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  • The ultimate reference source for clinical neurophysiologists on peripheral neuropathies.
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Table of Contents

Section I. Anatomy and physiology

A) Structure and function of peripheral nerve
1. Anatomy and histology of the peripheral nerve B.E. Smith (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)
2. Physiology and function C. Krarup (Copenhagen, Denmark)
B) Types of abnormalities
3. Nerve biopsy G. Midroni and J.Bilbao (Toronto, Canada)
4. Pathophysiology of demyelination and axonal degeneration B. V. Watson, A. X. Nguyen and W. F. Brown (Ontario, Canada and South Cloud, MN, USA)

Section II. Methodology and technique in assessing the peripheral nerve

A) General principles
5. Principles of stimulation and recording H. Nodera and R. Kaji (Tokushima, Japan)
6. Peripheral motor nerve conduction studies K. H. Levin (Cleveland, OH, USA)
7. Sensory nerve conduction studies T.E. Bertorini (Memphis, TN, USA)
8. Testing for focal processes: inching in short increments M. E. Landau and W. W. Campbell (Washington, DC, USA)
9. Late responses (F waves and A waves): methdology and techniques R. J. Guiloff (London, UK)
10. Reflex responses, silent period and long latency responses J. Valls-Solë and G. Deuschl (Barcelona, Spain)
11. Nerve root stimulation D. L. Menkes (Memphis, TN,USA )
12.Motor unit number estimation in peripheral neuropathies M. B. Bromburg (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
13. Pelvic floor conduction studies D. B.Voduðek (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
14. Anomalies of innervation: anatomy and testing
J. Gert van Dijk (Leiden, Netherlands)
15. Other pitfalls and sources of errors A. Al- Shekhlee and D. C. Preston (Cleveland, OH, USA)
16. Collision testing H. W. Sander (New York, NY, USA)
17. Assessment of nerve excitability properties in peripheral nerve disease C. S. -Y Lin, M.C. Kiernan, D. Burke and H. Bostock (London, UK and Sydney, Australia)
18. Conduction velocity distribution W. Schulte-Mattler (Regensburg, Germany)
19. Magnetic stimulation M. Yeh, J. Kimura and T. Yamada (Iowa City, IA,


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