PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis

PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis

1st Edition - January 22, 2013

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  • Authors: Jianlu Zhang, Jifeng Wu, Huamin Zhang, Jiujun Zhang
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444536891
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780444536884

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PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis covers the recent advances in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell systems, focusing on instruments and techniques for testing and diagnosis, and the application of diagnostic techniques in practical tests and operation. This book is a unique source of electrochemical techniques for researchers, scientists and engineers working in the area of fuel cells. Proton exchange membrane fuel cells are currently considered the most promising clean energy-converting devices for stationary, transportation, and micro-power applications due to their high energy density, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness. To advance research and development of this emerging technology, testing and diagnosis are an essential combined step. This book aids those efforts, addressing effects of humidity, temperature and pressure on fuel cells, degradation and failure analysis, and design and assembly of MEAs, single cells and stacks.

Key Features

  • Provides fundamental and theoretical principles for PEM fuel cell testing and diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive source for selecting techniques, experimental designs and data analysis
  • Analyzes PEM fuel cell degradation and failure mechanisms, and suggests failure mitigation strategies
  • Provides principles for selecting PEM fuel cell key materials to improve durability


Researchers and engineers in electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering, especially in the area of fuel cells

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Chapter 1. PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Electrochemical Reaction Thermodynamics in a H2/Air Fuel Cell

    1.3 Electrochemical Reaction Kinetics in a H2/Air Fuel Cell

    1.4 PEM Fuel Cell Current–Voltage Expression

    1.5 Fuel Cell Components

    1.6 Single Cell and Fuel Cell Stack Operation

    1.7 Fuel Cell Performance

    1.8 Fuel Cell Operating Conditions

    1.9 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 2. Design and Fabrication of PEM Fuel Cell MEA, Single Cell, and Stack

    2.1 Introduction

    2.2 MEA Design and Assembly

    2.3 Typical Examples for MEA Fabrication

    2.4 Flow Field Design

    2.5 Sealing Design

    2.6 Single Cell Design and Assembly

    2.7 Stack Design and Assembly

    2.8 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 3. Techniques for PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis

    3.1 Introduction

    3.2 Techniques for PEM Fuel Cell Testing

    3.3 Techniques for PEM Fuel Cell Diagnosis

    3.4 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 4. The Effects of Temperature on PEM Fuel Cell Kinetics and Performance

    4.1 Introduction

    4.2 Anode H2 Oxidation on Pt Catalysts

    4.3 Cathode O2 Reduction on Pt Catalyst

    4.4 Polarization Curve Analysis Using EIS

    4.5 Temperature Effects on PEM Fuel Cell Kinetics

    4.6 The Effect of Temperature on the Overall Performance of a PEM Fuel Cell

    4.7 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 5. Membrane/Ionomer Proton Conductivity Measurements

    5.1 Introduction

    5.2 Proton Conduction Mechanisms

    5.3 Methods for Measuring Conductivity

    5.4 Temperature Effect on Proton Conductivity

    5.5 Relative Humidity/Water Content Effect on Proton Conductivity

    5.6 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 6. Hydrogen Crossover

    6.1 Introduction

    6.2 Hydrogen Crossover Theory (Model)

    6.3 Impacts of Hydrogen Crossover on Fuel Cell Performance and Durability

    6.4 Techniques for Hydrogen Crossover Measurements

    6.5 Dependence of Hydrogen Crossover on T, RH, and P

    6.6 Summary


    Chapter 7. Fuel Cell Open Circuit Voltage

    7.1 Open Circuit Voltage Theory

    7.2 Measured OCV

    7.3 Factors affecting OCV

    7.4 Applications of OCV Measurement

    7.5 Chapter summary


    Chapter 8. Relative Humidity (RH) Effects on PEM Fuel Cells

    8.1 Introduction

    8.2 Definition of Relative Humidity

    8.3 Humidification Methods in PEM Fuel Cells

    8.4 Effect of RH on Fuel Cell Reaction Kinetics

    8.5 Effect of RH on Mass Transfer

    8.6 Effect of RH on Membrane Resistance

    8.7 Effect of RH on PEM Fuel Cell Performance

    8.8 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 9. Pressure Effects on PEM Fuel Cell Performance

    9.1 Introduction

    9.2 Operating Pressure in PEM Fuel Cells

    9.3 Theoretical and Semiempirical Analysis of Backpressure Effects on Fuel Cell Performance

    9.4 Chapter summary


    Chapter 10. High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells

    10.1 Introduction

    10.2 Benefits of HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.3 Membrane Development for HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.4 Catalyst Development for HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.5 Design of HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.6 Testing and Diagnosis of HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.7 Challenges of HT-PEM Fuel Cells

    10.8 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 11. Fuel Cell Degradation and Failure Analysis

    11.1 Introduction

    11.2 Failure Modes Induced by Fuel Cell Operation

    11.3 Major Failure Modes of Different Components of PEM Fuel Cells

    11.4 Accelerated Stress Test Methods and Protocols

    11.5 Chapter Summary


    Chapter 12. Electrochemical Half-Cells for Evaluating PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts and Catalyst Layers

    12.1 Introduction

    12.2 Conventional Three-Electrode Half-Cell

    12.3 Half-Cell Design to Mimic Fuel Cell Electrode Situation for Liquid Fuel Oxidation Reaction [24]

    12.4 Half-Cell Design to Mimic the Fuel Cell Electrode Situation for the ORR and HOR [31]

    12.5 Chapter Summary


    Acronyms and Abbreviations


Product details

  • No. of pages: 600
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier 2013
  • Published: January 22, 2013
  • Imprint: Elsevier
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444536891
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780444536884

About the Authors

Jianlu Zhang

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, National Research Council of Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jifeng Wu

Huamin Zhang

Jiujun Zhang

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