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  • Provides comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge technology in pediatric surgical diseases.
  • Presents an organization by body region and organs for ease of use.
  • Offers top-notch information from world-renowned experts in the field.

Table of Contents

Volume One

Preface – Editorial Board
Part I: General

Chapter 1. A Brief History of Pediatric Surgery
Chapter 2. Molecular Clinical Genetics, Gene Therapy
Chapter 3. The Impact of Tissue Engineering in Pediatric Surgery
Chapter 4. Advanced and Emerging Technologies in Surgical Technologies and the Process of Innovation
Chapter 5. The Fetus as a Patient
Chapter 6. Neonatal Physiology and Metabolic Considerations
Chapter 7. Respiratory Physiology and Care
Chapter 8. Extracorporeal Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Failure In Children
Chapter 9. Neonatal Cardiovascular Physiology and Care
Chapter 10. Sepsis and Related Conditions
Chapter 11. Surgical Implications of Hematologic Disorders
Chapter 12. Nutrition Support in the Pediatric Surgical Patient
Chapter 13. Pediatric Anesthesia
Chapter 14. Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Surgery

Part II : Trauma

Chapter 15. Infants and Children as Accident Victims and Their Emergency Management
Chapter 16. Thoracic Injuries
Chapter 17. Abdominal Trauma
Chapter 18. Genitourinary Trauma
Chapter 19. Musculoskeletal Trauma
Chapter 20. Hand, Soft Tissue and Envenomation Injuries
Chapter 21. Central Nervous System Injuries
Chapter 22. Vascular Injury
Chapter 23. Treatment of Burns
Chapter 24. Child Abuse and Birth Injuries

Part III: Major Tumors of Childhood

Chapter 25. Principles of Pediatric Oncology/Genetics of Cancer and Radiation Therapy
Chapter 26. Biopsy Techniques for Childhood Cancer
Chapter 27. Wilms’ Tumor
Chapter 28. Neuroblastoma
Chapter 29. Non-malignant Tumors of the Liver
Chapter 30. Liver Tumors
Chapter 31. Gastrointestinal Tumors
Chapter 32. Rhabdomyosarcoma
Chapter 33. Other Soft Tissue Tumors in Children
Chapter 34. Teratomas and Other Germ Cell Tumors
Chapter 35 Non Hodgkin’


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