Periodic control has reached a notable degree of maturity thanks to developments over the last few decades. We have seen not only major theoretical achievements but also new significant applications.

The IFAC workshop on Periodic Control Systems (PSYCO 2001), held at the Villa Erba Congress Centre in Cernobbio-Como (Italy), August 27-28 2001, aimed at presenting the full picture of the area by gathering experts in the field and all interested researchers, coming from universities, research institutions and industries.

The program consisted of technical sessions, organized in two parallel streams and two plenary lectures, given by Jason L. Speyer (University of California at Los Angeles, USA) and Yutaka Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan). The technical sessions included 42 papers covering the following subjects:

•Periodic Systems Analysis •Application •Time-Series •Hybrid and Sampled-Data •Aerospace Applications •Periodic Systems Control •Numerical Methods •Multirate and Batch Processes •Repetitive and Nonlinear Control

A dozen of the papers were devoted to a number of applications, including aerospace, jet and diesel engines, gas turbines, nuclear reactors, power systems, satellites, environmental sciences and finance.


For systems designers, researchers and practitioners with an interest in control.

Table of Contents

Selected papers. Periodic Systems Analysis. Trace formulas for the H2 norm of linear continuous-time periodic systems (J. Zhou et al.). Statistical analysis and H2 - Norm of finite dimensional linear time-periodic systems (B.P. Lampe, E.N. Rosenwasser). Parametric frequency response of linear periodic systems - theory and experiment (B.P. Lampe et al.). Periodic invariant subspaces in control (W.-W. Lin et al.). On the Periodic Realisation of Transfer Matrices (D.C. McLernon, D.A. Wilson). Application I. LPV predictive control of the stall and surge for jet engine (P. Falugi et al.). Multivariable control for a gas turbine using periodic output feedback (A. Chakrabarti, B. Bandyopadhyay). Periodic output feedback control of a large nuclear reactor (C. Nene et al.). Studying a basic price equation as a periodic system (T.P. de Lima). Time-Series. An overview of periodic time series with examples (L. Seymour). MCMC methods for periodic AR-ARCH models (W. Polasek). Application II. Application of crone control to a sampled time varying system with periodic coefficients (J. Sabatier et al.). Periodicity of the idle speed of a diesel engine (N. Kositza et al.). Periodic control of a pressure swing adsorption plant (M. Bitzer et al.). Periodic modelling of power systems (H. Sandberg, E. Möllerstedt). Hybrid and Sampled-Data. Two applications for hybrid H-control: generalised sampled-data and loop-shaping (


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