models of ALS – Eric Sorenson
68. Inherited Motor Neuron Degeneration – Nigel Leigh
69. Hereditary Motor Neuropathies (Spinal Muscular Atrophies) - Peter de Jonghe
Part H. Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathies
70. Principles of Classifications, Clinical Syndromes - Michael Shy, Peter J. Dyck, Phillip F. Chance, James R Lupski & Christopher J. Klein
71. Disorders Related to PMP22 Mutations - James R. Lupski & Phillip F. Chance
72. The Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathies (HMSN)
73. Related to MPZ (P0) Mutations – Michael E. Shy
74. Disorders Related to EGR 2 Mutations - Laura E. Warner & James R. Lupski
75. Molecular Genetics of HMSN II (CMT 2)- Christopher J. Klein & Peter J. Dyck
76. Hereditary Brachial Plexus Neuropathy - Christopher J. Klein & Anthony J. Windebank
77. Autosomal Recessive HMSN - Anneke Gabrёёls-Festen & P. K. Thomas
78. X-Linked HMSN – Steve Scherer
79. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, Type 2B – J. Aidan Carney
Part I. Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathies
80. Clinical, Pathologic Classification, and Molecular Genetics - Christopher J. Klein, Robert H. Brown & Peter J. Dyck
Part J. Inborn errors of Metabolism With Peripheral Nerve Involvement
81. Lysosomal and Peroxisomal Disorders - P. K. Thomas & Hans Goebel
82. Porphyria - A. J. Windebank
83. Fabry Disease – Roscoe O. Brady & Raphael Schiffmann
84. Tangier Disease and Neuropathy – Mason Freeman & Gilmore O’Neill
85. Hereditary Amyloid Neuropathy – M. Reilly
86. Mitochondrial Disorders – Michael Hanna
Part K. Neuropathy Associated with Systemic Disease
87. Diabetic Polyneuropathy - P.K. Thomas, D. Tomlinson & G. Llewelyn
88. Diabetic Radiculoplexus Neuropathies - P. James B. Dyck & J. Clarke Stevens
89. Neuropathies Associated With Renal Failure, Hepatic Disorders, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Critical Illness – Douglas W. Zochodne
90. Neuropathy in Diseases of Thyroid and Pituitary Glands - John Pollard
Part L. Nutritional and Vitamin Deficiencies
91. Nutritional and Vitamin Deficiency – David Saperstein & Richard Barohn
92. Myeloneuropathies – Gustavo C. Roman
Part M. Infections
93. Leprosy - Thomas D. Sabin, Thomas R. Swift & Robert R. Jacobson
94. Lyme Borreliosis – Gerard Said
95. Herpes Simplex and Zoster - Donald Gilden & Kenneth Tyler
96. Peripheral Neuropathies in HIV Infection - Ahmet Hoke & David R. Cornblath
97. Diphtheritic Polyneuropathy – David Pleasure & Albee Messing
98. Parasitic Infections – Sudha Pottumarthy & Thomas Fritsche
Part N. Inflammatory and Immune
99. Antibodies to Nerve Components and Neuropathy - A. Pestronk & Glenn Lopate
100. AIDP – John W. Griffin
101. CIDP – Angelika F. Hahn, Hans-Peter Hartung & Peter J. Dyck
102. Neuropathy Associated with the Monoclonal Antibodies - Robert A. Kyle & Peter J. Dyck
103. Multifocal Motor Neuropathy and Persistent Conduction
Block – H. J. Willison & Bruce V. Taylor
104. Brachial Plexus Neuropathy - Guillermo A. Suarez
105. Nonmalignant Inflammatory Sensory Polyganglionopathy - Benn E. Smith, Anthony J. Windebank & Peter J. Dyck
106. Cryptogenic Sensory Polyneuropathy - Ian A. Grant
107. Neuropathies with Systemic Necrotizing Vasculitis - John T. Kissel & Jerry R. Mendell
108. Neuropathies and Microvasculitis – P. James B. Dyck
109. Sarcoid Neuropathy – Gerard Said & Catherine Lacroix
Part O. Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with Malignancy, etc.
110. Amyloidosis and Neuropathy - Robert A. Kyle, John J. Kelly & Peter J. Dyck
111. POEMS Syndrome (Osteosclerotic Myeloma)- Angela Dispenzieri & Guillermo A. Suarez & Robert A. Kyle
112. Paraneoplastic Neuropathy – James McLeod & J. Spies
113. Peripheral Neuropathy Associated with Lymphoma, Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Disorders - E. Peter Bosch, Thomas M. Habermann & Ayalew Tefferi
Part P. Neuropathy Associated With Industrial Agents, Metals and Drugs
114. Industrial Agents – Alan Berger & Herbert Schaumburg
115. Metal Neuropathy – A.J. Windebank
116. Pharmaceutical Agents – Steve Herskovitz & Herb Schaumberg
Part Q. Tumors
117. Peripheral Nerve Tumors – Caterinia Giannini
Part R. Management
118. Management with Acute Neuromuscular Disease in the Intensive Care Unit – Eelco Wijdicks
119. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Mary Dombovy
120. Mechanisms and Pharmacologic Management of Neuropathic Pain - Michael C. Rowbotham
121. Management of Autonomic Failure – Phillip A. Low
122. Management of Cardiovascular Failure – Roy L. Freeman
123. Management of Gut Dysmotility - Michael Camilleri & Adil Bharucha
124. Peripheral Neuropathies in Infants and Children - Ted M. Burns, Monique M. Ryan, Basil T. Darras & H. Royden Jones


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© Saunders 2005
24th March 2005
Hardcover ISBN:

About the Editor

Peter Dyck

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

About the Authors

Peter Dyck

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Neurology, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

P. K. Thomas

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Neurological Science, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK